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At dizzying speed the visitor experiences everything the fair can bring: excitement, thrills, fear, shortage of breath, relief, fun and ecstasy. Outside…


Two city-workers and a fence. The fence has an even longer service-record than the men themselves. They seem to be bonded together…


Bellevue is the smallest theatre-tent of De Stijle, Want… and already has a certain historic value, mainly because of the hilarious performance…

Time Machine

De Stijle, Want… is proud to present its latest invention: an unparalleled journey through time. The most advanced particle accelerator ever, where…

De Stijle, Want …

High-speed theatre: a unique and incredible experience for mind
and body!

La Cucina dell Arte

Since they were children, the brothers David and Danny Ronaldo have been playing the comedy of human weakness, ‘the clown’. Foolish human…


A performance that takes place as the sun rises… The stage fills with 70 dancers and 10 cellos and this wide green-choregraphy,…

¿ Hasta Dónde … ?

This piece is a 20 minutes excerpt from the long-length work Al menos dos caras, released during the Festival de Otoño en…

Compañia Sharon Fridman

The dancing knowledge of this young Israeli artist (Hadera,
1980) is made up of Israeli folklore, contemporary dance
and classical ballet. He settled in Madrid and is the current
director of his group Compañía Sharon Fridman (former Projects in Movement). His career as a dancer started in 1999 when he joined the prestigious Ido Tadmor Dance Company, based in Tel Aviv.


A brand new, intimate object-theatre show for children and families. Designed for indoor performance, with self-contained lighting and sound, and featuring the…

Laundry XL / WAS XL – by Directie & Co

Six laundry ladies roam the city and transform it into a world of white laundry. Laundry is the main ingredient of a…

Directie & Co

Laundry XL is a street theatre performance by six women and a large pile of sheets.


Arguably Nutkhuts most visually ambitious work to date, Swyron is a steam-punk revolutionary, a nomadic warrior plucked from the battlefields of the…


An established and innovative Company, Nutkhut is an ideas-led performing arts organisation drawing inspiration from its British Asian Artistic Directors.


There are nine of them. Sliding amid the crowd as if gravitation were no law, they weave their musical trail through the…

Fanfare Le S.N.O.B

Since 1994 the Company The SNOB seeks to develop in the field of street arts and public space in its greatest diversity.

Moxie Brawl

Moxie Brawl produces work that creates worlds for audiences to experience through dance theatre. A fresh, all-female company; and winner of the Gone In 20 Minutes 2013 Jury Prize.

Sens Dessus Dessous

The show is a game cadenced by entrances and exits, falls and stunts, appearances and disappearances, as in a classical Farce. Then,…