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Amor Ciego

Street theater, comedy, humor close, without text. Cartoon clown. It is the story of a “ Roof broker,” a shortsighted who doesn´t…

On egin mon amour

StreetBand Menu • Intensely flavoured crunchy sandwich stuffed with humour and washed down with sweet miming along with some soup of “clown”…


Remake of the most impolite, destroy and piggy-clown outdoor theatre show we have done in 20 years. In 2014 to celebrate the…

Salitre Teatro

Clown. Street Theater

Play Away Shows

We take Performing Arts Companies to interdisciplinary festivals and venues around the world
We also offer communication Services.

The International Story Quest

Two officials from the Department of Stories, Fables, Myths, Legends and Tales are on a mission to write a story more epic…

Oltre la luna

Oltre la luna is a bright and comical outdoor duet that looks at the inflating and deflating of love. People of all…

Them Two Dance

Katherine and Connor (aka Them Two) like to dance, especially together and especially outdoors.


A Performance that tells the history of four old travelers, who walk among a universe of suspended objects, where through the memories…


Krash Cia. roughly 15 years performing arround the world.
was founded in Colombia, currently performing tour in China.
Headquartered in Barcelona (Spain) & Bogota (Colombia)

The South Devon Players Theatre Company

A theatre company from Devon, specialising in historical drama, and able to offer re-enactment, outdoor historical combat shows, sword dancing and much more.


It is a pleasure to announce that the ELEGANTS will present, for the first time in UK, the great show CABARET ELEGANCE!!!…


It is a pleasure to announce that ELEGANTS will present, for the first time in UK, the great show CABARET ELEGANCE!!!
This will happen on 13th and 14th June, at the FUSE MEDWAY FESTIVAL

You will find all the information at:

Saturday, 13th June- Chatham, Kent
Sunday, 14th June Rochester Castle Gardens, Kent

You will be very welcome!


Three lost clowns, cast out by a changing world. We see the person behind the nose and discover the clown behind the…


Ding, dong, ding, dong…rings the jingle bell’s music, the gears start moving…Tic-tac, tic-tac…It’s time! Knights and the clowns fill the stage where…

Bar Story

An Etta Ermini Dance Theatre production, produced by Artstrust Productions. It’s 4.30pm, and two bartenders open for business. Patrons arrive and place…


Alice is dreaming. She dreams that she is growing and is being transformed into a giant who walks the streets of towns…

Teatre Nu

We are a theatre company that work hard for reinvent ourselves in every new project feeding us with images, sounds and words.