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How It Ended

How It Ended is a visually inventive theatre company based in the South East, jointly run by co-artistic directors Eva Sampson and Teresa Burns.

Gwymon (Seaweed)

Down in the deep, sea women sleep… Seaweed (Gwymon in welsh) is usually anchored and sways with the movement of the sea….

Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence

Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence (VDKL) creates bespoke and self-generated vertical dance performances in non-theatre and theatre locations with a wide range of participants.

Ida Barr

Ida Barr is the world first grandma gansta rapper – inventor of Artificial Hip Hop.

2062 – scenic interactive installation

SHORT  An interactive installation, designed to be visited by 12 people simultaneously. Its duration is approximately 10 minutes and it can stay…


2062 is a multidisciplinary show nurtured by scenic, multimedia, comic, illustration and animation techniques, as well as shadow and object theatre to…

Karla Kracht & Andrés Beladiez

After several small collaborations, Karla and Andrés joined forces to create the interdisciplinary Live-Cinema-Show zoomwooz, a stage performance mixing various artistic disciplines, which has been presented at Festival du Nouveaux Cinema, Montreal / Dfesta, Seoul / Incheon Art Platform, South Korea / dferia, San Sebastian / Alhondiga Bilbao / Festival Alt, Vigo / Festival A PART, Katowice / Animac, Lleida / Figurentheater Festival Erlangen / Festival des Marionnettes Charleville amongst many others.
They develop their innovative work in creation residencies in Korea, Bolivia, Portugal, Germany and Spain, where they also participate in community activities, artists talks and give workshops and courses.
They are now working on their interactive installation 2062, a continuation of their homonymous theatre performance. They also work separately on theatre projects and video installations.

Lou Lomas

Independent Outdoor Producer – Fundraiser, Programmer, Consultant, Arts Administrator, Tour Booker

Act of Strangers

Commissioned by Articulture and the Wales Outdoor Arts Commissioning Consortium, ‘Act of Strangers’ is a new outdoor dance theatre production touring Summer…

Chloe Loftus Dance

Chloe Loftus Dance creates vibrant choreographic work that engages the public eye through daring contact work, athleticism, evocativeness and humour.

Hello Buoys!

Taking inspiration from Vintage postcards and summer seaside pastimes, we are bringing a sense of nostalgia and nautical naughtiness to Port Merion…


Behold the bedraggled beauties, swept up on the shore, serenading shipwrecked sailors with their sublime, sultry sounds….. “Hang on a minute now…

Lampshade Ladies

The Lampshade Ladies are subtly moving portraits that bring with them a hint of vintage chic, intrigue and quirkiness. They animate the…

Psuedo Syncro

ATTENTION!!! Up, two, three, four, keep it up, two, three four… The Pseudo Synchro Swim Team are out and busy in training;…

Topiary Trauma

Meet Daisy, Lawna and Mo, our glamorous 1950s housewives in sunny suburbia, who enjoy nothing more than a bit of baking and…

Bab’s and Stella’s Intergalactic spectacular

Conjoined cosmic space cadets from Planet Kitsch have crash landed! These twins are on a mission to find the evil Dr D….

Kitsch & Sync

Kitsch & Sync are a curiously quirky dance theatre collective making performances inspired by all things vintage and retro.

Citrus Arts

Circus-dance-theatre Indoors and outdoors, based in Wales.