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Field Notes

Field Notes CIC is a contemporary art organisation based in Cornwall, dedicated to bringing art, artists and communities together.

Glasgow East Arts Company

I work within a small dedicated company that programmes Platform Theatre and undertakes Festivals and Carnivals across the East End of Glasgow

NASA UK – Projects

NASA UK was granted a G4A Arts Council England grant to create 3 professional development projects in 2015.
For the Love Of It, Reframe The Streets and Outdoor Arts Lab

Delreves vertical dance

Delreves vertical dance offer us new possibilities in their cattegorie.

Trophic Cascade

Creating dynamic performance, installation events relating to landscape, ecology in wild and unexpected spaces.


Compañía de Teatro y Música dedicada al reciclaje artístico sonoro

Bill & Bobby

Bill & Bobby is a tribute to the star partnerships of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Referencing a scene from their musical…

The Awakening

The Awakening is a quiet but simmering disruption in outdoor spaces. Choreographed by learning disabled dance artist Chris Pavia, The Awakening involves…

La La La Productions

Wales’ only bilingual Street Theatre Company to date. La La La are constantly creating new and wonderful worlds with fun characters.

Camping Delight

Camping Delight is a fast-paced and absurd circus performance, about how bad it can get if we let the fear of the…


TinCanCompany have a unique aesthetic and razor-sharp timing. They climb the Chinese pole, walk the slack rope and breathe life into everyday objects with a daredevil, heart-warming humour. They tell stories without words; wryly imaginative with some surprising points to make. TinCanCompany were formed by Rune Vadstrøm Andersen and Gry Lambertsen in 2006.

I see you

Dear Sir or Madame, We, Lisa Härtl and Domenik Radeck are the “Duo Peruna” from Bavaria and we would like to become…

Duo Peruna

Hand to Hand


Using live performance and filmmaking as their primary mediums, TrashDollys combines breath-taking and expressive physicality with imaginative story-telling.

Instant Dissidence

Instant Dissidence is a Bradford-based company directed by Rita Marcalo: her way of bringing different artists to realise different ideas.


Carousel is a mid-scale narrative dance performance centred on a 1900’s style functioning carousel. The story revolves around the enigmatic characters that…

Southpaw Dance Company

Southpaw Dance Company, under the artistic direction of choreographer Robby Graham, create work within hip hop dance theatre that has been called, “… witty, hard‐edged, sure in focus, and sizzling in energy” (Clement Crisp, Financial Times).

C.a.p.e. Anima

C.a.p.e. Anima, an immersive experience created by Brussels art collective CREW, is a walk right into the heart of Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony,…