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Marta Mackova Animation Projections for Theatre

Bespoke animation and video art for theatre projections

Andréanne Thiboutot

Street and stage hula hoop and comedy performer

Me, my selfie and I

How many times we excist? In how many forms? On how many media? Edited or not? What is the original? Is the…


Herzlich Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! Special offer!* Free entry*! Last chance*! Pay one, take three!*. Mambo-discount!* Young theaterartist and choreographer Katja Heitmann is…

Eggs are good for your hair

Every day’s trick on the high heeled shoe A twisted Disney figure puts itself in a crazy reality. She walks the thin…

Katja Heitmann

Katja Heitmann is a young choreographer (Germany, 1987), graduated in 2012 with a BA Choreography at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg,…

All About Dance

The All About Dance Company is a semi-professional dance company founded in 2001. All your work fusion of different dance styles such as hip hop, house dance and contemporary dance.

Meeting Mr Boom!

A Darren Ellis Dance Production, produced by Artstrust Productions. ‘MEETING MR BOOM!’ is a magical music and dance show for all ages…

Artstrust Productions

Artstrust works with partners to bring international and culturally diverse work from overseas to UK audiences


Footsteps will be performed as part of Mint Fest 2014 in Abbot hall park. It is an uplifting, dynamic and mesmerizing movement…

The Knotted Project

The Knotted Project is a diverse, imaginative physical theatre company dedicated to creating visually captivating work.


A duo of acrobats rests six meters high, fed by the most suffering tension, ready to break anything that may seem to be standing still. The manoAmano Company exhibits how acrobatics takes a new shape when it is transferred from the floor that everybody steps on, to the air that everybody dreams of. The manoAmano Circus Company does not fly, they know they never will, but they keep trying anyhow.

Gijs van Bon

‘Skryf’ the sand writer moves forward,
leaving a stream of letters behind him.
‘Skryf’ refers to the fact that everything is transitory.
An almost irrelevant pile of sand creates the magic of the word.

Human beings, nature and the passage of time are responsible for the disintegration of the word again.
Sometimes very quickly, sometimes very slow. Like sand through your fingers …..

Ex Aequo

Where will we place her houseplant, where will we put the closet, and where will his clothes go? In ‘Ex Aequo’ two…

Chris Lynam

wild inventive musical Clown in a class of my own

The Geezers

Three geezers roam the streets in identical raincoats. Their lifelike masks with sombre facial expression never show any emotion as they walk,…

The Play People

The Play People are a creative performance company based in Bristol who use circus, comedy and theatre on the street, stage and screen. The company as a collective includes sketch comedians, world champion free runners, circus artists and physical performers.

The Story Exchange

Oh crumbs, the story-o-meter is about to blow! There just aren’t enough stories, and we all know that stories make the world…