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Oriol Escursell Domènech

NAQBA is a circus and dance show.

The Beasts

These two cheeky beasts are a force to be reckoned with! Join these mischevious balls of fun as they explore the world…

Cryptid Petting Zoo

An introduction to new and exciting animals from around the world, The Cryptid Petting Zoo gives the audience a chance to interact…

Here Be Dragons

Who wants to see a Dragon? Let’s face it, we all do! But how do you get close to them? ​ “Here…

Headstrung Puppets

Puppet based mayhem for adults and children alike

Clap Clap Circo

Much more than hula hoops, humour and juggling


Light-Painting artist

Women Who Wank

Joanne Tremarco Plays the Fool to Untwist Herstory In this comical – Tragical solo improvised Dis-Covery Play. ” a genuinely remarkable piece…

The Fig Leaf Wars

Sees a human sized Vulva and Penis, dance, argue, love and struggle with their socio-political and historic conditioning in a 20 minute…

The Flock

The Flock is an ensemble street theatre act. Playing on the well recognised image of biker gangs, their antics of disrepute and…

Punch & Judy

Punch and Judy are played by human puppets. They will tumble in to your town -locked in to there tumultuous version of…

Travelling Light Project

The Travelling Light Project is an experiment to see, if using modern technological advances, it is possible to connect with the whole world in the name of art.

Mrs. Brownie

Mrs. Brownie presents us the story of an American black musician diva who finds herself at the end of her life. Accompanied…

Collectif Malunés

Collectif Malunés is a Franco-Belgian contemporary circus company — founded in 2009, in Belgium.

Something Special

For the rest of the world, Annie is a lonely woman making a salad. But when by herself, she transforms into her…

These Books are Made for Walking

The story begins in an unlikely library, with thoroughly filed books, arranged by a meticulous bibliophile. When a book opens, everything tips…

Bikes & Rabbits

Bikes&Rabbits is a contemporary circus company, based between France and England. We present works for indoors, outdoors or alternative venues.


They are on the alert!
They ensure the law is upheld!
Susana and Vanesa: police officers
Their mission: to protect the people and maintain the order
Their motto: everything is under control
The only question: who is controlling them?