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Audience Award – 12. Internationale Straßentheater Festival 2013 in Holzminden Award Street Theatre – Freiburger Leiter 2014 Kultursekretariat NRW Kulturförderung 2014 SPECIAL…

TEATRO SÓ visual poetry

TEATRO SÓ visual poetry

TEATRO SÓ is a Portuguese theater company based in Berlin. It develops a multidisciplinary work relating circus arts, mask technique, physical theater, installation and plastic arts. All these components converge to an imaginative, non-spoken, visually poetic theater in which the communication between actor and audience happens through the power of gesture. The themes on the scene focus directly on social stigmas transverse to all cultures and generations.


BroFitness Comedy can be themed Victorian, Rugby, Football, sea side life guards, Sailors…….etc Health nuts Brofitness are a superb comic duo brought…


Envisioned as a means to change space dramatically. The sculpture and the designer only get one chance in a public space. The…

Electric Cabaret

Award Winning Physical Theatre Ensemble. Specialising in silent quirky performance, comedy, character movement and dance.

Compagnia dei Folli

If you are looking for something new and spectacular, \”Compagnia dei Folli\” is the right answer!

Solo Juntos

Solo Juntos A dance fllor. A street party. Cumbia music playing on the back. Three people dive into dancing. The proposal of…

Il Teatro Viaggiante

Company of comic theater and street theater, varieté and cabaret, juggling, unicycling and mime

Lucio Baglivo

Lucio Baglivo is a dancer, actor, dance and acrobatic teacher and

Indaco Circus

“Rechazos y caidas” is a show of contemporary circus where love, play and rejection are mixed and expressed through acrobatics and juggling. It’s an high impact show, suitable for all kind of audience.

Grannies – old ladies wanna have fun!

Urban space is cruelly in need of outrageous old ladies. And here they are! Insecurity is spreading; the borders of decency are…

Jean and Morag Tea Ladies

Two dear old ladies and their tricycle ride around stop and make tea and chat.


Nótt is a moon-carrying, fortune-telling night-time goddess chaperoned by her enchanted companions. In Norse mythology and in very old English pagan traditions,…

The Boggarts

Boggarts are little leaf goblins that firmly believe everyone else is in their territory. And their territory happens to be wherever they…

The Inflateabelles

A balloon force to be reckoned with. The inflate-a-belles will decorate your world with fabulous balloon creations.

White Signs

WHITE SIGNS is an improvvisation performance on the poetry of daily life. Around ten actor/statues, covered in clay from head to foot…

Baroque Suggestions

Dressed in elegant costumes with a Seventeenth Century cut, the faces and hairs covered with white clay, a dozen of actors cross…

Like Angels of the Heaven

Brought by a mysterious breeze, they appear unexpectedly in the way, provided with candid wings. They are the actors of the SILENCE…