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Chicken Coup!

Why did the chicken cross the road? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Wonder no more, thanks to Mind the…


Irresistible is a family friendly, energetic and breathtaking live event combining music, theatre, film and sirens. Irresistible tells the story of a…

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap is England’s largest learning disability theatre company that creates work for UK and international audiences.


Creative Sound & Light Art

Fanzini Productions

Fanzini Productions are an Irish-based circus company creating and touring contemporary circus street and theatre shows. The company also founded and produces the annual National Circus Festival of Ireland.


We makes shows and contraptions. Then we take them around the world.

Hogarth Productions

Edmund and Anna Harcourt are independent producers and curators who create unique contemporary art events

Hogarth Productions

Edmund and Anna Harcourt are an independent producer and curator team creating unique and engaging contemporary arts events

(Hints to) Lady Travellers

Intrepid Victorians abseil, strip and dip Two Victorian lady travellers, Freya Stark (1893 – 1993) and Isabella Bird (1831 – 1904), are…

Porth (Portal)

Beware Fierce Flaming Firebirds Perched on high, glowing red, dragon women twitch, unfurl folded fiery wings, quiver from sleepy ember beds.  Waking…

The Loneliness Street Cabaret

We’re in the midst of a Loneliness Epidemic and something must be done! Join an eccentric bag lady and struggling businessman as…


aboutNOWish create sensory led, low capacity, interactive performance experiences for for young children and their families.


A wandering theatre show by the KTO Theatre, inspired by poetic works of T.S. Eliot. The show depicts a single day in…

Teatr KTO

Established in 1977, Jerzy Zon and the KTO Theatre have created a theatrical phenomenon extraordinary in nature…

TXO titelles

Evaristo, our friendly and daring character, is doing the rounds of the streets in your
town, riding his recycled motorbike, full of gadgets and
unexpected devices.

Two for Tea

Two For Tea Two magicians, well past their prime, lurch from crisis to débâcle. A hilarious retro magic spoof – the more…

Other Half Productions

An internationally acclaimed small scale visual circus and street theatre company based in London.

The Little Gardener

How It Ended in association with Scamp Theatre present… THE LITTLE GARDENER How It Ended, a visually inventive theatre company based in…