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Enter into the Imaginarium and unlock secret stories from Wonderland. This delightful immersive experience is a series of installations merging modern technology…

Made Up Stories From My Unmade Bed

We are very excited to announce that our second production, Made Up Stories from my Unmade Bed, will be performed as an…

Soul of Fado

Sensual contemporary dance, soul bearing Portuguese fado and a flaming gondola are the main ingredients in this fire and dance performance infused…

Safe House

Gravity-defying aerial performance mixed with stunning large scale projections uncover the secrets of a house like no other. Acrobatic performers scale the…


Faced with life on a deserted island, three characters uncover a means of escape back to civilisation. As the narrative unfolds, the…


Love, freedom, blood, sweat and rain-storms: Frantic is an explosive and moving exploration of our relentless 21st century devotion to being busy….

Through and Out – by Greenwich Dance

Through & Out is a cross-over between dance and rope-skipping that paves the way for a new choreographic game

Inua Ellams

Inua Ellams is an award winning poet, playwright and performer.


A catalan by adoption, but really a mixture of various nationalities who formation took place all over Europe. Schvarzstein spends his life avidly accumulating experiences.

Birdwatching 4×4

Birdwatching 4×4 offers the audience unexpected perspectives of their everyday surroundings, using the urban landscape as an experimental space. A mobile observation…

Benjamin Vandewalle

Caravan Production is a production and management agency for artists in the performing arts and all possible crossovers.


A man, a showman, a seducer, an enthusiast. An idiot willing to convince you that what he does worths your time. WALKMAN…

The Pocket Sideshow Presents

Albert Ross used to be a famous seabird serving under Captain John Martin until one fatal night in the middle of summer,…

Arka – by Teatr Osmega Dnia

The Ark still reminds us that we are living in the age of refugees, vagabonds, and nomads, who travel across continents, and…

Teatr Osmega Dnia

The Polish Teatr Osmego Dnia, founded in 1964, one of Europe’s most important experimental theatre companies.


When the sun sets on the summer solstice, the dead rise from their graves to dance in the streets of London. Dance…

Rara Woulib

A collective uniting musicians, actors, visual artists, costume designers, pyrotechnicians, and set constructors


Come in. Settle down. Close your eyes and listen. Are there bees living in your ears? Has the sea stopped crying? Is…