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Gobbledegook Theatre

Gobbledegook Theatre’s guiding principal is to create or facilitate the creation of work which hopes to ‘render the familiar strange’ for audiences – be it on a sea front promenade, in public gardens, music festivals, libraries or playgrounds.


Deaf Men Dancing’s artistic director/choreographer Mark Smith in collaboration with designer Ryan Dawson Laight, & composer Sean Chandler is proud to present…

Deaf Men Dancing

Deaf Men Dancing is an all-male deaf dance company with a fusion of differing styles of dance with British Sign Language incorporated into choreography creating a unique, interesting and original aesthetic.

Grass Men

Have we lost our connection with nature? Part-sculpture and part-performance, Grass Men are the living, breathing reincarnations of an older time. With…

Ashley Peevor

Multidisciplinary Artist

I’m 21 today!

Ida Barr is an old age pensioner who has embraced the music of today’s “yut” with her own brand of rap which…

Milly Jackdaw

Performance artist/storyteller. I present simple story tellings and more elaborate theatrical works.


DrZigs Extraordinary Bubbles

Explorers Galorers!

FAMILY FRIENDLY STREET THEATRE Three intrepid travellers, set off on a wild race around the world! Following in the footsteps of the…

Granny’s Game

Exploring while stuck at Gran’s, two children discover a most mysterious game – they’ll get more than they bargained for when they…

Rhubarb Theatre

Rhubarb Theatre delivers creative, original and theatrical experiences to entertain and stimulate imaginations of every age!


Once you have seen ULIKs drum performance you will never ever forget it: a huge drum used as a gymwheel, heavy bass…


ULIK – artist, creative engineer, mastermind and producer from Germany.

DUNDU – The Gentle Giants of Light

DUNDU is an illuminated large-scale puppet that has enthralled spectators worldwide.Though large in size, he is a gentle creature that glides between audience members with ease and grace, tickling fancies and chins along the way.


HOME is a new outdoor circus theatre performance that explores ideas of home, homelessness and our intrinsic desire to find a place…


I live with music and commedy, with lights and gestures… and above all I collect smiles and laughter.

Strong Lady

The Strong Lady gives your laughing muscles a workout in this wholehearted celebration of femininity, strength & being different. This year sees…


CONTAINED is a vibrant, compelling and personal new show from England’s largest professional learning-disabled theatre company: nine interwoven true stories about family…