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Joshua Monten

all-terrain choreography and performance

Hands Down

Powerful and emotive, this contact-based duet looks at the tensions of union and how we display strength and manage vulnerability in relationships….


BLOCK when circus and dance collide BLOCK is the encounter between two companies, NoFit State and Motionhouse and two genres, circus and…

The House

This specially commissioned spectacle marks the 400th anniversary of The Queen’s House and its forthcoming reopening this year. The production re-imagines Britain’s…

Deaf Rave

Deaf Rave was established in 2003.

The People Build

Members of the public will serve as the building crew for a monumental cardboard structure using only human power, imagination and at…

Olivier Grossetête

Olivier Grossetête is a visual artist who lives and works in Marseille.


A beautiful and mesmeric symphony of sound and light. Giant metal tripods tower above the audience. Atop the structures, rotating arms bearing…

Ray Lee

Award-winning artist and British Composer of the Year, Ray Lee is an artist who makes music that moves.

Swing Zazou performance

Expect to hear a kicking up-tempo live show with a full clarinet-led live band of trumpet, violin, guitar, double-bass, drums and live…

Swing Zazou

Electro Swing dance band

Sol bémol

We all come from somewhere With our luggage packed Seeking a better future A complicated balance An indefinite harmony Everyone brings their…


Company d’irque&fien is a long-standing duo, a dynamic double act on the asphaltas in life, giving life to poetic street theatre, gently titillating our childlike souls.

Shoes for Hope

In a deliberate reference to the Paris action at COP21, Climate Guardians work in a public space to lay down shoes and…

The Togolese Stilt-Men

AFUMA is a group of three Togolese warriors trained in the ancestral techniques and traditions but influenced by contemporary circus. Walking on…


Three artists are from the high-plateaux region, the birthplace of the traditions of stilt-men who walk on stilts from their childhood.

Fausto Barile

Fausto Barile is a fantastic character that hides something special inside. Don’t be afraid, he’s always willing to show you his magical…


Ye Gods features a model town which occupies a 5m circle. Three performers tower over the proceedings like gods/figures of fate. They…