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Haywood Hix

Haywood Hix established in 2013
a partnership between artist Mark Haywood and performer Jon Hicks

Nuno Silva

With a varied career in contemporary dance, fado singing, classical opera and West End musicals, Nuno Silva is launched on the outdoor performance circuit with Soul of Fado.

STAMP Festival

Tom Lanzki, artistic director of the Bängditos theater since 2000 and artistic director of the STAMP Festival since 2013. I´am coordinating also the EU project

LOD muziektheater

Come in. Settle down. Close your eyes and listen… Are there bees living in your ears? Has the sea stopped crying? Is…

La Mirada Interior (The Inner Look)

PRODUCCIONES IMPERDIBLES “The Looks at the Dance” Since 2002 Producciones Imperdibles has been developing a new way to get its creative work…

Cie Pied en Sol

Dance and music, street art

Producciones Imperdibles

Theatre and dance company that uses a multimedia language

Madame Zucchini’s Vegetable Entertainment

Vegetable entertainment shows specialising in vegetable theatre, vegetable creature making sessions and courgette-costumed walkabout

Market Stall

Market Stall is an inclusive, high octane new Outdoor Work for families A humorous and entertaining 20 minute outdoor work that aims…

Tiata Fahodzi

Tiata Fahodzi is a British-African theatre company led by Lucian Msamati.

Urban Safari

The world has become a concrete jungle and the wildlife has decided to move in. The vast countryside that Scotland has to…

Fish Out of Water

Conflux’s large-scale community project Fish Out Of Water will see street performers across Scotland captivating and enthralling their audiences. Have you ever…

The Hoods

The Hoods is a vibrant, energetic & unpredictable walkabout act that encourages play between the performers & the public. It has a…

DDF Crew

DDF Crew is specialized in jump rope and double dutch shows.
They became world famous with the music video Rise Up (Yves Larock) and their shows at the F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi and Bahrain, but maybe most of all with their victory in the 2012 edition of Holland’s Got Talent.

The Scouts : Not So Prepared!

The Scouts have found themselves dishonourably discharged from every Scout Patrol they have tried to be part of, and have now decided…

NotOnly4Boys Theatre Co.

We are NotOnly4Boys Theatre Company and we are proud to be one of the UK’s youngest professional street theatre companies.


LIVSMEDLET is a visual theatreduo. Combining skills in object theatre, puppetry and dance they explore a theatrical world that questions and plays with our perception of reality and everyday life.


This is MiMi Berlin based Japanese Performing artist.
My Show is suitable for Event, Festival, Gala, Convention, Party and Circus