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TUKI – We Are From the HOOD

A revamped appropriation of sounds, images and dance styles. Sometimes the product that emerges from it proves to be magical, and the…


Lullaby is the first show for Cão à Chuva and works between physical theatre, clown, improvisation and new circus looking to new…

Cão à Chuva

Cão à Chuva is a new Portuguese street artistic project, created in 2015, with the main aim to use the public space as the “real space” and transform it with interactive performances. The project was founded by Rui Paixão (performer) and Carlos Reis (musician) due an opportunity to creative residency provided by Imaginarius – International Street Theatre Festival.

Most of all, youve got to hide it from the chicks

Have you ever turned to see the audience’s face while you were watching a play? Most of all you’ve got to hide…

Carla Rovira Pitarch

BFA in Acting by the Institut del Teatre and Degree in Social Working by Universitat de Girona.

Musical Ruth

Musical Ruth the singing nun and the amazing magical mobile piano is one of the top street acts in the country. Bless You!

Bat Yam International Festival for Street Theatre and Art

Bat Yam is an annual Festival for street theatre and art, that takes place in August on the Bat Yam beach front, and is considered to be one of the most important Festivals in Israel.


DuoSu are an acrobatic pair who create unique performances, integrating theatre and rope in to their acrobatics.

The Hole & Corner Travel Agency

The Hole & Corner Travel Agency is an interactive experience for people who want to approach a city, town or neighbourhood from…

Marga Socias

The Hole & Corner Travel Agency is an interactive experience for people who want to approach a city, town or neighbourhood from a different perspective: collective, sensory or fantastic with a hint of irony. Marga Socies, who guides the group of travellers (the audience), plays with the idea of truth/reality: telling stories from the actual history of the place which step by step merge into a new, more fantastic and poetic reality, a parallel world, where the obvious and the extraordinary coexist with the impossible.

Friends of Crusoe

After the shipwreck, sad and alone on an island, Crusoe was bored. Fortunately he has the wreckage with him and all the…


A man moves amongst members of the public. Gradually smoke begins to creep from out of his trouser leg. He gives his…

Kori Kori

From one of Frances leading outdoor theatre companies, Kori Kori features a chorus of 18 actors and 4 musicians who will lead…

8 Songs

A series of choreographed juggling vignettes set to 8 classic rock and roll songs. A tribute to the mythical landscape of popular…


The Women’s Institute like you’ve never seen them before! Celebrate the achievements of the Women’s Institute with this tongue in cheek show…

BEES! The Colony

Avanti and Artzani have a combined experience in excess of fifty years in making and performing Street Arts, both companies have a…

Monotone Man

Monotone Man lives in a monochrome world. He spends his time walking the straight and narrow, ticking boxes and avoiding unnecessary contact…

The Human Zoo Theatre Company

The Human Zoo are an award-winning theatre company, currently touring with The Girl Who Fell in Love With The Moon and previously with debut show The Hive to London.