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TILT Festival

TILT, Birmingham’s only Aerial and Physical Theatre Festival, is back for its 6th year in the city with an adapted brand-new HYBRID…

Letters of Hope

Letters of Hope is a free event and the first event of its kind at the majestic Penshaw Monument. Join us as…

The Open Air Drawing Room

Next appearing at GDIF 2020

Ansan Street Arts Festival

Ansan Street Arts Festival (ASAF), first started in 2005, is an outdoor performing arts festival held every May in Ansan, South Korea….

Colony – Hong Kong

A visually arresting and aurally entrancing work that transforms the environment into an alien landscape through light and sound. These large, tactile,…

Out There International Festival

Out There 2019 was the biggest and most ambitious programme yet, attracting record crowds of around 63,000 for some of the most…

Freedom Festival 2020

Now approaching its 13th year, Freedom Festival is an established fixture on the national and international cultural calendar. In 2019 we extended…


FiraTàrrega is an international performing arts market which has been held annually in Tàrrega, since 1981, on the second weekend in September….

Devizes Lantern Parade

Attracting crowds of over to 3,500 and celebrating the start of the festive season, Devizes boasts one of the region’s most spectacular…

SO Festival

SO Festival 2020: 21 August | Mablethorpe 22 August | Skegness 23 August | Skegness SO Festival is a free, cultural arts…

Winter Circus Lantern Parade, Cardigan

This is the 4th consecutive amazing lantern parade in Cardigan by Small World Theatre. Last year there were a huge number of…


Gaia is a touring artwork by UK artist Luke Jerram. Measuring seven metres in diameter, Gaia features 120dpi detailed NASA imagery of…

Museum of the Moon

Museum of the Moon is a touring artwork by UK artist Luke Jerram. Measuring seven metres in diameter, the moon features 120dpi…


LEME – Festival of contemporary circus and artistic creation for unconventional places is an innovative artistic festival, organized in partnership between 23…


Welcome to The Malmö Festival – a warm, friendly and wide-ranging festival founded in 1985. Right in the heart of Sweden’s third…


4th of August Hotel Watercage during SIRF @ Riverside Car Park

Kweku Ananse

Kweku Ananse is a contemporary processional and stage dance choreographed by Nii Kwartey Owoo, which examines the folkloric stories and traditions that…


Somerfest Outdoor Arts Festival celebrates culture and diversity.

The Bombardiers

Tally ho and chocks away. Three courageous airmen, Roger, Reggie and Rupert are returning from battle when their trusty aeroplane is caught…


STRTFSTVL Showcase is the place to be for street artists, jugglers, acrobats, and virtuoso street musicians, performing for a public consisting of…

Magie al Borgo

Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking the colourful festive roads, listening to laughs and music and enjoying traditional food. Just around…

Outside! NOW!!

Outside! NOW!! is part of The Bath Fringe Festival. ( Outside! NOW!! spotlights new work, new shows and new acts, predominately with…

Bath Fringe Festival

Bath Fringe is a 2 week annual event held in May/June. Bedlam Fair is the part of the Fringe that celebrates art…

My Shows

Bee Cart

Bee Guides Bombus and Borage have left the Hive with the Bee Cart – their mobile world of interaction and surreal but…

Moths At Work

Two Moth Electricians Touring the streets, your festival or event alongside their mobile cart of wonder (complete with Moon on a stick!)…


TOAST takes audiences on a journey around the world and through the seasons with music, food, stories and dance! Join the Guild…

Out of the Deep Blue

An impactful dialogue around our earth’s climate emergency, told through dance, movement and masterful puppeteering. Ideal for family audiences.

Che fa, concilia?

Don’t know where you are? Stuck in traffic? Can’t cross the road? Watch out, we’ve the only copper in the world who can create a traffic jam in the desert!


A large group weaves through streets creating moving sculptural formations that invite meaningful and collaborative interactions amongst strangers

Woven Land

A participatory audio guided choreography for parks and woodlands. A poetic journey of ecological and social interconnectivity.


FAMILIE is a compelling atmospheric 4 slinkie show that is both childishly delightful and powerfully symbolic. Performed on a stage or on…


Back in 1995 at Edinburgh Fringe Festival it all started with SLINKIE LOVE. In this 10 minute show, two slinkies discover each…


BIG MOB Is a majestic slinkie walkabout featuring 2,3 or 4 or more slinkies. During a period of 30 minutes, 4 to…


ON EDGE is a breath-taking, stunning, and highly engaging parkour-theatre piece about modern slavery.
Inspired by joy. Informed by truth. Sustained by hope.


R.M.T. brings Lewis Carroll’s epic nonsense poem to magical life! Using shadow puppetry & live singing this is an enchanting & unusual performance for

Edward Lear’s Nonsense

A comedy walkabout shadow puppet show with live singing of original music performed with a mobile shadow theatre in a suitcase.

Alice & Mad Tea Party walkabouts

Unique tea party costume incorporating “Mad Hatter” costumed character, a tea table with percussive tea set and puppet “March Hare”.

The Lips by Puppets with Guts

Roxy Robinson, Festival of Sky Director comments:
“The Lips were just so fabulous…!“


T-Break is an outdoor 20-minute promenade, site-specific dance performance for adult and family audiences featuring live music. In T-Break, two worlds collide:…

The Giant Balloon Show (Outdoor & Indoor)

The Giant Balloon Show will have the audiences in stitches and in awe simultaneously. Expect feverous balloon sculptures, high energy comic performance…

The Hatchling

The Hatchling is a ground-breaking outdoor performance. With a wingspan of over 20 metres, the Hatchling is the world’s largest human-operated puppet to fly.

Volo: dreams of flight

Climb aboard a playground swing; don a VR headset; and take flight in one of four award-winning Leonardo da Vinci virtual flying…

Lives of Clay

Conceived and performed by Vidya Thirunarayan
Directed by Tim Supple
Director of Choreography Debbie Fionn Barr
Designer Julie Landau
Composer Barry Ganberg

Standing High

Standing High brings a message of hope and celebration, showing that people can overcome hardship by coming together. It addresses prominent topics…


GLAM is a 25 minute vibrant dance cabaret, a humorous outdoor performance for five performers containing dance, circus and theatrical elements, audience interac

High Tea (with a twist)

Under the direction of choreographer/designer Eleni Edipidi; Levantes Dance Theatre creates contemporary circus performances which are witty, inclusive and visually strong. Their…


Oqda- a new outdoor show by EEDT featuring hand balance, traditional Moroccan acrobatics and urban dance in a touching exploration of cultural differences.

Rola Bola

Rola Bola is a large scale, outdoor, circus meets kinetic sculpture show exploring human relationships. On a supersized version of a classic…


DOVETAIL At a time when the world and people are trying to reset, the past gives way to change and a future…


ONE% is a 14 minute dance performance featuring the dynamic rawness of Breakin’. Two b-boys with colliding mental states respond to the…

Fish Out of Water

Fish Out Of Water is a fresh, multi-disciplinary outdoor dance performance, which explores themes of belonging, otherness, displacement and migrancy.

Mughal Miniatures

Mughal Miniatures is inspired by, and offers a performative interpretation of, traditional miniature paintings. However, the narrative of the characters we meet…

Smashed 2

80 oranges, 7 watermelons, 9 performers. The Dark Art of juggling reinvented.

Canapé Art

Under the direction of performer/designer Eleni Edipidi Levantes Dance Theatre creates theatrical work which is inclusive and visually strong. Their popular Canapé…

KRE8! 2022

Guided by our hosts, a diverse cast of 8 international guest dancers will go head to head to the sound of a live band and a DJ, following various creative tasks


Dovetail ignites a rebirth; a highly physical explosive and emotive duet that delves into what it means to
rebuild and rediscover oneself

The Rite of Spring – reimagined (outdoor version)

Seeta Patel Dance has reimagined Stravinsky’s iconic ballet ‘The Rite of Spring’ in the powerful classical Indian dance style Bharatanatyam.

Last Orders

With vats of physicality, barrels of humour and a pounding soundtrack, join us down the local as we explore a future where our differences stop dividing us.


The fearless new dance production choreographed by Alleyne Dance explores our relationship with authority and control. With abuses of power and domination…

Where All Paths Lead

Through the company’s trademark distinctive physicality, driven choreography, touches of parkour and complex partner work, 7 male dancers embrace the powerful possibilities…

The Cameraman

With songs, excitement and comedy, we follow the fortunes of an inept cameraman who inadvertently becomes involved in the theft of the World’s Largest Diamond.

Do What Ya Mama Told Ya!

A feast of food fusion across geography and generations, in this vibrant street theatre, comedy circus show! International contemporary circus artist Blaze…

The Other Side

The Other Side is about our consumerism and as humans, our desire for more. The Other Side is a highly physical outdoor…

Distant Drums

Distant Drums is a dynamic performance and installation that shares the story of Sound System culture and its role in the fight for racial equality

Fame Game

Fame Game is a new immersive outdoor adventure game. Solve the mystery and be the real star of this escape hunt.

The Visionary

A faith free, mystic, psychic, sorcerer, street prophet. A magical, funny, dramatic & thought-provoking show aimed at encouraging respect for diverse perspectives….


I will make a static work for outdoor festivals & shortlisted for Unlimited main commission R&D April – Sept 2021; Production &…

Falconry Dismay

Experience the breath-taking display of these majestic Birds of Prey, featuring a range of birds including Vultures, Falcons and Owls. Lead by…


Animalia,Inc Team arrives in town. While the biologists develop their tasks at the Camp, we see that something is making the animals worry. Can they trust these


The taxi is a purpose-built two-people push pram with no steering, brakes nor engine. It can only be pushed by the taxi…

Mutant Insect Hunt – What happens when evolution meets pollution?

The audience is encouraged to find and classify these new mutant insects that have been spotted in the local area. Small booklets…

Enchanted Garden

An outdoor installation of giant mushrooms and larger-than-life flowers that will turn a corner of gardens/parks/woodlands into an enchanted garden, where people…

A Posi+ive Life

An immersive sex education and coming-of-age dance theatre experience for teenagers and young adults.

CarCrash Wedding

Gary & Pel have just said “I do” and are driving off into the sunset… It’s the happiest day of their lives…

Travellers Delight (Walkabout)

Have you seen a Hot Air Balloon? Are we in Costa Rica? Help The hilarious Aussie couple find their Honeymoon Balloon in…

HoneyMoon Balloon

Gary and Pel have two tickets to paradise and are about to embark on their first ever luxury hot air balloon vacation….


Nelly the Obby Oss is an animated puppet on a tricycle chassis, engineered for full engagement and interaction with the audience.


Jabberwocky! is an animated and illuminated puppet beast mounted on a tricycle chassis, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s famous nonsense poem Jabberwocky.

The Umbrella Tree

The Umbrella Tree is an absurd botanical mechanical contraption designed to bemuse, baffle, delight and amuse children of all ages. It consists…

OTUS Extracts

An odd world where two beings reside, OTUS is rooted in human nature and rendered through the stage disciplines circus, theatre and movement.

Bird Rave

Bird Rave sees a team of live artists interpreting bird movements in an interactive “dancefloor ornithology” performance to classic “rave” music. A…

The Dance WE Made

The Dance WE Made is a record breaking interactive dance performance that invites you to be the choreographer – no experience required!


PREPPERS: The Show is a thought provoking, timely and intimate duet that asks: are we truly prepared? It can be presented outdoors, indoors and off-grid.


Anna doesn’t like the bugs in her garden, she likes things to keep things clean and tidy. But her world is turned…


BONDED, explores the construct of human dependency – especially that of siblings – and how time and external conditions can affect the…


An all-femxle show about pre-raphaelite muse Jane Morris. Weird & picturesque, our 4 Janes will mesmerise the whole family w/costume, dance & pomegranat

Drumming in the Hall of the Mountain

On a planet from another time and space there lived a fictional humanity that failed to respond to their environmental crisis. Four…

Le Grand Continental

Hundreds of dancers of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities dance as one in the most epic contemporary line dance ever imagined.


First came Rhapsodie, a performance event inspired by the ritual of dance and imagined by Sylvain Émard as a piece for 20…


This production is the third part of a trilogy dedicated to the relationship between reality and fiction. The first show of the…

Future Cargo

A truck arrives from an unknown location loaded with a mystery shipment. As the sides roll up a strange and unstoppable process…

Tiny Dance

Tiny Dance is a bespoke, outdoor project that asks communities what they love about where they live – and then makes a dance about it!


CONSEQUENCES, winner of the FiraTàrrega’17 Moritz Award for Best Premiere of Street Arts, is a show for all audiences that explores through…


“Far From The Norm expose at the darker side of football in explosive, witty H.O.H” Greenwich + Docklands International Festival


This chaotic and frenzied Hip Hop dance theatre work explores how divided we are as a nation. Due to the recent surge…


A male and female duet, Void explores the space created by the pandemic, and what has moved into that space – both good and bad.


Gripping and raw, Amaranthine is a highly physical and fast paced duet, which tells the story of two people who are deeply in love, and in conflict.

Witness This

Witness This turns the spotlight on mental health in a moving portrayal of how loved ones’ cope, when mental health problems take hold of someone close.

Of Man And Beast

Rage Against the Machine, athleticism and beauty, Company Chameleon’s unforgettable outdoor dance piece explores and uncovers the many faces of masculinity.


Push is a powerful and engaging male duet, which looks at the different stances we take to understand and relate to one…


Pravaas is Akademi’s new outdoor production.  Pravaas explores issues around climate migration.  The show provides an experience of ancient dance forms and live…

Black Victorians

Black Victorians by Artistic Director / Choreographer Jeanefer Jean-Charles is inspired by nineteenth century studio photographs of black men, women and childen

A Graceful Act of Stupidity

Join our two flight attendants as they take you on a journey that slips seamlessly between the everyday and the poetic. Brace…


Performed in a bed of soil Rodadoras explores the themes of death and re-birth, cycles of life and a state of emergency…


Immersive performance for parks & woodlands, weaving choreography, sculptural Land Art and deep ecology.


AVAILABLE FOR TOURING MAY-OCTOBER 2022 Joss Arnott Dance present PULSE!, a brand-new dance and live music experience created for the streets. Performed…

The Cilia Dance

The Cilia Dance is a socially distanced, participatory performance, co-creating a movement dialogue about moving around towns/cities. The show will be developed…

A Graceful Act of Stupidity

Join our two flight attendants as they take you on a journey that slips seamlessly between the everyday and the poetic. Brace…


Mimbre’s outdoor production Lifted is a collection of funny, poetic and surprising moments, which explore in different ways what it means when…

To Untouch

To Untouch is a live performance exploring new and different ways of keeping physical connections and complicity between each other, when the…


Timeless is Joli Vyann’s new spectacular medium to large scale outdoor touring show featuring an interactive 7 metre high, free standing, rotating…

The Recovery Poems

Emergency Exit Arts (EEA) presents the Recovery Poems. How do we commemorate what’s been lost as we start to take tentative steps to coming out of lockdown?


Striking dancers collide in an uplifting dance riot set to an exclusive art rock soundtrack by Moulettes. A punkish celebration of individuality.


Orbis is a dark contemporary ritual honouring the relationship between humankind & Earth’s permanent natural satellite: the Moon.
1st piece of the Moon tryptic


SPHERA is a bright dance of liquid bodies that change and morph under the influence of the Earth’s spherical satellite: the Moon.
2nd piece of the Moon tryptic.

Square One

A solo show exploring the themes of mental health and emotional wellbeing, featuring full immersive lighting design and a hypnotising score.

The Protocol

The Protocol is a contemporary dance-theatre work where three unfortunate characters find themselves in an unwanted situation, they have been chosen to…

Painting Venice

Painting Venice is a family friendly, compact, pocket rocket dance, theatre, circus and comedy show that is ideal for outdoor events and…

Sit Back

Sit Back (2013)- brings you a spoonful of nostalgia, a shot of good fun and a measure of emotion. Sit Back is…

In Colour – Colour . Identity . History

Travel to the colourful world of the Harlem Renaissance with this groundbreaking new show from Swing Circus.

Taking Flight

Spectacular 30 min outdoor dance-theatre show
based around 4 international, part human, part bird, part flying machine characters set in a distopian future


Adrift tells the story of two women, lost at sea on a moving wooden raft. A story told through dance, theatre, circus,…


Grow is an energetic and uplifting family-friendly dance theatre duet which celebrates the power of nature to rejuvenate, take over spaces and…


Mayfly is a spectacular fusion of water, dance and song. The stage will come to life with water effects and leaping fountains….

Cycle Circus

Every pedal is a revolution!
Tumble Circus have got on their bikes to bring their world famous circus divilment direct to you.

MEarth MOthers

NEW outdoors epic for 2021, MEarth MOthers is a trio of climate clowns in extraordinary costumes. They erupt from the stomach of…

Big Bugs Show

A satirical urban legend about the beetles who grow to enormous proportions because of the consumption of junk food and breathtaking amounts of food waste.

Da Native

“Da Native offers a series of tight choreographic rituals that look at community, home and departure.” Writing About Dance

Why Are People Clapping!?

Why Are People Clapping!? is a cheeky, uplifting, short work created by NDCWales dancer Ed Myhill. Set to composer Steve Reich’s ‘Clapping…

Death or Circus

We need advise, guidance and heroes. Kenneth Fall, and Tina Machina, are underqualified, but overly eager to share their absurd views on…


Witness a beautiful disaster in mid-air. Extreme circus skill, inventive humor and exhausting talent. Slap stick acrobatics, hazardous aerial and flying hula…

Iso – Mythical deep sea creature

The latest inflatable creation from Tim Davies Design Iso a beautiful undersea beast based on the ancient deep sea isopods.

A Portrait Without Borders

For A Portrait Without Borders, Kaleider have built an online platform where the public can go and capture their selfie, see an…


ANOTHER PLANET by The Gramophones Theatre Company Approximately 40 minutes An audio adventure for an adult and child (7+) to experience together….

THE STRONGMAN – a Covid-safe, all-family, socially distanced, real-life silent movie show!

Recently revised by our family of performers to conform with the Covid regulations, THE STRONGMAN is a silent movie-style, street theatre show with acrobatic ci

The Invisible Man

Introducing The Invisible Man, brought to you by Altered States industries. Come face to face with the man who isn’t there! A…

The Astronauts

Wearing full space suits, a crew of mysterious astronauts arrive on a new planet, only to find that they are not alone. Six intrepid explorers try to underst…

Around the World in 80 Days

An adventurous outdoor circus show for all the family – followed by an interactive workshop for babies, toddlers, grandparents and everyone in…

Rock Cliché

Commissioned by Articulture – Long before there was magician & assistant, golfer & caddy or politician & embarrassment, there was rock star & the put-up roadie.


“More smart work from the creators of The Money and one which puts its trust in people and thinks the best not the worst of them.”
– Lyn Gardner

Tape That

Tape That is a charming, light-hearted acrobatic duet. Two performers construct a visual web using duct tape, object manipulation and partner acrobatics….

The Wagner

Contemporary dance show

Stellar Moments of Humanity

site-specific adventure on the outlook for stellar moment of humanity that will make your town shine all golden

Full House

a neighbourhood-fable about diversity and communication that will make you laugh and identify with the dog, the horse, the koala and the tiger

[ The Frame ]

an observation and description of daily life crisscrossing the ordinary, the trivial and the general to discover the extraordinary, the special and the unique


[street theatre / site specific / Premiere Sept. 21] In a place without time, in a time which has no date, in…


[living installation / site specific] They invite you to their home, you experience a weird visit to the place, they accept you…

You Told That Joke Twice

You Told That Joke Twice is a project designed by three independent artists from the disciplines of video, photography and performance. The…

Taking Flight

Family Friendly Circus Theatre. “Sharing communal delight in the raptures of flight”. Join us on our adventurous journey with a magical mystery…


A fisherman lived, together with his wife, in a simple cottage. They had everything and were happy and content until a talking fish started granting wishes…

Mind the Gap

With its alternating construction and deconstruction, turbulent floor space and vertical axes, the scenography of Mind the Gap is an architectural space…

The Open Air Drawing Room

The project is an example of socially engaged art practice crossing boundaries between performance and painting. Commissioned by the Turner Contemporary and…

Do What Yah Mama Told Yah!

A feast of food fusion and storytelling across geography and generations, in this immersive and vibrant comedy circus show! International contemporary circus…


WILD, the latest daring outdoor production from Motionhouse, explores our disconnect with the natural environment and how, in a world where many…

What The Tortoise Taught Us

Life lessons from the wisest creature on the planet! Meet Zelva, the beautiful giant Tortoise. Walk side by side with the World’s…


Continuum is a physical experience in which you become aware that everything is one continuous movement. A movement that is much larger than our humanness.


With Reverse, Johannes Bellinkx invites you to move through the world differently. To experience reality in reverse.


A tragic-comic show, magical and grotesque, which will transport you directly into the mysterious world of the side-show

Parasite Circus

PARASITE CIRCUS! A blood bath for young and old!

The Handymen (Los Mañas)

An endearing absurd world full of setbacks and clumsiness. The Handimen have arrived in your neighborhood. They come equipped with everything necessary…


Emportats is a circus show for all audiences that combines different disciplines: acrobatics, juggling, music and work with objects (doors).


Oyun is a unique and innovative show for all kind of audience, combining humor, rhythm, originality and a refined technique of juggling.

PIPA, puppet show.

PIPA* does not want a quiet and peaceful life, he wants to play, to have fun, to fall in love, to live…


In preparation for their regularly scheduled night out, one friend’s distraction slowly seeps its way into the heads of her friends making…


14 Songs, 3 dancers and a set of performances chosen by YOU the Audience. This interactive work takes popular songs from different…


Inspired by ancestral Japanese origami techniques, Origami turns a 40 foot container into a shifting performance space. Satchie Noro slowly evolves on…

Ear Trumpet

Ear Trumpet is about listening. It’s about the sound under the ground. The noises that you would miss if you didn’t listen…


CLOUDSCAPES is an intimate installation combining clouds and script, set in an outdoor auditorium — a cloud-gazing area. Audiences are encouraged to…


Altitude is a 45 minute, large-scale outdoor show produced by Gorilla Circus that explores the human relationship with height, fear, freedom and…


SOZNAK is a world touring Newcastle based street band. Smoking vocals, booting brass, sparkling guitar, funky bass and drums. A high energy…


DamaeDance’s mesmerising outdoor work IRMÃ-sister is an exhilarating, cutting-edge exploration of the beauty and challenges of women’s relationships, looking at how they…


Our characters are thrown into a world that they try to shape, adjust in order to escape from a bleak and broken…

Andrée Kupp The Vegetable’s Trainer

Let’s imagine a very unusual market-stand : Tomatoes as acrobates, carrots as dancers, many other « crazy vegetables » and many other surprises.. These spectacular…


Caretaker of Places Gnomus is the giant caretaker of our planet who can unearth unknown facts about wherever he finds himself, engaging…

The Adventures of SUSANN, The Social Distancing Robot

The Adventures of SUSANN, the Social Distancing Robot! When the people became socially distanced, boredom and loneliness took hold… but now comes…

DoubleV Show

Mystery, impossible, crazy, beautiful, amazing, breathtaking etc., we try to include various feelings in our show. Other than difficult diabolo tricks, we…

Chemins… (Footpaths)

He stops and takes a long look at the tree. There are two of them and they seem to appear from nowhere,…

My House

Come close and look in through the enticing doors and windows. Meet two strange looking figures, both with their own very different…

Yin Zéro

In this performance, we will contradict ourselves. We will seek to make the invisible visible, to share what’s happening inside with the…


Walking on rope between building high as sky A Breathtaking act, Great for outdoors fesivals and large indoor events.


Come to see what happens when theater, movement and shocking circus collide… CAGED is a show like you’ve never seen before, with…


Inspired by the divine proportion and the Phi number, Áureo try to immerse the audience in an atmosphere ruled by harmony and…


Six bodies on the stage go up, down, dance, but above all, jump! UpArte presents a live show that maintains the high-level…


7 women, do not have much weight in this world. So we thought: “what if we stack up?” ​INO is us, dressed…

Flou Papagayo

We are three: three mouths, three vertebral columns, three truths, three voices… …and despite our need to exist individually we insist on…

Accroche-toi si tu peux

From and by: Nicolas Paumier and Guillaume Cachera Outside looks: Johan Swartvagher, Guillaume Martinet, Maximes Sales Sound creation: Francois Colleaux Lighting director:…


Featuring impressive hand-balancing, playful acrobatics and a mysterious box of tricks, BOX offers a humorous and uplifting tale about sibling connection, competition…

Lance moi en l’air

Lance moi en l’air is about the sensitivity and connection between two people which brings about compatible contradictions. Can we be strong…


You are cordially invited to a tea party that you will never forget… In Smashed, the manipulation of the forbidden fruit takes…


Once upon a time, somewhere far away, in the night before Chrismas, in Metropolis center, in one ordinary hospital, in room 243,…

Wooden Clowns

50-minute show performed with rod puppets. Show on tour since 2009. Characters: Monsieur Loyal, Clown fish, Cellophane, Marcelo, Chand Pasha, Fratellini, Antonet,…


Aerial poetic circus. Freely inspired by flying-lovers paint by Marc Chagall. A show built for images aimed at children and adults of…


OUT! – (flying clown) A tribute to Keaton and Chaplin. Direction collaboration: Adrian Schwarstein Kicked out of his house in the middle…


An end of the century circus: in a tragic-romantic duo, a vertical hand to hand. 
With great number of the flying woman….

A Graceful Act of Stupidity

Building on our repertoire of duets, Candoco collaborates with New Art Club’s Tom Roden. Tom Roden draws on his experience across art-form…

You and I Know

Arlene Phillips CBE has been a trailblazer in choreographing for popular dance genres, from musical theatre to iconic pop videos, for over…

Fire Show Extravaganza!

This family-friendly show is 20-25 mins long and includes impressive one-off tricks such as fire whip and an awesome multiple fire hoop…

Blockbuster Factory

Cat and Mouse’s new show ‘Blockbuster Factory’ has just been signed by Continental Drifts agents, been booked for Camp Bestival by Rob…

Everything I See I Swallow

Award winning aerial theatre show featuring Tamsin Shasha and Maisy Taylor, exploring themes of female sexuality, feminism, censorship and shibari (Japanese rope…


Haughty, grotesque and loving attention….. ZIRKUS is the story of two cynical circus directors who are lifelong friends. After a few glorious…


The Fool might speak to the moon, yet it’s madness not to listen to it. The moon sees the universe from a…

Cabaret Sauvignon

Cabaret Sauvignon is a story of a romance gone wrong, told in poetry, dance, music and juggling. By creating a dark and…

Pendulum Wave Machine

The Pendulum Wave Machine is like nothing else on the festival circuit. A unique and beautiful installation that fuses art with science…

The Color of Time

Twelve ordinary characters amongst the crowd. Their odd look and behaviours make their presence disturbing. In a deluge of Indian-electro music, tension…


Water is a priceless treasure that humans cry for when drought comes and dries up the wells. Extreme climate-related catastrophes and water…


D-Construction is a very energetic hip-hop dance performance with a powerful beat and an oriental twist. Six dancers experience the liberation of…

Dans l’Engrenage

Finding your place, precarious as it may be. You fi ght for it. Fight to keep it. Beyond the inner workings of…

Kori Kori

Kori Kori is a musical theatre and dance performance interpreted by 18 actor-performers and 4 musicians and this show does not tell…

Trois Éléphants passent…

Trois Éléphants passent… is a gigantic parade in three acts inspired by the imaginary world of ‘Transhumance, l’heure du troupeau’. Seemingly straight…

Peaux Bleues

A performance in motion for 12 interpreters, actors, musicians, dancers and singers. A musical manifesto against common beliefs and stereotypes of all…

Le Cinématophone

Le Cinématophone is an electro-lyrical brass band for a diva and 8 musical bodies. New reels! In 1994, Oposito and Décor Sonore…

La Figure du Baiser

In La Figure du Baiser, six dancers perform an intimate choreography, strongly inspired by the subtle erotic sculptures of Canova and Bernini….

La Figure du Gisant

La Figure du Gisant searches for mystical places at the crack of dawn or at dusk. Places surrounded by buildings, courtyards, abandoned…

La Figure de l’Érosion

In many cities, villages and squares they can be found. Large monumental statues that remind us of memorable moments in history; a…


Human being has the need to gather around something common. When the boundary between the stage and the audience disappears, the show…

Bug n’Buzz

An ordinary cafe terrace will be turned into a very special performance space by Bug n’Buzz. Two wonderful characters break the established…

Delinus 03

You’re more than welcome on line 3, the smallest taxi-van ever! Tickets are available from the charming conductor. This tiny van doesn’t…


Suzy uses her charm to quietly seduce her passengers for a ride. Having received your ticket and taken your place, the journey…

Chez Jopie

Chez Jopie is a motorised establishment where two tables and four seats transform into a versatile vehicle. The mobile café is expertly…


Skryf the sand writer moves forward, leaving a stream of letters behind him. Skryf refers to the fact that everything is transitory….


Slowly moving backward, the sandwriter Blom draws in the streets. Sand comes out of his long arm and decorates the ground; a…


Nyx, goddess of the night, daughter of Chaos, pulls the dark nebula over the world while striding along the heavens. Nyx writes…

Les Madeleines de Poulpe

Acrobats on skis, a musical saw, not very unusual ingredients right? The recipe of Les Madeleines de Poulpes is all about finding…

L’Effet Escargot

What can you do with skies on a circus track? What can you do with juggling balls, a table and three drawers?…

Brace for Impact

In Brace for Impact three acrobats search for the limits of balance. In their quest of an equilibrium they find new ways…

Song of the Horns

Song of the Horns is an unusual instrumental string trio. In search of vibrant encounters, three musicians wander amongst the people with…

Le Concert de Feu

Le Concert de Feu is a performance which seriously changed views on fireworks concerts. The concept, created in 1996 and further developed…


“How to create when the world collapses around us and there is nothing left ? How can ingenuity be an answer to…


Like miners emerging from the depths of the earth, the musicians arise from the ashes of another world… Mineurs focuses on the…

Chaos (working title) – creation 2020

After this great eruption a forge becomes visible, men hammer a pile of metal and drums, while their faces are lit by…

Unknown Evidences

Thousands of fireflies going on and off at the same time in the trees. Two people, far from each other, who go…

One of these Days

An awe-inspiring woman, three circus artists and one hundred juggling balls, these are the basic ingredients of One of these Days. How…

Square Two

411 – 411 – 31 – 31 – 411 could be an algorithm, password or perhaps a curious arithmetical code. Instead, these…


A charming pilot and stunning stewardess introduce flying 2.0. Airplanes have become obsolete; instead the audience is invited on a journey of…

O2 (Oxygen)

O2 it’s the most recent creation from Company PIA, a Performance that through the languages of Physical Theater and Animated Forms, invites…


It’s a Public Art project, an Performance/Installation that in order to enhance the artistic intervention in public space and transform a truly…


Approaching the traditional cultures of Giants, INBETWEENWORLDS it’s a performance of Physical Theater, Objects and Animated Forms, involving Puppets of big dimension,…

Rygbi: Annwyl i Mi / Dear to Me

Rygbi: Annwyl i Mi / Dear to Me is a 20 minute outdoor dance performance that celebrates rugby in Wales and the…

The Snow Lion Walkabout.

From the Forests of Eternal Snow pads the giant white lion. A mythic emblem of this season celebrating the light of human kindness…

Prince Amir & the Camel Walkabout

From deep within the desert rides his pint-sized, meerkat, majesty Prince Amir. Sitting atop his curmudgeonly companion Kitty the Camel and assisted…

Jingle Bells

From across the tundra ride emblems of a people and a culture that has inspired our Christmas iconography since Victorian times, the…

Squawk Walkabout

Hosted by the legendary explorer Ms Bonny Voyage or Gentleman of Fortune Captain Jon Voyage, Squawk is a rumbustious, romping walkabout exploring the Victorian…

Epico the Dragon Show

Inside every child is a hero, awaiting the call to action to pull them from the ordinary world and into the Heroes…

Highland Harvest Walkabout

From high in the Scottish glens comes Hettie the Highland Cow, ridden by her friend Mr Tatters aboard their barrow brim full…


Living brings its layers, of growing, learning and sharing. Travel in all its forms… action, interaction, existence. Welcome to our homes, their…

I Talk To The Clouds and They Cry With Me

A beautifully moving and honest dance theatre show about loneliness, forgiveness and friendship. Set within a spectacular and dramatic cloud structure, and…

BIDAIA (The Journey, Le voyage, El Viaje, Die Reise)

One party, one daylight music session, one DJ, one eccentric character and his two assistants and one photographer welcome to all of…

Piggery Jokery

“Piggery Jokery” is a  whimsical puppet perambulation through the seasons, touching on the circular nature of time, as told by the Green…

Vintage Punch and Judy

Hand to Mouth Theatre present their Punch and Judy show in a old-fashioned seaside style, but very much in the present. This…

Tiny Live Art

This is a miniature documentation project for festivals and events. Part hobby project, part documentation, part re-staging, Tiny Live Art recreates performance…

The Box of Mechanical Delights

Enjoy an encounter with Professor Cog and Miss Sprocket  from Hand to Mouth Theatre and their amazing walkabout Box of Mechanical Delights….

NDP Circus presents ‘Notre Dame de Paris’

NDP Circus’ ‘Notre Dame de Paris’ celebrates Victor Hugo’s 1831 novel through a mixture of circus, theatre and dance. Our adaptation shares…

Angel Delight!

A Christmas walkabout by Dizzy O’Dare. This is what happens when the Christmas Angels use Santa’s fairy dust and a little festive…


This evolving performance installation puts collaboration and community centre-stage. Following the success of their captivating “Steli”, which featured rainbow coloured “pick up”…


Work on a huge construction with wooden sticks? You’ve come to the right place. Steli is a project questioning the theme of…

Museum of the Moon

Museum of the Moon is a touring artwork by UK artist Luke Jerram. Measuring seven metres in diameter, the moon features 120dpi…


Gaia is a touring artwork by UK artist Luke Jerram. Measuring seven metres in diameter, Gaia features 120dpi detailed NASA imagery of…

Car Wash

Thanks to the special effects, the music and the many personalized surprises, Car Wash will pull you into a fiery swell of…


ImproLocura is an unpredictable and hilarious street show that breaks the rhythm of the city (every day more boring and ordinary). An…


“Books!” utilises Tit for Tat’s usual penchant for fiasco and mayhem to not only share our love for stories, but to also…

The Most Dangerous Cup Of Tea In The World

Meet Rick & Kevin, two contrasting oddballs drawn together by a most bizarre and dangerous passion for tea! They have concocted a…


A poetic, surprising & inspiring hitch-hike on the journey from small acorns to great oak trees. Join Wilford and his only friend…

Celestial Sound Cloud

A graceful sound and light installation, Celestial Sound Cloud is perfect for indoors and outdoors. The Celestial Sound Cloud is inspired by…


ULYSSES combines music, comedy and physical theatre, to offer an entertaining outdoor piece that draws on the story of Ulysses’ return from…


In a future not so far from our era, through the grasp of “The System”, humanity slowly became assimilated into an emotionless…

Flying Solo

Flying Solo takes space in forests, parks, tents and theatres. It expresses independence in shared space, combining the diverse styles of African,…

The Witching Hour

‘This is a truly brilliant spectacle. The Witching Hour is mind-blowing.’ The Guide Liverpool Nominated for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Arts, 2019’…


‘A darkly beautiful rendition of a classic dystopian novel, which hits you straight in the gut.’ The Stage 451 combines immersive sound…


‘A spectacular finale to an enchanting show’ Chronicle Live Two travellers voyage across the skyline from time immemorial to meet in the…


‘This immersive event left audiences wide eyed with wonder.’ Hull Daily Mail Navigate your way to the heart of a labyrinth of…

The Glass Ceiling

‘A sensory spectacular has stunned spectators across the Tees Valley.’ Northern Echo The Glass Ceiling is an ambitious new visual theatre work…


‘Thank you for a truly brilliant experience. It was just fabulous on so many levels.’ Caroline Sharman, Commissioner, New Theatre Royal Overnight,…

7 Alleys

An act of wonder unfolds in the heart of the neighbourhoods where people live. As if from another time, a mysterious horse-and-carriage…

The Bell

‘This performance has a power that awakens your consciousness.’ La Journada, Mexico The Bell is a theatrical spectacle and 360-degree surround performance…

Space Rebel Princess

A fearless young princess raised for royalty but not for rocketry, dreams of becoming Uppity Chuck’s first astronaut. Outsmarting the confines of…

The Fragrance of Time

NO WORDS SHOW Each perception of things that is not strange is false Paul Valéry Telquel (Choses tues) The Fragrance of Time…

Mosh Split

‘This 45-minutes show is built around a 9,5 meters high truss structure. In the scenery there is a camper van and from…

The Hare and The Moon

‘All is not well in the Tundra of Siberia when the Sun disappears from the sky! Plunged into darkness, the Arctic Animals…

Mannequin (in Shop Window)

Mannequin is a new Miss High Leg Kick project inspired by Japanese Kabuki Theatre and the 1987 film Mannequin. It explores the…


Miss High Leg Kick’s Promettes are a roving team of performing artists who combine music, dance, comedy, live art, audience interaction and…

Look Up

One puppet. Two trapezes. Four performers. Look Up follows Robyn, a puppet who’s younger than most, but more inquisitive than many, who…


Dance in the chandelier light Specially designed for the street, a monumental chandelier transforms the public square into a ballroom. A dance…

8 Songs

A tribute to the mythical landscape of popular music A series of choreographed juggling vignettes set to 8 classic rock songs. A…


What happens when a green man, packed with green accessories and a green scooter lands in our streets? He interacts with the…


….They came from the not-so-distant past and therefore see the present-day world through somewhat different eyes. They appear to be blissfully naïve…

Denarius world

Denarius was the name of a Roman silver coin, also symbolized by an X. The Denarius, became the basis of the new…

When Words Are Not Enough (working title)

In a physical performance full of humour, texture and depth, five women use their bodies, strength and agility to reflect on the…

The Exploded Circus

Step into the moment where an explosion has been frozen in time, the remnants of a big top caught mid-air – with…

If I could I would

If I could I would is a fast-paced piece of physical theatre featuring virtuoso acrobatics, imagination and humour that recognises it sometimes…

The City Breathes

A dance and spoken word trio exploring health and wellbeing. ‘The City Breathes’ is a poetic and engaging trio, featuring two dancers…


A woman sits on a bench and watches the world pass by… Bench is an acrobatic performance about the everyday theatre and…

My Heart, My Heart: Live Poetry Jukebox

An interactive performance installation that presents an exciting, novel concept of engaging (new) audiences with poetry through visual art and performance. It…

Spiderman is back in town

What is a Superhero ? What is the collective imagination ? An unlikely Spiderman,pathetic and defeated, is suspended at tens of centimeters…

Mission Roosevelt

Let us leave the idea that you are not the public and this is not show. This is an experience or an…


Considering a thin line in between contemporary movement and circus technique, a creative challenge arises from everyday material. What if simple hoses…


Eccentric Comedy Street Show Skateboard; Circus ; theatre; Dance; Live Painting A comtemporary Street show, suitable for all public spaces in small…


Emotional Comedy Show Circus, Live Music, Physical Theatre, Dance UM BELO DIA evokes an oneiric universe, between absurdity and reality, both disturbing…

It Just Sort of Happens One Day

‘It just sort of happens one day’ explores how one creates a sense of home for themselves – settling and uprooting and…

Half Sewn

“Half Sewn” is an intimate, immersive piece where 4 females embark on a journey through the landscape the audience creates by being…

Audition Project

Join the chorus line for your big audition experience! Learn the dance steps of the audition scene from A Chorus Line (the…


“Alamor” an original, touching and lively performance with dance, puppet and physical theatre, that tells an encounter with an extraordinary character: Death….

An Encounter

“An encounter” it is an original and dynamic performance that combines floor acrobatics, dance and physical theatre. Tender, adventurous, passionate: an encounter…

A Voyage Around My Bedroom

An outdoor (and indoor!) art installation/performance entitled – A Voyage Around My Bedroom – by Eric MacLennan inspired by the philosophical writings…

The Annual (Inaugural) Walter Plinge Memorial Lecture

An original theatre commission for the Cultural Spring. A comic spoof lecture that reveals the enigma of Walter Plinge.

Once Upon a Wall

Join Hum-T on her fast-paced dancing adventure through the streets of Lost Sandwiches. Build a giant wall, throw down some signature moves,…

La Bomba!

Our new four person performance ‘La Bomba!’ (‘the bomb’) Sam and Tristan have combined forces with Spanish performers Alfredo Pérez Muíño and…

Flycycle and Submercycle

The famous Flight of Fancy Simulators! Join Captain Bigshot, Captain Calypso and their tireless stewards Valerian and Pearl for the journey of…


“In specific context, people, in their vast majority, can do the worst.” Be driven by events or go against the current? Bizangos…


“Deblozay“ (“Bedlam” in Haitian Creole) is a trip through the memory of the city and of its inhabitants. A journey. Searching for…

Catch Me

Catch Me is a lively and surprising take on age, race and gender. An older woman and younger man move together through a…


SYNOPSE Between 250kg of straw and 125kg of human mass, two people play around through the movement, balance, humour and composition of…


In 2018 Bedlam Oz was invited to make a show in Wuzhen – China with 6 actors from an avant guarde theatre…


Bedlam Oz animates spaces with style elegance and grace and have now performed in over 40 countries on 6 continents. In 2019…

The Boy Who Found his Smile

The story of the boy is an enchanting and magical journey, full of memorable moments and spell binding ‘special effects, a story…

A Moment of Madness

A Moment of Madness fuses compelling drama with the excitement of real-time gameplay to create a visceral new live experience. A large…

Pedaleando Hacia el Cielo

As darkness falls Pedaleando Hacia el Cielo, or shortly Pedaleando, tells a love story. About being together in dark days, about angels…

Mariage Fantastique

Mariage Fantastique tells a story about love. Musical grooms accompany the floating, luminous brides. It is a parade with dazzling images and…

Garden of Angels

Lightness and joy are the most important themes of this show. Garden of Angels is about a wedding, in which the beloved…

Life of Tree

Life of Tree is an installation consisting of dresses, inspired by remarkable and historical women. Like Regine Beer or Simone de Beauvoir….


[itinerant street theatre] Eight characters lost in the city, each carrying their own suitcase. Passers-by or immigrants? Naïve and curious, their emotions…


[itinerant street theatre / site specific] A suggestive and evocative flight that rather than being only an attempt at running away is…


Acclaimed French Actress and International Animal Communicator Gloria Delaneuf returns to the UK to share her life-changing experience with the gorillas of…


What happens when a glamorous French actress and her hapless assistant stage their version of Hollywood blockbuster Gladiator? Gloria Delaneuf is well-versed…


Determined to reunite Europe, glamorous French actress Gloria Delaneuf takes her one-woman version of “Les Miserables” to the streets. She has dreamed…


What happens when a glamorous French actress and her hapless assistant stage their version of Hollywood blockbuster Gladiator? Wonderfully inventive, physical, and…

Pigs Burlesque

Burlesque pigs glide through the streets on roller-skates. They are loved by their elegant guide and strict circus director. They skate through…

Boots On The Ground

“I sign on. I sit in my flat. Another day passes. And all that we did is gone, and means nothing now”…

That Parking Show

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes and people getting angry about parking spaces. But what really fuels the road rage?…

Bike Parade

A combination of fairy tale dancers and wonderful bicycle-creations, that let the public dream away. They drive through the streets and dance…

Rave New World

Rave New World by Tangled Feet. Touring in 2020.

Slapstick and Slaughter

Two men recklessly attempt to confront the absurdity of war in just 40 minutes, using their bodies, their voices and the surrealist…

Hotel Watercage

Am I lost forever Do I give up the search To pull myself together Or do I allow the love back in…


L’uomo (translating in Italian as ’The Man’) is a short dance theatre duet that tells a story of two men struggling to…

Reynard the Fox

The tale of Reynard the Fox follows the woodlands most infamous scoundrel who prides himself on being the trickster of the forest….

R4 fuga per la libertà

Special units. Maximum security and law enforcement: two agents, code-named Chesterfield and Wellington, are engaged in an intricate mission: the transfer of…

Nanirossi Show

Nanirossi is a Italian delightful duo, skilled in hand to hand balancing and jugglin. In their show technique and entertainment brought together…

The JukeBoxes

Two beautiful 1950’s Jukeboxes sit side-by-side. Watch them spring to life as two performers (hidden inside) re-create classic pop music videos in…

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Step inside and pull up a seat round the hull of the Orca as we enter the movie world of Jaws! Get…


EXO is a stunning outdoor spectacle featuring two incredible performers, a JCB digger and a driver. This riveting new show, which premiered…

The Snow Queen’s Lost Book of Charms.

The Snow Queen and the Lost Book of Charms A transporting, immersive experience, based on the original fairy tale by Hans Christian…


Lost explores what it is to be both physically and emotionally lost. The visceral and thought-provoking choreography of this 9-minute male-female duet…


As we approach 50 years since the first moon landing, our brand new duet Gravity combines hand-to hand acrobatics with Motionhouse’s signature…


Our brand new duet Knot sees two male dancers using extreme physicality, complex lifts and contact choreography, to explore the many facets…

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is a playful and humorous male-female duet exploring the theme of meeting a stranger in a crowded place. How do…


Four dancers perform this exciting fusion of dance, acrobatics and aerial work inside a large cage. Inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem…


BLOCK is a collaboration with NoFit State Circus; a powerful fusion of dance and circus that pushes the limits of both art…

Full Circle

Signifying a performance in the round, ‘Full Circle’ is also a reference to Avanti re-visiting where we began, creating a lo tech…

Boxing Crabs

LET’S GET TO RUMBLE…sideways. Watch our super friendly novice Boxing Crabs try to put on a boxing match. Pick a side, give…

Waggle Dance

Follow this swarm of super friendly bees as they search for a new home. Meet the colony; Queen Beeatrix, The Beezey Rider,…

Boom Booms

A mischievous trio of voluptuous, curvaceous and vivacious Showgirls! Using clown, dance and improvisation, Boom Booms are always searching for the perfect…

Cirque Du Kaka

Roll up, roll up for the greatest show on earth! the oldest, grandest, bestest, most circus-y Circus to ever tour the world…

The Hoods

Connect with the beautiful side of Ugly as The Hoods celebrate your streets. A walkabout act that turns stereotypes on their head….


Could our ancient relatives be a wake-up call for our age? The Cavemen, encourage the public away from their screens and towards…

Empire Soldiers VR

Empire Soldiers VR is a breathtaking experience installation blending performance and technology to tell the compelling stories of the forgotten Caribbean and…


Step into the unforgettable magic of Fantabulosa! – a fantastical pop-up world of imagination, storytelling and glitter where boundaries are forgotten and…

Sloth Time!

Wilhelmina (Also known as Will) Dawdle, is obsessed with sloths and wants you to meet her best friends: Hibiscus and Gladys, giant…

Broken Dolls

Broken DOLLS is an installation-spectacle, a different way of displaying the work of its creator, through a staging where each visitor will…

Live Showcase

LIVE SHOWCASE is an artistic project directed by Matías Zanotti which awakens everyday magic through the creation of characters and visual compositions,…

La Wagner

In La Wagner, four women, like Valkyries, straddle Wagner’s music to grapple with the difficult task of deactivating stereotypes and exposing prejudices…


Two beings living in an abstract world, Otus is rooted in human nature. Here is a unique perspective, a glimpse into their…

Cabin Fever

Join Captain Bullock and Bosun Bell for maritime mayhem, magic and mirth. With an uproarious air of unpredictability witness the Indian Club…

Time Trouble

Join our two bonkers boffins, Warp and Weft on a voyage through deepest history. Get ready to laugh, marvel and have your…

All at Sea

The debonair Captain Monty Montague pilots his luxury cabin cruiser whilst towing his gorgeous water skiing wife Minty. Join them for a…

Belladona and her Venus Fly Traps

Meet Belladonna, the beautiful but deadly gardener, as she tries to catch a tasty morsel for her hungry Venus Flytraps. Is your…

Big Bloomers

From his mobile potting shed table, gardener Hugh Bushey Babcock shares his green fingered secrets. Meet his prize winning, walking, talking flirty…

Mind Your Peas and Cues

From his mobile potting shed table, gardener Hugh Bushey Babcock shares his green fingered secrets and introduces Leia his prize winning, walking,…

No Flies on Uzzz!

What’s that buzzing noise? Somebody grab the fly swat! Oh wait, we might need a bigger swat… Here come Aristotle and Felicity…

Pirates, Parrots, Sirens and Seahorses

Captain Bullock rides Polly, his temperamental giant parrot liable to cause mayhem anywhere within a 2 metre radius, on a quest for…

Time Travelling Victorians

Behold the Time Machine; an incredible piece of eccentric engineering. Let Professor Warp and Miss Weft, our two intrepid Victorian time travellers,…

Belladonna the Witch

Meet Belladonna the Witch. She’s very busy casting spells, making potions and feeding her ever hungry Venus Flytraps. Is your hand steady…

Rockin’ Robins

With a new born chick and an egg to hatch, Reggie and Ruby Robin are on a Quest for a Nest, and…


Our poor friend Robin Redbreast is being chased by the evil Snow Queen. She roams around in pursuit of Robin in her…

Joy Riding Reindeer

Meet Basher and Crasher, the cud chewin’, fun lovin’, hoovy groovy reindeer. Whilst Santa wasn’t looking (probably scoffing mince pies and supping…

Christmas Time Travellers

Having just arrived from their Victorian Christmas celebrations of 1888 and very much in the mood to share it with all, Professor…


The Wheelabouts produce mobile street theatre pieces built around wheelchairs, and their latest show takes us on the Roman road with Boudicca….

There Be Monsters!

Join the hapless but noble knight Don Quixote and his long suffering, fortune seeking side-kick Sancha Panza on their epic quest to…

The Magical Moving Trees

The Magical Moving Trees are living sentient beings, the keepers of the woodlands The age of these wise Dendroids are unclear, and…

The Playful Peasants

The Playful Peasants are a group of medieval villagers who are journeying to foreign lands with The Fabularium. This curious crew have…

The Naughty Flock of Sheep

Just when the Cyclops thinks he has rounded up his Sheep and is done for the day…his Naughty Flock escape! This Naughty…

The Town Band of Bremen

The Town Band of Bremen follows the classic German tale of four farmyard animals; the donkey, the dog, the cat and the…

The Bo Sisters

The Bo Sisters The Bo Sisters are 21st century shepherdesses with a passion for knitting pure new wool. Through physical vignettes, The…

Tea Club

TEA CLUB is an outdoor, strolling piece of dance theatre, celebrating Britain’s passion for tea and all things vintage. Trixie and Tilly…

Two Cats and a Canary

An hilarious slapstick street theatre show using aerial circus, clowning and tap dance. Performed inside a giant golden birdcage and Inspired by…

Adambara and Zhim

This whimsical show tells the Indian Panchtantra story of the Elephant and the Mouse. Through enchanting puppetry and storytelling we see how…

Froojamflip and Fred

This Spring, from deep within the vegetable patch at the bottom of the garden, Froojamaflip; a living fruit and vegetable man has…

Don Quixote de la Mancha

An interactive outdoor family show in which the audience is invited inside the crazy world of a ten foot Don Quixote de…

Hotel Paradiso

Thrillingly spectacular circus skills blend seamlessly with charm, physical comedy, clowning, juggling, theatrical storytelling and slapstick in this colourful, loud and funny…

El Diabolo

„El Diabolo“ -an energy packed diabolo show with banging tunes, comedy and artistic talent! Awarded with the „Pavè d’Or” at Festival des Artistes…

Runaway Presents!

A Christmas walkabout from Dizzy O’Dare. This is what happens when naughty elves use Santa’s fairy dust and Christmas spirit to bring…


How far would you go for a better life? Driven by the desire for a brighter future, three equally desperate people unknowingly…

Ocho the Giant Octopus

Ocho the Octopus is a ground breaking, inflatable octopus, with 8 independently articulated legs able to curl and sway in a lifelike…

Arachnobot the Giant Spider

Arachnobot the giant spider puppet is a world first – an impressive walkabout act which roams the streets, festivals and spectacular events…

Back 2 Classic

Back 2 Classics proposes a fresh, close and intimate trampoline show for all publics. A show where the trampoline takes on a…


Between 250kg of straw and 125kg of human mass, two people play around through the movement, balance, humour and composition of space,…


Circumloqui has set up its stage at the top of a motorized tricycle and prepares to act on the entire town. Travelling…


“What is in the empty space between two pieces that do not fit? A man and a woman meet in a place….


A twisted exploration of trying to remember and not remembering. In this two-hander, featuring tightwire, aerial straps and all manner of circus…


Tightwire performance Wigsby sheds light into the six layers of personality of the same person. The personalities will dance on the wires,…


With her body, a tightwire and a physical composition that draws on the Japanese rope art of Shibari, Hanna Moisala’s WireDo tells…

Rolling Bag

Rolling Bag is an acrobatic and comic show. Risky performance and absurd situations make the audience have fun and participate of the…


View, sense of smell , taste, hearing and touch … intertwine since the first discovery that man creates from them… The possibility…


“Involucion” is a show which tells how the technologic means of communication have come to create a dependence that gets to the…

Dodo’s Dream

Circle of Two tell the heartbreaking, impossible love story of an eccentric inventor and the mechanical doll he has created in resemblance…

The Chimney Sweeps: A Family Business

Inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s “The Kid”, “The Chimney Sweeps: A Family Business” is a piece of family theatre with nostalgic airs that…

Who’s in for Tea? Wonderland without Alice

Have you ever wondered what happens in Wonderland when Alice is not there? Let the Mad Hatter tell you in this little play…

Bambolina & Dodo

When the clock strikes twelve, magic begins and a doll comes to life… Clearly influenced by the silent film days of expressive…


The Borrowers are on the loose! Follow them as they walk, run, jumps over and perform acrobatics on their giant bobbin. A…


A new circus-sit-com set in a failing old fashioned boozer, our PUB landlord and landlady have a big decision to make. Go…

Rise (indoor)

Rise wanders into a twilight world of show business, where lovers meet against a dream-like backdrop of song, circus, cabaret and the…

Baba Yaga’s House

A ramshackle old cottage roams the landscape on chicken legs, provoking many questions. What is it? What is it doing? Who lives…

Around the World with Phileas Fogg: Day 79

“It’s day 79 and we have made it to the festival, just hours away from crossing the finish line on this spectacular…

Dodo Rider

Legendary equestrian rider Lillian May Stanhope……, fresh from a Royal Command performance at Sandringham for Queen Victoria herself, wows Just So Festival…

Cabinet of Curiosities

The Cabinet of Curiosities is wheeled round the crowds by Floggit and Skarper, two down and out Victoriana characters pushing a tricycle…

From the Inky Deep

From The Inky Deep combines tightwire and aerial circus, with dance and physical theatre to transport you to a new world where…

The Wonderful World of Mr E

The Wonderful World of Mr E is an interactive museum bursting with imagination! Adventure into imagination itself by exploring the world of…

Body of Wires

In a fusion of fire, dance and circus, Dizzy O’Dare’s trio of tightwire tribeswomen embark on a spellbinding journey to cleanse and…

The Tiny Travelling Tightwire Show!

The Tiny Travelling Tightwire Show! rolls into town with Kennington & Poppet the Puppet with a tightwire on wheels! Kennington is about…

Slearys Victorian Circus

A Victorian style cabaret of circus, dancing and varietyinspired by Dickens’ novel Hard Times. The show features dynamic aerial circus, daring handbalancing,…


Dream Masons transformed the façade of the Salamanca Arts Centre into an awesome theatrical spectacle of grand proportions. This unique work brought…


In a rich open-air theatre experience, DWELLING inhabited a custom-built house, temporarily relocated to a carpark, as the centre piece of Melbourne’s…


“A TOUR DE FORCE OF IMMERSIVE THEATRE – Passenger transports you into a parallel reality that transforms the normalcy of a home…


A show where the plasticity of the physical figures and the insatiable movement of the interpreters embark the spectators, whatever their ages…


An elegant suggestion of another way of seeing and living in the city Two giraffes and their youngster stroll through the city…


Automatics is a touring installation of automatons built by recycling old toys. Ensconced in ancient TV screens and obsolete computer monitors, miniature…


COSPRESS is a physical theater show using objects and without words. With a distinctive ironic, surrealist and poetical undertone it deals with…

The Happy Hour show

A bartender and a waitress with a mobile bar, dreaming of fame in the circus world. Together they will mix their coolest…


STRONG LADY is a solo show where ‘Betty Brawn’ presents her array of feats-of-strength with a mix of comedy, strength and elegance….


The curious story of a family of four who carry their own home with them. The house is transported by Heliko which…

Furieuse Tendresse

In 1971, Patti Smith releases her album “Horses”, a concentration of savage rock and of ardent poetry. 43 years later, as if…


BELONGING(s) is a site-responsive promenade performance by Tilted Productions. The show toured nationally and internationally from 2015 – 2017. BELONGING(s) combines contemporary…


A promenade piece of contemporary dance, performance art and physical theatre vignettes, SEASAW is inspired by the relationship between humans and water….

La Tortue de Gauguin (Gauguin’s Turtle)

Our artistic aim is to give the spectator an original look at art (beyond museums and galleries and other spaces where static…


Between walls, windows and cubic volumes, atmospheres oscillate between surrealism, futurism and abstractionism. Spaces unfold exposing both the micro and macro, doors…


A bibliophile in a old library which invites us to take part of his magical world and his inventiveness. A stage that…


With three artists, who each play a distinct role, the authoritarian who feel superior of the others, the naive person with her…

Lenny Stobart – Caricaturist

Lenny draws people – warts and all (even if they don’t have warts to start with). He makes them look ugly, and…

The Carnival | a circus opera

‘The Carnival’ is a circus opera composed by Chloé Charody (2011) and created by Chloé Charody and Sonja Schebeck. The Carnival debuted…


Welcome to Wonderwool, the big factory of wool. Two cats work there, trying to maintain the order in the wool balls that…


Two smart bikers drive, along the city streets, a tandem bicycle pushing a pianoman who plays merry tunes. As they run, they…

Official Cardboardia Orchestra

Official Cardboardia Orchestra is an artistic and social project, that proofs that art could be available for everyone. It is aimed to…

Alchemical music show

“Alchemists” is a band of performers who use Ambox, electric hurdy-gurdy to establish connections with the people and between people. We achieve…

Rum, Rum… Trasto karts

A Car Race in which everything is possible. A villainous driver sets all the traps he has at hand to stop a…


Transhumance is the seasonal migration of herds in search of fresh pasture depending on the time of year: mountain pastures in summer…

Funky Fi

Meet Funky Fi, she’s fun, she’s funky… …and just a little bit cheeky. And she’s trying to get on top of her…


Picnic is a 30 minutes outdoor physical theatre work by Etta Ermini Dance Theatre. The performance features a young couple whose lush…


“Espera” is a participatory circus show where the audience is invited, in a subtle way, to experience from close what happens on…


inTarsi is a thought on the strength of meetings and the transformation of sentiments: a few smallish platforms, a trampoline, a teeterboard…

Dedicated to…

Dedicated to women, to love, to life, to friendship. In her duet for Candoco Dance Company, Caroline Bowditch reveals the extraordinary bonds…

Hold on

Welcome to the world of Hold on where gravity, counterweight and centrifugal force are tested to new limits. Witness a wordless performance…

On my way

Starting from a personal experience, the piece follows the journey of a man desperate to create a normal existence in a new…

Culinary Duel

Based upon the familiar format of TV cookery shows, ‘Culinary Duel’ is a 30 minute outdoor dance theatre performance for two performers…


Roadworks – is a quirky and humorous engagement between a dancer and a BMX rider , devised and directed by Etta Ermini….

‘The Princess of The Rain Forest’

The Princess of the Rainforest is colourful, a bright array of animals and creatures brought to life as puppets tell the story…


Machine / Icon / Monument is a collaboration in developement, between Melanie Wilson, Louise Blackwell and Hawkins Brown Architects. It is a…

Raijin Storm

Monsters beware! Raijin is chasing away dark forces with the power of his voice and the beat of his drums. The Japanese…


Meet the Raiju, supernatural embodiments of lightening who have unwittingly found themselves in the service of a hapless dog trainer tragically bereft…


An outdoor show set in a 6m diameter model town with three performers towering over proceedings like gods. YE GODS features striking…


An original performance combining circus (acrobatics, juggling) and urban culture (dance, beat boxing) Two traders are on the run after a misappropriation…


A fast-paced urban takeover inspired by vintage martial arts movies with exciting and dramatic sequences as two opposing groups meet in an…


A show for all ages where, through fantasy, comic situations follow each other until the great final in which katastrofa will try…


A comedy show to the beat of rock and roll where the audience can take part show with a final where a…

Le Concert de Feu

Neither a firework display nor a concert, Le Concert de Feu places the element of fire at the centre of artistic expression….

The Inner World

Hakan, realises that he is empty inside. His light has gone out. This is the start of a journey to get the…


Les Commandos Percu’s 2017 piece “Silence!” explored a very peculiar universe: musicians rising out like miners from the ashes of an ancient…

Silence !

This is the silence before the storm. Who can explain this obscured horizon? Someone shouts Silence ! Time is suspended now, all…


An outdoor circus comedy performance that culminates in the building of a house; an interactive installation that invites audiences to step inside…

Mr Luckys Party

During a tea party a couple begin a celebration, party hats and even a cake appear, however with each course the weather…


An intricate and beautiful casket is paraded through the streets. There are two attendants, serious and deadpan, there is a clanking percussive…


Our large scale, site-specific project – Hydromania!, has been presented at The National Theatre, Trafalgar Square, On town halls in Manchester, Bradford…

The Spurting Man

The show dissects the unequal relationship between the famous specialty performer, ‘The Spurting Man’, and his downtrodden assistant. Performed to Ravel’s Bolero…

Walking Upright

From the Big Bang to mobile obsessed humans, Tmesis take you on a crazily transformative, fast paced, journey of our evolution. Using…

Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief asks the questions, what would happen if you could live forever? If you could bring your loved one back to…

Enchanted Seasons

Enchanted Seasons is a small scale improvised physical theatre piece that explores how the beauty of the natural world can bring a…


The main characters of the show are employees of various banks, who instead of having a smoke and talking about interest rates…


“Cyclist” – The crazy wedding of the Biker’s Society. It is fun, grotesque, absurd and laud. In other words, everything that is…

Funny Faces Parade

Performance can be presented practically in any space of the city or the country. It is based on eight 1,5 meter high…

Ballet at the Bar(re)

Ballet at the Bar(re) is an entertaining spectacle in unusual spaces, that will enhance social experiences with found dance experiences, appealing to…

Time Machine Disco

A Century-Hoppin’ Dance Extravaganza for the street. What the funk has happened? Why are people not shaking their thang? Dr Spin has…

The Birds

These fantastical giant birds with their stunning fanned tails entertain and inspire audiences. Accompanied by Major Apus, the avid birdwatcher and wildlife…

The Tamarros

Summon up that disco fever with a marching band dressed up with afro wigs, mirrored sunglasses, flared trousers and a rainbow of…


Enter into the Imaginarium and unlock secret stories from Wonderland. This delightful immersive experience is a series of installations merging modern technology…

Red Shoes

Commissioned by Without Walls and Watch this Space: Red Shoes draws from the rich imagery provided by fairytales both grim and glorious….

My Promoter Profiles

The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company

Stunning performances and choreography” “Dynamic, dramatic, distinctive” “Seamlessly combining tradition with innovation” – Show reviewers in 2023 We are an internationally award-winning…


STRTFSTVL promotes street theatre, circus arts, music and variety. STRTFSTVL organises events, spreads information and supports other organisations with programming, promotion and/or…


OutdoorArtsUK is a national membership and strategic organisation that aims to bring together the many diverse parts of the Outdoor Arts sector….


ProduCirk is a platform for the production and distribution of circus and theater shows nationally and internationally.

Mattatoio Visuals shows Clown Vertical Dance

MATTATOIO SOSPESO is a theatre and street theatre flying company founded by Marco Mannucci in 2006, working each time thanks to the…


ArtReach is a cultural development charity and event producer with offices in Leicester, Manchester and Portsmouth. The company works across the UK…

SeaChange Arts

Great Yarmouth based but collaborating internationally, SeaChange Arts is an independent arts development charity dedicated to delivering outstanding opportunities for artists and…

Creature Encounter Ltd

Makers & performers of fabulous beasts for extraordinary events.

Tit for Tat

Tit for Tat is an unusual juggling company that believes in celebrating the ordinary; finding the most ridiculous ways of getting from…

Lumo Company

CONTEMPORARY CIRCUS COMPANY Lumo Company was established with the need to create innovative and expressive art. Physical and visual expression is the…


MocArt is a cooperative funded by the 3 Boada brothers, actors of PuntMoc company, and Lucie Lafleur as manager of the company….


Bússola’s mission is to support strategic development of artistic and cultural projects applied to contemporary life. Facing all the stages in the…

Fool’s Paradise Ltd

Fool’s Paradise is an international street performance agency founded in 1991. We supply the best UK street theatre and outdoor arts to…

Mika Project

Mika Project is based on Barcelona and Buenos Aires. It was created with the purpose of serving individual artists, companies or organizations…

Articulture Wales

Articulture’s vision is to create an environment which enables the creation of innovative, high quality outdoor arts and diverse, engaged audiences in…

live on street

live on street is specialised on creative walk acts and mobile music. Since 1991 managed by Tamara Tschikowani, Hamburg. Most of the…

Fremantle International Street Arts Festival

Fremantle International Street Arts Festival The Fremantle International Street Arts Festival is Australia’s largest street theatre festival. The 4 day program brings…

Lyth Arts Centre

Lyth Arts Centre is the UK’s most northerly mainland arts centre, in the Far North of Scotland, bringing theatre, music, dance and visual arts to the residents and visitors of Caithness.


We are a one-day street theatre, circus and music festival taking place every two years in Strassen, a little town outside of Luxembourg City.

Many Many Monkeys

Creative Production and Producer for outdoor arts


Ambaradan is an artistic project born to explore comedy and arts, a mix of music, theatre and circus, performed indoor and outdoor.

The Busking Project

We create stunning interactive maps for outdoor festivals that are embeddable on your website and easy to manage.

Mias Wood

Mia’s Wood is a children’s environmental charity which aims to create a sense of wonder of nature in children.

Lord Arts Management

Lord Arts Management is a Midlands based creative producing and project management company that offers bespoke arts management services for professional theatre and dance companies, arts organisations, venues and individual artists.


artist development and strategic consultancy


Agent from the Netherlands, working with dutch & flemish artists with different disciplines like juggling, partner acrobatics, performance art etc.

Carol Alevroyianni

Creative Producer making things happen in arts, culture, media and education from tiny community celebrations to national headline stealing festivals

They Eat Culture

They Eat Culture is a direct creative intervention into the cultural life of Preston and Lancashire. We programme, commission, & produce quality arts & cultural work, and run culturally engaging, in-deep projects co-designed with communities.

Boom Arts

Boom Arts presents and produces contemporary theatre & performance in Portland, Oregon, USA with an emphasis on socially engaged, artistically innovative works from around the world.

Hogarth Productions

Edmund and Anna Harcourt are independent producers and curators who create unique contemporary art events

Hogarth Productions

Edmund and Anna Harcourt are an independent producer and curator team creating unique and engaging contemporary arts events

northen productions ltd

event technical support from our warehouse in sunderland.

Bat Yam International Festival for Street Theatre and Art

Bat Yam is an annual Festival for street theatre and art, that takes place in August on the Bat Yam beach front, and is considered to be one of the most important Festivals in Israel.

The Renewal Trust

Bringing a wide range of arts expertise and contacts to establish a quality arts programme across Nottingham’s Eastside, fundraising and creating specific project teams.

Field Notes

Field Notes CIC is a contemporary art organisation based in Cornwall, dedicated to bringing art, artists and communities together.

Glasgow East Arts Company

I work within a small dedicated company that programmes Platform Theatre and undertakes Festivals and Carnivals across the East End of Glasgow

Play Away Shows

We take Performing Arts Companies to interdisciplinary festivals and venues around the world
We also offer communication Services.

Prism Arts

Inclusive Arts Projects across Cumbria


Watermans is a West London arts centre. We present a year-round programme of outdoor arts at Bell Square.

Umore Azoka Leioa-Festival of Street Arts

Umore Azoka is an unmissable meeting point for street arts. An opportunity to learn about the latest creations in a city transformed for four days on a big stage.

STAMP Festival

Tom Lanzki, artistic director of the Bängditos theater since 2000 and artistic director of the STAMP Festival since 2013. I´am coordinating also the EU project

LOD muziektheater

Come in. Settle down. Close your eyes and listen… Are there bees living in your ears? Has the sea stopped crying? Is…

ASSOCIAZIONE ARTU / Festival Corpi Urbani – Urban Bodies

The cultural association ARTU – arts for urban regeneration and transformation aims to promote contemporary dance in the urban space.


The National Association of Street Artists
is an independent UK network of creative practitioners
making work for the outdoors

Franklin James Entertainment Agency

Our aim is to provide you with the best of live entertainment.


DROM is a company working 25 years in culture around the world. Based in Barcelona, focused in global culture projects in street arts theater, dance, circus and music.

Catalan Arts

Supporting the internationalization of the Arts from Catalonia. Catalan Arts/ ICEC is a development agency for the Arts made in Catalonia, in the frame of the Culture Department of the Catalan Government.


BASA is a translocal rural art network. Basa is based in the western Pyrenees (Basque Country, Bearn, Aragon). BASA supports and produces creative art practice in rural contexts and in relation to rural issues. Basa wishes to work in partnership with other creative organisations set in rural areas and enable artist exchanges and translocal crossovers on common issues and practice.

Shapeshifter Productions

Shapeshifter Productions is a performing arts organisation based in London Borough Waltham Forest. The charity currently has two main areas of work: presentation of high quality productions of original theatrical and musical cross art forms and high quality participatory community programmes working with older people and amateur musicians.

Whirligig Arts Management

Whirligig Arts Management is promoting circus, dance and physical theatre companies in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Regent Music Agency

International Contemporary Music Agency

City of London Festival

Animating the City with world-class arts

Norwich City Council

Local authority delivering up to 70 outdoor events to general public.

Norwich City Council

Local authority delivering up to 70 outdoor events to general public.

Arts Development Service, Salford City Council

Supports arts activity and practitioners from and working in Salford.

Emily Coleman

Emily is an Independent Producer supporting a number of artists to develop and tour nationally and internationally. She has previously worked with Bootworks Theatre Company, Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe as well as a number of venues in the South East.

Full Circle Arts

Full Circle Arts is a user led company, and exists Promoting and campaigning for access for Disabled People to participate in the arts and cultural activities of the region.

Arts Development Service, Salford City Council

The Arts Development Service supports arts activity working in Salford to engage with local communities.

Bradford MD Council

Culture, Tourism and Sport for Bradford

Fool’s Paradise

We specialise in providing all scales of events with quality contemporary outdoor performance, cabaret and installations.

Chester Performs

“Chester Performs” job is to drive the development of the performing arts in and around Chester.

Theatre Bristol


Arts Council England


Lucy Moore

Independent Producer usually found working in south east England and London.

Norwich City Council

Local authority delivering up to 70 outdoor events to general public.


We have been performing our flag ship show “Ignite” which is a big staged outdoor pyrotechnic circus show at festivals and events for 3 years.

Sunderland City Council

The Arts and Creative Development team comprises of specialist arts development officers and curators, who work to promote and support a range of arts programmes and events, that reflect the city?s diversity of cultural interests and arts practice.

Arts Council England

Arts Council

Arts Council England

Andrew Ellerby, Arts Council England, Relationship Manager, Combined Arts

LB Tower Hamlets

Commission and support the presentation of outdoor art based projects including GDIF showcases and as part of larger scale festivals.





Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival

A two week multi arts Festival taking place end of May/beginning of June in venues and spaces in and around Salisbury and rural Wiltshire.

södra teatern


Mainstream Partnership

Our members produce street theatre arts and Caribbean Carnival Arts, Chinese Arts Asian Arts Melas and large scale spectacles


Spearfish runs a number of successful free events and festivals around Europe.

Hannah Bruce

Creative producer / project manager working across a range of performance, particularly work that is collaborative, cross-artform, outdoor or site-specific.



Theatre Bristol

Independent organisation producing, commissioning and strengthening the infrastructure for live performance work in Bristol.


Working with the Barbican and the GLA, programming local festivals in the East London boroughs as part of the Summer Like No Other 2012 olympic festival.

ZART vzw

ZART vzw (former CSZ or Cultuurstichting Zuiderkempen) is organizer of o. a. the International Straatkunstenfestival, kindertheater, Jazz and position-plain fizzy drink comedy.

Chester Performs

Chester Performs is a leading arts producer based in Chester. We create, produce and stage innovative and exciting arts projects in and around the city.

3-sixty creative productions

Producer / Programmer of 3-sixty creative productions

The Courtyard

The Courtyard is now 10 years old and developed into a well established arts centre.

Stockton Borough Council

Head of Culture and Leisure within Stockton Borough Council with responsibility for Stockton International Riverside Festival.

National Theatre

Watch this Space is the National Theatre’s annual festival of outdoor work. The programme includes a wide range of theatre, installation, music, spectacle and film.


Showzam is a ten day festival of circus, magic and new variety that runs every year in Blackpool during February, coinciding -with the school half term holidays.

St Patrick’s Festival

St Patrick’s Festival is a muli disciplinary festival which presents outdoor spectacle and street theatre.

Frestas / Cargotopia

Street festival, social fair trade art. Street and non convencional spaces performances : dance, music, theatre, visual-art.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Edinburgh Festival fringe provides a variety of services for performers and audiences alike for what is the largest festival in the world.

Fool’s Paradise

We specialise in providing all scales of events with quality contemporary outdoor performance, cabaret and installations.

Arts Development Service, Salford City Council

The Arts Development Service supports arts activity and practitioners from and working in Salford to engage with local communities and promote artistic development and excellence in Salford.

Bradford MD Council

Events Manager for Bradford MD Council

Bolton at Home

Arms length management organisation with specialist arts unit dedicated to creative regeneration schemes.

Oldham MBC

Local authority arts development service for Oldham MBC.

Burnley Borough Council


Norwich City Council

Events Manager Norwich City Council


brightFX education provides circus skills workshops for schools and youth groups across the UK and further afield.

York Theatre Royal

As a regional theatre, we try to provide something for everyone, from local to tourist and young to old.

Bolton at Home Housing Percent for Art

We work with communities to help improve their neighbourhoods through creative arts projects.


Circus at York Thetre Royal is this a Professional Development position for one year,a Circelation project funded by ACE

Sunderland City Council

As part of the City of Sunderland’s Department of Culture and Tourism, The Arts and Creative Development team comprises of specialist arts development officers and curators who work to promote and support a range of arts programmes, initiatives and events that reflect the city?s diversity of cultural interests and arts practice.

Sefton Council

I am Director of Leisure and, as such, manage a large portfolio of venues and facilities such as parks, coast and countryside etc.

Full Circle Arts

A regional resource for Disability Arts

Newark & Sherwood District Council

Local authority organising various events within the district.

Blackpool Grand Theatre

Blackpool Grand is a 1053 seat Frank Matcham Theatre based on the North West Coast.

Live at LICA

A venue commissioning, presenting and supporting contemporary performance, music and visual art.

TML Productions Ltd

An annual music and arts festival with a refined twist set in the glorious grounds of Broughton Hall in Yorkshire.

Unique Events


San Francisco International Arts Festival

The San Francisco International Arts Festival develops and presents long-term relationships with Bay Area artists participating in international collaborative projects.


Small Scale vintage event company Responsible for Morecambe Variety Festival Chester Vaudeville Weekend and Goldust Burlesque shows

Central Art Process

Artistic Solutions

Halifax Festival

An annual multi arts festival in Halifax in July programming indoor and outdoor work in a wide variety of venues.

JCR Creative

An independent programmer and creative consultant working with a range of organisations in the Northwest.

Kipper Tie Theatre

Creaters and producers of first class touring family theatre.

Arts Team, Wandsworth Borough Council

an annual festival programmed over 2 weeks which includes a flagship outdoor arts day, The Shimmy.

Virginia Hyam Productions


The Stables

International biennial festival in July. 10 days of unusual events in unexpected places across central Milton Keynes.

Royal Borough of Greenwich


English National Ballet



working with La Fura Dels Baus

Impact Arts

creating pupets , props and costumes in community workshops.

Andrew Bleby & Associates

Festival director/producer with a special interest in outdoor/street performance and circus performance

kulturbüro / International Street Theatre Festival Holzminden

A biannual festival of streets arts in Holzminden / Germany in May 2013. Several artistic projects for street arts all year long.

The Albany / GLA


The Albany

A multi- arts venue based in South East London, with new venues and outside performance spaces at Deptford Lounge and Canada Water Culture Space

The Place

The Place’s Robin Howard Dance Theatre is Britain’s busiest dance venue, presenting independent companies throughout the year.

Ordsall Community Arts

celebratory arts practice programming for both community led and local authority commissioned indoor and outdoor celebrations.

Catalan Language and Culture – Institut Ramon Llull

The Institut Ramon Llull is a public body funded by the Government of Catalonia and the Barcelona City Concil in charge of the promotion of Catalan culture and language abroad.

Firebird Promotions

Promoting arts for social change at festivals, theatres and private events.

Bath Fringe Festival

Bath Fringe is a 17-Day annual festival of all the artforms we can find in the Beautiful City of Bath, with the collaboration of many of its Beautiful & Talented population.
Since 2012 Bath Fringe hosts a showcase event called Outside!NOW!! (

Grassington Festival

Annual 15 day festival of the arts in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales in June.


Producer of Random Acts, a street theatre programme in Auckland, New Zealand each December.

HausDrei e.V. – Cultural Centre, Festival Centre of STAMP

STAMP – the STreet Arts Melting Pot – is Hamburg’s International Festival of Street Arts, combining Urban Art, theatre, Parades, HipHop, Buskers performances

Creative Tourist


Tameside MBC


Ludlow Assembly Rooms

An annual Youth Festival with a street arts focus in Ludlow in July

The London Culture Festival

A two week annual festival celebrating London’s diversity in August.

Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival/The Intangible Studio

An annual Festival of Contemporary Arts in Seoul in September.
Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival based on contemporary issues through the performing arts. And It is reflection as a place capable of exploring a new chapter of creation, freedom in Here and now at both political and aesthetic way, beyond the boundaries. So It?s underground where should talk about cracks and break so It?s on the forefront. It focus Korean Artist who has view of New vision and Contemporary issues.

Oxford Inspires


Katy Fuller

Independent producer and consultant for outdoor arts events, festivals and celebrations.

Minority Rights Group

MRG?s Street Theatre Programme uses performance to challenge commonly held racist attitudes and negative stereotypes about minorities and indigenous peoples in Kenya, Botswana, Rwanda and the Dominican Republic.


Metropolitan Intersections is a roster of emerging artists based in contemporary dance and cultural idioms.

Preston Guild 2012

Preston Guild is a once every 20 year festival that will present high qaility innovation and creativity


Children’s Festival, beam! International includes a street theatre element


Freelance Creative Director producing live events for a variety of commercial clients and production companies.

Claire Turner Ltd

Freelance Events Consultant, Creative Programmer and Project Manager working with artists, arts organisations and local authorities.

Southbank Centre


Arts Alive

A rural touring scheme covering Shropshire and Herefordshire

Birmingham Hippodrome, Theatre Trust Limited

One of the UK’s best loved theatres based in Birmingham City Centre is introducing a new creative programme of work in less conventional spaces.

CDH Creatives

CDH Creatives is a contemporary events and communications company that offers a range of consultative and practical services.


Producing a pan London, 7 week Outdoor Arts Festival including large scale/site specific commissions and a programme of small-medium scale work touring across the city.

Charnwood Arts

Charnwood Arts is an independent community arts and media organisation based in the Borough of Charnwood in the East Midlands of Britain

Sarah Edwards

I am currently the Head of Lighting, Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide Fringe; and also Technical Manager for Gandey World Class Productions.

Soul Powered

Working for European Capital of culture Liverpool producing international break dance championship event at extreme sports and arts festival annually

ami fille

Music festival

Fiona Gasper

Highly experienced arts consultant and producer.

Rochford District Council

An annual arts festival in various venues and locations around Rayleigh, Essex.

Mainstream Partnership

Our members produce street theatre arts and Caribbean Carnival Arts, Chinese Arts Asian Arts Melas and large scale spectacles.

Manchester International Festival

Independent producer, currently working for Manchester International Festival, searching for international artists in order to produce a festival in Munich in 2010/2011

James M Jepson Productions

Event Management
Arts Production
Live Music / Club Promotion
Web Development / e-Marketing
Team Management
I.C.T / Networking

Theaterfestival Boulevard


Traquair Fair

Bi-ennial Fair based in grounds of Scotlands Oldest Inhabited House. 27/28 July 2013

Festival Dies De Dansa

An annual contemporary dance festival in Barcelona’s urban landscapes (July)

Horse+ Bamboo

An annual puppet festival for young audiences in Rossendale in July

Jongwe Entertainment

Annual festival of Junior arts in Buhera in November


Freelance Festival booker / organiser


HorsLesMurs est le centre national de ressources des arts de la rue et des arts de la piste.

Bridport Arts Centre

Based in the heart of the West Dorset market town of Bridport, the historic venue has a 200-seat theatre, three exhibition spaces plus a café and bar.

Remarkable productions

Remarkable Productions are producers of extraordinary arts events and festivals.


I am a freelance promoter/producer based in the North West of England. I regularly work for Contact Theatre on an international festival for young people called Contacting the World. I am currently working with Xtrax on programming and producing Platform 4 Piccadilly – a street arts festival taking place in Manchester in September 2009.

Visiting Arts

Visiting Arts’ purpose is to strengthen intercultural understanding through the arts.

Cultural Management Services


Axis Arts Centre

2 seasons, autumn and spring, of performance and exhibition work, mostly indoor and mostly venue based, but currently expanding.

De Tuin der Lusten

The Garden of Delights is a festival with outdoor theatre, dance, visual and eatable arts on private estates in the east of the Netherlands.

Kirklees Metropolitan Council

We’re a local authority promoting outdoor events.

Peter Kyte

FOTOG – PEOPLE & PLACES, URBAN & STREET PHOTOGRAPHY – We specialise in photographically celebrating all that makes up our urban and social environment – cultural events, festivals, people in the street, people at work, people at play, architecture and open spaces, regeneration and community action projects.

Brugge Plus

The non-profit organization Brugge Plus organizes projects in the city of Bruges that are at a crossroads of culture and tourism. For this purpose, we work in close association with several partners from the cultural and touristic sector. Brugge Plus organises a range of outdoor festivals and events.

Greenwich + Docklands Festival

Greenwich and Docklands Festival produces extraordinary events that transform people’s lives.

Galway Arts Festival

Ireland’s premier international arts festival taking place in Galway every July each year.

Activate Performing Arts

The theatre and dance development agency for Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole.

Freelance (Two For Joy)

Focus on non-traditional formats of presentation of all sorts, and multi-artform practice. Dance, Installation, Performance and Film.


Fiestacultura is a magazine specialized in the theatrical creation in the street, the festive animation, the popular festivals and the plastic interventions on buildings of routine use.

RAzzle, South Glos Rural & Community touring Scheme

Razzle is the rural & Community touring scheme for South Glos. We provide arts delivery to the area, mainly working in village settings.

Center Parcs


National Theatre

Watch this Space is the National Theatre?s annual festival of outdoor work; installation, music, spectacle and film.

The Hub

Community Venue, promoting a range of diverse physical activities.

Black Asian Achievement Awards

Black Asian Achievement Awards, runs multicultural festivals events and Musical nights.

London Borough of Lewisham

The borough has a rich and diverse cultural life and is home to some of the capital’s most exciting and innovative organisations

A Portada Comunicació

A Portada is a communication office set up by dynamic motivated experienced, professionals in the sector of communication.

Canterbury Festival

A two-week multi-arts Festival in venues across Canterbury and the region.

The Circus Arts Forum

Giving a positive image of circus to the outside world

Tarby Davenport

Co-ordinator for various festivals and corporate events.

Peterborough City Council

The Peterborough Festival is an 8-day arts programme that animates the city and most importantly its people at the peak of summertime.

Catmose Arts

Specialist arts college looking for alternative performances aimed at 11 yrs + that hint towards theatre, dance, mime, comedy, improvisation. We have a limted programmme and looking for unique, special performances. Small-scale venue.

Brighton Festival

Innovative commissioning and producing arts festival

The Courtyard

The Courtyard is a well established and highly regarded, vibrant arts centre serving the whole of Herefordshire and the surrounding region.

Magnetic Events

Magnetic Events are producers of memorable,innovative, arts programmes and cultural events.

theatr Harlech

Progrmmes quality ballet, opera, jazz, world music, comedy, classical, contemporary dance, drama and mainstream and arthouse films.

ZART vzw

ZART vzw (former CSZ or Cultuurstichting Zuiderkempen) is organizer of o. a. the International Straatkunstenfestival, kindertheater, Jazz and position-plain fizzy drink comedy.

vzw Internationaal Straattheaterfestival

Our festival MiramirO shows diffent kinds of arts in the public space.

I Love West Leeds Festival

2 week, Cross artform festival with a mission of making the everyday unusual

Chester Performs

Chester Performs is the new organisation responsible for the performing arts in Chester and Cheshire.

Sedgefield Borough Council

We run and support a variety of arts projects within Sedgefield Borough, with a large emphasis on partnership working

Fierce Earth Limited

Fierce Earth produces events and festivals, delivers training and development and consultancy services for cultural and creative organisations.

Town and Country Housing Group

Involved in a wide range of programmes including the promotion and development of the arts.

Ideias Peregrinas

Director-Ideias Peregrinas

London Borough of Hillingdon

We have been organising a street arts festival every year in the month of October called Bigfest.

British Council

British Council arts work overseas is part of our broader role as the UK?s agency for all forms of cultural relations.

Without Walls

Without Walls is a consortium of eight of the UK’s most strategically significant street arts festivals.

Belltable Arts Centre

The Belltable is a Multi-disciplinary Arts venue located at the heart of Limerick city.


DanceEast brings world-class dance to the East of England, working in partnership with theatres throughout the region.

Dublin Fringe Festival

Dublin Fringe Festival is a multidisciplinary arts festival taking place in September of each year

JC Events Ltd

Promotes and support circus and street arts in Ireland.

Mid Pennine Arts

MPA is the arts development agency for the Pennine Lancashire area. MPA works across a broad range of artforms, and aims to locate culture at the heart of social and economic regeneration.

Salford Range Team

I am a park ranger for Salford City Council. We Cover all the parks in Salford and provide in outdoor education and events service.

Scottish Arts Council

Arts development agency and funding body for Scotland.

Hat Fair

Hat Fair is the UK’s longest running street arts festival and takes place in the ancient city of Winchester.

Middlesbrough Council

The cultural services team at Middlesbrough Council delivers festivals and events for the people of Middlesbrough.


FiraTàrrega presents a selection of the most recent tendencies in the performing arts in Catalonia, Spain and internationally.

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

We fund arts activities that benefit people in England, or that help artists and arts organisations.

Tangerine Events

PR and Events management agency based in Manchester but organising events nationally.

Greater London Authority

Events for London produce and promote a number of Free events in London each year and manage the creative and cultural programme on Trafalgar Square.

Bristol City Council

Bristol City Council are a partner in, and are managing a new street/circus festival ‘The Bristol Do’.

Chester Fringe Festival

Performance arts and street festival

Mantle Arts

Mantle arts provides festival and event management.

Bradford MD Council

Bradford Council, Department of Culture, Tourism and Sport. We organise outdoor events within the city centr

Goldielle Promotions

Goldielle Promotions is a cooperate entertainment agency

Contact Theatre

Contact is a creative space to create new theatre.

Arts Development, Burnley Council

We are the Arts Development team, who will be running an annual community festival in Burnley

Theatre Bristol

Theatre Bristol is a partnership between people involved in Theatre in Bristol, Arts Council England and Bristol City Council.

Dance Initiative Greater Manchester

DiGM is Greater Manchester’s central dance organisation providing a whole range of opportunities for dance.

Museum of Science and Industry

A Museum with a mainly family audience dedicated to making science and industry inspirational.

Leicester Theatre Trust Ltd

Leicester Theatre Trust is the charitable body which will operate Curve, a new £60m theatre building in the centre of the Leicester city.

cheshire county council

Cheshire’s rural touring network-small scale performance
arts events.

Theatre Royal Wakefield

220 studio theatre space, and a 500 seater main auditorium, proscenium arch frank matcham building.

Parktheater Eindhoven

Special activities such as international productions and performances in English, linked to conferences, provide a special meeting point for the regional business community.

Arts Council England West Midlands

We fund arts activities that benefit people in England, or that help artists and arts organisations.

Oldham MBC

Arts Development as part of Oldham Metropolitian Borough Council.

Gallery 37 Plus Oldham

Gallery 37 Plus represents the expansion of the Gallery 37 Birmingham model to five new locations in England, to support arts summer programmes with Youth Music.

Burnley Borough Council

Programming the Mechanics Theatre, Burnley Community Festival, Christmas lights Switch on, other periphery events around the town.

Arts Development Service, Salford City Council

The Arts Development Service supports arts activity and practitioners from and working in Salford.

Chesterfield Borough Council

Council arranges events for the people of Chesterfield. Market festival held for past 4 years.

Kendal Arts International & Manchester International Arts

Kendal Arts International creates, produces and promotes international outdoor performance events and festivals.

Arts Council England North East

We fund arts activities that benefit people in England, or that help artists and arts organisations.

Tollwood GmbH

The Tollwood – Festival in Munich taking place twice a year (summer and winter)

Pomegranate Theatre

Pomegranate Theatre is a professional facility working year round.

Larger Than Life

Providing a diverse range of quality entertainment to enhance any event.

Palace Complex, East Ayrshire Council

Multi space venue with 500 seat theatre, 900 seat concert hall & other rehearsal/meeting rooms.

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

Local authority responsible for programming a new month long festival for July, smaller events throughout the year.

Mansfield District Council

Events and promotions co-ordinator for Mansfield Town Centre.

Gedling Borough Council

I am keen to build up a programme of street arts / street theatre.

NE Derbyshire District Council

Arts Development for local authority in Derbyshire

Chamelon Gallery

looking at promoting a new festival within Walsall in association with the events team at the local council, which has now come to fruition and i am festival co-ordinator of the Caldmore Village Festival.


VisitBlackpool is developing major outdoor festival events.

Sziget Cultural Management Ltd.

Sziget Festival Budapest, has a wide range of other cultural activities beside the music programs, opera, dance theatre,open-air giant street theatre performances, puppet theatre and a cabaret.

Arts Council England, South West

Arts Council England develops and promotes the arts across England.

City of London Festival

City of London Festival has an annual summer programme of outdoor street theatre, dance and music performances in the squares, gardens and open spaces of the City.

Cartwheel Arts

Cartwheel has over 20 years experience. Our focus is on participation, enabling people who may have had little experience of the arts to explore and develop their creativity and talents.

St Helens Council Arts Service

Arts Service St Helens Council

Mid Suffolk District Council

The Arts Development team at Mid Suffolk District Council develop and support cultural industries within the district.

Suffolk Coastal District Council

Arts Officer for Suffolk Coastal District Council.

Bolton Council

We produce and facilitate events and festivals within the Bolton borough for the people of Bolton and Surrounding areas.

blackburn with darwen council

Blackburn with Darwen council organise a variety of events at indoor/outdoor venues-from local based events to regional/national importance.

Ashbourne Arts

Ashbourne Arts, a not-for-profit organisation, was set up to promote and support artistic activities in the Ashbourne area.

Bury MBC

Run and develope a wide range of arts projects with the local community.

Kilkenny Arts Festival

Kilkenny Arts Festival (KAF) is committed to the presentation of a unique, distinctive entertaining and inspiring programme across a range of artistic disciplines in an interesting, engaging, and accessible environment.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

Events Manager for Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.

UZ Ltd

UZ Events works nationally and internationally to create strategic, cultural events.

Prince’s Trust

We do residential, community work & work placements, for young people aged 16-25 amongst other things.

Chester Festivals

CFP is an independent organisation, sponsored by Arts Council England and Chester City Council and delivered by a number of partnership agencies providing support and promotion for existing lead festival and event organisers

Big Hand People Ltd

BIg Hand People is specialist in walkabout entertainment for corporate events, parties, festivals and all types of events.

Lighting the Touchpaper

LTT identifies and supports local promoters to put on high quality professional arts events in their own neighbourhoods in Bristol.

Gateshead Arts Development Team

Community Arts & Education Manager for Gateshead Arts Development Team.

Crewe & Nantwich Borough Council



artsNK is the arts development team of specialist performing and visual arts officers for North Kesteven District Lincolnshire.

lichfield arts

Fuse-The Event in a Tent FREE community arts festival now in it’s sixth year. Mixture of music ,crafts ,street theatre.

Tamworth Borough Council

Outdoor Events Coordinator-Tamworth Borough Council

City of Lincoln Council

I am part of the events team within the City of Lincoln Council, two main events, the Lincoln Christmas Market and the Lincoln Waterfront Festival.

Frestas / Cargotopia

Street festival / social fair trade art/street performances

Cherry Art Photography

Event photographer

Oerol Festival

Oerol is a 10 day outdoor festival located on the the Island of Terschelling, north of Holland.

South Hill Park Arts Trust

Big Day Out-cross-art form festival

Seedley & Langworthy Trust (SALT)

Organise local community events in the Seedley & Langworthy area .

Just For Laughs Festival

Just for Laughs is an outdoor festival in Montreal which attacts more than 2 million people over the course of 11 days. We programme over 350 artists from 10 countries presented 1200 shows.

Anne Tucker

Organising large vibrant festivals in the centres of towns, involving street performers, visual installations, circus, music, pageantry and fireworks.

SM-Art Art!

Independent producer of international/site-specific/thrillingly daring work.


Small event company and agency.

The Stables Project

The Stables is a small alternative education project for young people 14-18+ in York which also produces community arts events.

509 arts

509 arts provides development services to a range of arts organisations through the UK

The Point, Eastleigh

The Point, Eastleigh is a local authority venue programming theatre, film and contemporary dance and hosting leading UK and international companies.

Nottingham City Council

Principal Arts Officer Nottingham City Council


Independent producer working with a diverse range of organisations as a programmer, consultant and creative producer.

Zap Art

ZAP ART has been producing world class events for over 25 years.

Aarhus Festival

Aarhus Festival is among the largest cultural events in Scandinavia and showcases both local, national and international artists.Aarhus Festival is highly esteemed and recognized both in Denmark and abroad. The Aarhus Festival presents mainly indoor shows, but also a few outdoor events.

Newark & Sherwood District Council

Cultural Services section of local authority, producing several events a year – music festival, food festival, Christmas celebrations.


Bill Gee is a highly experienced producer, programmer and arts consultant.

Ana Monro Theatre

Formally organised since 1998, Ana Desetnica International Street Theatre Festival is an annual festival organised by the Ana Monró Theatre. Held at the beginning of summer (mainly) in Ljubljana, the festival offers different street art genres and other performances (theatre, dance) by numerous artists.

Huis en Festival a/d Werf

Huis en Festival a/d Werf is the public platform in Utrecht where young artists can develop their work.

Continental Drifts

Continental Drifts is an international event and entertainment company who can provide you with everything you need to make your next party, product launch or festival really stand out from the crowd.

Fest’arts Libourne

the festival gives the opportunity to see lots of approaches to street theatre using a large number of artistic disciplines; theatre of objects, strolling theatre, street dance, music, ?

St Patrick’s Festival

St Patrick’s Festival is across most art forms & the majority of events are outdoor & are free to the public.

Sunderland City Council

Sunderland City Councils arts team regularly devise & programme events & festivals.

Sefton Park Palm House Preservation Trust

Vistor attraction with programme of events throughout the year – mostly aimed at famiilies.

Sefton Council

Head of Arts & Cultural Services for Sefton Council.

Chorley Council

The unit organises a summer long programme of outdoor arts performanes in both the town centre and our nearby urban park.

Festival of Fools

The Festival of Fools brings high quality street theatre from around the world.

Wales Millennium Centre

The vision of WMC is to be an internationally significant cultural landmark and centre for the performing arts, renowned for inspiration, excellence and leadership.

Creative Arts East

Creative Arts East delivers a range of community focussed projects, working in partnership with communities to deliver professional arts events in local venues

Jo Hunter

Jo Hunter is now working as an independent Producer/Project coodinator for a number of projects.

Intl. Festival Theatre European Regions

International festival Theatre of European Regions is a ten day remarkable finale of every theatre season – always held from June 21st through June 30th.

Newcastle Gateshead Initiative

Newcastle Gateshead Initiative has created a programme of events and festivals called culture10, a curated programme of exceptional cultural events and festivals across the Newcastle Gateshead and North East region which celebrate the region?s cultural strengths, increasing its profile and attracting visitors

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Street Performers ,Buskers and Fringe Peformers

Project Arts

Street theatre/circus, theatre and dance freelance arts consultant and producer.


Circelation is a professional development programme for circus artists.

Circelation / New Wolsey Theatre

New Wolsey is mid scale theatre in Ipswich. Interested in programming more circus/street arts performance in the region.

York Theatre Royal

York Theatre Royal is a regional presenting theatre seat 800+

Bolton at Home Housing Percent for Art

We work with communities to help improve their neighbourhoods through creative arts projects.

Harrogate International Festival

The Harrogate International Festival is a music festival

Abok i Ngoma Festival

Abok i Ngoma is an international festival of dance and percussion organised every two years in Cameroon.

Stockton Borough Council

We are working towards ‘extending the opportunities for all sectors of the community to experience and participate in the arts’,

Remarkable Productions / ISAN

ISAN is an independent group of presenters and promoters of street arts throughout the UK, regularly funded by Arts Council England.

Lymm Festival

Runs 10 day community arts and environment festival starting the last Thursday of June. Includes outdoor street theatre, drama, dance, puppetry, comedy, poetry, storytelling, classical music, folk, blues, contemporary & trad jazz.

Shropshire County Council

Shropshire has a large festival and event sector. We have 2 street arts festivals, one in Ludlow run by the Assembly Rooms and one in Shrewsbury supported by the Borough Council.

Fool’s Paradise

Fool’s Paradise is an International agency specialising in street entertainment.

Arts Council England

Arts Council England Grants for the Arts Manager with remit including street arts and multidisciplinary festivals.

English Heritage

English Heritage produces an annual series of over 400 events at historic sites around the country.

Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts

Organiser for carnival, community arts events and street theatre.

Croydon Clocktower

Croydon Clocktower is a multi-disciplinary arts and culture centre in South London.

Norwich City Council

Organising up to 70 outdoor events each year for general public.

Puppet Up! Blackpool Festival of Puppetry & Visual Theatre

Street theatre and indoor work at the Grand Theatre.

De La Warr Pavilion

Live Art Modernist masterpiece on south coast featuring contemporary art galleries and innovative performance programme.

Croydon Summer Festival

Croydon Summer Festival is a Council run free festival


Guerilla Live Art Street Festival in Manchester

Field Art Projects

Independent Producer specialising in commissioning temporary and permanent works in the public realm.

Sunderland Live

Sunderland Live coordinates a range of festivals and events throughout the year that include a programme of performance, visual arts, street theatre and music.

Arts Council

Relationship Manager, Theatre with remit to develop and support the growth of Circus and Outdoor Arts in the Midlands region.

Walk the Plank

Walk the Plank aim to enrich lives through shared creative experience.

Stella Hall

Programmer July and October events Media City, Salford Quays – Digital / Water/ Ecology. Director, Festival of Thrift, Darlington, September – Upcycling/ Recycling.


“”An international theatre manager/producer/agent specialised in visual/physical theatre and installations””

PANeK (Performing Arts Network Kent)

PANeK supports the making and presenting of new theatre and performance in Kent. Working with artists and festivals to develop outdoor arts is a priority.

Irlam & Cadishead Community Festival

We try to combine the best elements of the more traditional community-type event with modern street theatre and New Circus-style entertainment plus live music.

Darlington Borough Council

Darlington Borough Council has an events strategy which aims to attract major events to the town as well as providing support to local groups and organisations wanting to put on their own community events in the parks and open spaces.

Shared Space and Light / Copperdollar

Freelance Producer working crossartform mainly in outdoor contexts including carnival, outdoor theatre and site specific work.

Event International Co Ltd

Event International organises the annual Stockton International Riverside Festival.

Bolton at Home

Registered Social Landlord with specialist arts unit dedicated to creative regeneration schemes.

Henley Festival

Multi-artform festival running over 5 days each July using the 3.5 acre Stewards Enclosure of the Henley Royal Regatta.

Manchester International Arts

Our festival work has an all-important goal – to create an exciting, energising atmosphere in a town or city centre.

Fool’s Paradise

We specialise in providing all scales of events with quality contemporary outdoor performance, cabaret and installations.

MiramirO vzw

The npo MiramirO wants to contribute to the dissemination, recognition and development of arts in public places, on a national and international…

Jana Korb Produktion

I am the producer of Jana Korb, an aerialiste, who creates outdoor aerial theater shows. Please see:

Cie Jo Bithume

The Company Jo Bithume creates street art performances for all audiences -large scale performances, little ones,…- which associate comedy, music, dance, circus,…


XTRAX supports inspirational outdoor performance running projects, festivals and showcases designed to promote innovative outdoor work from UK and international artists.

Inside Out Dorset

Britains first large scale rural festival ‘Inside Out’ takes place in 6 sites over Dorset, Bournemouth and Pool.

New Wolsey Theatre

The New Wolsey Theatre is a 400 seat regional theatre,produce our own work, co-produce with other theatres and touring companies and present a variety of visiting performance work.

Full Circle Arts

Inclusive engagement and participation, encouraging unique collaborations in the digital space

UZ Arts

UZ Arts creates, commissions, produces and distributes outdoor arts across art forms and across borders.

Spraoi, Waterford

Spraoi programme and produce the annual Spraoi Festival in Waterford each summer, a showcase for the best of national and international street art and world music. The company also devise and produce large and small scale outdoor spectacles, and have been, and continue to be, involved in programming and production on several other Irish festivals.

Verena Cornwall Consultant

Verena Cornwall works as a Consultant to a wide range of UK and EU based clients who are primarily street arts, circus or carnival/ spectacle based

Website for promotion of streetarts and new circus in Belgium and the Netherlands in dutch

Manchester City Council Events Unit

MCC events unit supports external events organisers, supporters of street arts events.

My Artist Profiles

Street Theatre Scene Kaleidoscope from Cracow

Independent, professional collective of artists devoted to and fascinated by the idea of creating theatre and interdisciplinary activities in the street-outdoor


Bedlam Oz (Australia) is a world theatre company that animates spaces with style elegance and grace. They received glowing reviews during the…

Tangled Feet

Tangled Feet is a physical theatre ensemble and a charity, dedicated to devising original, accessible and innovative work. They make transformative theatre…

RoguePlay Theatre

RoguePlay is a UK based award winning highly physical theatre company, creating a unique style of narrative theatre using aerial and ground based circus, dance

Vanessa Grasse

Dance and multidisciplinary artist specialised in the crossover between choreography, walking-art and installation

TEATRO SÓ visual poetry

TEATRO SÓ visual poetry

TEATRO SÓ is a Portuguese theater company based in Berlin. It develops a multidisciplinary work relating circus arts, mask technique, p

Highly Sprung Performance

Providing innovative and original projects that involve, engage and excite, the charity creates work using a style of performance where movement speaks…

TIN Arts

A UK-based inclusive dance company creating dance theatre work for indoor and outdoor touring. Associate Company with Stockton International Riverside Festival.

Justice in Motion

Justice in Motion is a physical theatre company, creating compelling, beautiful, and visually captivating work around social injustice to impact positive change

Rough Magic Theatre

“Really inventive and gorgeous!” – Meg Amsden, Chair: Brunima.
Based in N.Yorks.; R.M.T.’s work features a vibrant combination of Puppetry, Live action & Music


Ambaradan is an artistic project born to explore comedy and arts, a mix of music, theatre and circus, performed indoor and outdoor.

Gravity & Levity

‘A tour de force of aerial performance, delivering emotional truth in every beat’. Why? Bradley Hemmings, Artistic Director, GDIF 2020.

What A Palaver!!

Comedy street theatre/cabaret, featuring fire, juggling, silliness and stupidity. Fun for all the family!


Founded in 1988 and based in Leamington Spa, Motionhouse have been creating world-class dance-circus productions that tour extensively around the world. From…

Mickael “Marso” Riviere

Born in France, Mickael Marso Riviere is an award winning choreographer. In the last 19 years he has established himself as a…

Los Informalls

Los Informalls is a multidisciplinary performing arts company and a platform for artistic creation by Luis García and Pere Joseph. They say…

Vanhulle Dance Theatre

Vanhulle Dance Theatre was established in 2014. VDT’S first full-length production, ‘Angles in Life’, was created in collaboration with Mickael Marso Riviere…

Enter Edem

Creating a world of playful perspectives, we tell bonkers and brilliant engaging stories to family audiences. We are lively, astonishing and interactive,…

Julie Havelund-Willett

Julie is a Scandinavian Dance Artist based in Sussex. Her work spaces across performance, choreography, teaching, dramaturgy and producing in UK and Europe.

Brendan Walker

Brendan Walker is a Renaissance Showman – a technology-inspired performance artist described by The Times as “the world’s only Thrill Engineer”.

Vidya Thirunarayan

Vidya Thirunarayan has 20 years of experience as a Bharata Natyam performer, choreographer and tutor.

Sonia Sabri Company

Sonia Sabri Company (SSCo) is a leading UK contemporary South Asian dance and music company. The company creates work relevant to modern…

ANGEL DURAN Performing Arts

Movement and theatre company from Barcelona lead by Àngel Duran. It’s work focuses on the exploration of the human condition through the…

Autin Dance Theatre

Autin Dance Theatre – innovative and interdisciplinary dance company. Drawing on contemporary social issues and events to make beautifully crafted, accessible a

Aim To Fly UK

Recently voted performers of the year 2022 by Prestige Awards for their resilience, support inclusivity with the production of their awards winning Film.

Nikki & JD

Nikki and JD are an acrobatic duo with a unique blend of skills in circus and contemporary dance

Jamaal O’Driscoll

Artistic Director of O’Driscoll Collective, Jamaal is a highly versatile performer & choreographer, born & working in Birmingham. Since 2010, Jamaal has…

Michaela Cisarikova Dance Company

MCDC was founded by Artistic Director and Choreographer Michaela Cisarikova in 2014 in London. In 2020 MCDC relocated to Folkestone and continued…

Danse K par K

Founded in Quebec City in 2005 under the artistic direction of choreographer Karine Ledoyen, Danse K par K is a company dedicated…

Whispered Tales

Whispered Tales creates projects that shine a light on forgotten stories and sites. We love creating, audio trails, bespoke performances and installations.

Clown Spirit

Clown Spirit brings together clowning, circus, live music, puppetry and physical theatre to create intimate, relevant and absorbing theatrical events. Their most…

Rinkoo Barpaga

Rinkoo Barpaga is an artist of the now, with awards from Arts Council England to develop his practice. The American Comedy Institute,…

Dizzy O’Dare

Dizzy O’Dare Presents…was shortlisted for Jeunnes Talent Cirque Europe (JTCE) in 2010, and since then has produced a range of work from…

Miss High Leg Kick

Francesca Baglione (Miss High Leg Kick) is an established live artist whose work uses collaboration and unusual approaches to audience engagement to…

Gary and Pel Live Action Cartoon

Gary and Pel is a live action cartoon company based in Barry, South Wales. Mixing dynamic dance, slapstick comedy and adventure. The concept created…

Avant Garde Dance

Avant Garde Dance is at the forefront of London’s innovative hip hop/contemporary dance scene.
★★★★ “High energy, precision crafted choreography” The Stage

Bash Street Theatre

Bash Street Theatre is a small independent touring company founded 30 years ago by partners Simon Pullum and JoJo Pickering. Based in…


Mimbre create nuanced, breathtaking and highly-skilled acrobatic theatre. We use circus and dance innovatively as a physical language to illuminate human connections…

Oliveira & Bachtler

The Work Oliveira & Bachtler create work rooted in human nature, generating a unique and multi-faceted physical language supported by circus, theatre…

Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone are Janitors of the Ridiculous & Purveyors of whimsical contraptions, giant puppets, mechanical beasts and other feasts of the imagination.

Bash Street Theatre

Bash Street Theatre is a small independent touring company founded 30 years ago by partners Simon Pullum and JoJo Pickering. Based in…

Casson & Friends

C&F create unique, accessible, interactive and joyful performances.

“The Dance WE Made brings dance to the public in wonderful new ways.” New York Times

Alleyne Dance

Alleyne Dance is a UK based company with an international reach. Founded in 2014 by award- winning dancers Kristina and Sadé Alleyne,…

Radio Neighbourhood – Outdoor Dance Drama

Where is home? “Radio Neighbourhood” – outdoor dance drama about displacement and post-humanism, slipping in East Asian stories.

Sylvain Émard Danse

Created 30 years ago, Montreal-based contemporary dance company counts today 30 pieces to its repertoire, which gained an enviable international reputation.

Cia Moveo – Physical Theatre and Dance

Since 2005, the CIA MOVEO produces and tours internationally productions that explore the narrative strength of the body and the expressive richness…

Far From The Norm

Far From The Norm are an Olivier award winning Hip Hop dance company, committed to the pursuit of making honest, relevant and needed work for our generation.

Jeanefer Jean-Charles

Artistic Director and Choreographer Jeanefer Jean-Charles is a globally respected creative artist.

Sarah Dobbs

Aerialist and author, Sarah has completed commissions for Compass Presents, Sunderland Culture and Festival Stoke with her company, Uncaged which she co-founded….

Studio Stefan Jovanović

Studio Stefan Jovanović is a multi-disciplinary performing arts and architecture company led by architect and choreographer Stefan Jovanović. Their productions create neo-mythical…

The Bicycle Ballet Co

The Bicycle Ballet Co is a unique arts company, led by Artistic Director Karen Poley. We work across art forms; sport, health…


Upswing is a leading, award-winning, contemporary circus company based in the UK. Recognised as the storytelling circus company, Upswing interweaves aerial, theatre,…

Company Chameleon

Company Chameleon makes original, inspiring dance theatre in Manchester, and perform across the UK and the world.

Stopgap Dance Company

Stopgap creates vibrant dance works that make visible the potent alchemy of diversity and the power it has to dismantle prejudice against disabled people.


Based in Birmingham and Barcelona, the company presents compelling dance productions that fuse Modern Physics, Eastern Mysticism into the Body.

Becky Namgauds

Becky Namgauds is a choreographer and dance artist creating intense, powerful work that sits between dance, performance art and installation. Inspired by…


AVA DANCE COMPANY is an independent dance company created in 2008 as a dance laboratory to fulfil the artistic vision of choreographer…


Movema celebrates diversity through dance, including professional performance and creating safe spaces for different communities to come together.

Kapow – Dance Circus Theatre

Kapow is a female led company, creating vibrant and imaginative productions for people and planet. We use dance, circus and theatre to…

The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company

The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company A female-led theatre company based in the beautiful fishing port of Brixham, in Southwest…


Pif-Paf is a performance and sculpture company based in Sheffield creating both intimate and spectacular work for the great outdoors and new…

Requardt & Rosenberg

Requardt & Rosenberg is the partnership of performance maker and Shunt co-founder, David Rosenberg, and choreographer, Frauke Requardt. Their current production, Future…

2Faced Dance

2Faced Dance Company produces innovative, accomplished and aspirational artistic performance and participation programmes alongside a captivating community dance programme that truly reflects…

Beady Eye Theatre

Total Theatre & Arches Brick Award winners, Beady Eye creates visually epic performance for indoors and outdoors spaces. We are movement theatre…

I Am No Bird

A 30 minute rope and hoop aerial performance. We draw our influence from Bronte’s Jane Eyre and ask what would happen if…

Tumble Circus

Based in Ireland specialising in high skill circus theatre (both indoors and outdoors), that entertains, amazes and is accessible to all.

Hijinx Theatre

Hijinx creates exhilarating, subversive theatre from large to small scale for both indoor and outdoor performance. Artists with learning disabilities and/or a..

Kamchàtka Street Theatre Company

Kamchàtka is an artist collective of diverse nationalities and disciplines who’s members first met in Barcelona in 2006. Driven by the same…

Eléctrico 28

We are a collective of artists from Austria and Catalonia who dedicate their work to the public space and its inhabitants. We…


Kaleider is an international production studio led by artist Seth Honnor, playing on the edge of installation, live performance and digital.

The Gramophones Theatre Company

We are a female led theatre company run by Co-Artistic Directors Hannah Stone and Ria Ashcroft who are both theatre making mammas….

Puppets with Guts

“The Lips were just so fabulous…!’’
Roxy Robinson- Festival of Sky Director

Just More Productions

Just More Productions is a new community engagement company using food history and performance to educate and entertain. Just More is a…

The Flying Buttresses

An enchanting interactive puppetry walkabout featuring an elderly couple of miniature proportions, with huge personalities and a not-so-firm grip on modern life

Johannes Bellinkx

Johannes Bellinkx’ visual language cannot be captured in a narrative or discourse and is characterised by its low-threshold and open character.

Tetes de Mules

The company creates shows and spontaneous events, with the purpose of bringing some lively disorder in the centre of towns and villages.

La Trócola Circ

Circus company which base their creations in the decontextualization of the object, live music, and a high technical level of juggling and acrobatics.

La Puntual

La Puntual is directed by Eugenio and Nestor Navarro, with the aim that everyone who comes to see a puppet show will…

Jamaal Burkmar

My first creation was as a second year student at the Northern School for Contemporary Dance (NSCD), I created a piece entitled…

Gobbledegook Theatre

Gobbledegook make innovative, cross-artform work for unusual places. With theatre at its core, our live performance, music, and installation work is frequently…

El Fedito

OYUN is a circus show for all audiences in which the artists combines: juggling, object balance, object decontextualize and humor

Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International

NWSI perform large and small scale visual and participatory Street Theatre without words worldwide. Currently the company offers four medium and large…

DAMAEDANCE | Alice Bonazzi and Sara Marques

DamaeDance is a platform created in 2018 by Manchester-based dance artists Alice Bonazzi and Sara Marques to collaborate, produce and share their…


The Bivouac Cie is based in Bordeaux since 2011, where it completed the creation of “Erica’s dream” and then “A corps perdus”…

Lukasz Puczko Marionettes

Lukasz Puczko was born and lives in Poland. He has been performing with his puppets (mainly marionettes) for the last nine years.In…


We are Double V. We come from Taiwan and we formed by two Taiwanese and two Malaysian. Diabolo is the root of…

Apocalyptic Circus- Linn Brodén

Linn Brodén and Tom Richmond created the family run company Apocalyptic Circus in 2012. The aim is to create circus theatre shows…

Ino Kollektiv

Ino Kollketiv was born from the desire to join together as a group of women to practice hand-to-hand and group acrobatics. We…

Mumusic Circus

Mumusic Circus is a professional circ contemporary company, since 10 years they produce shows to share them, all around the word, with…

Cie Les Invendus

It is a journey of juggling movements, physically engaged, where loneliness mingles with the unleashing and complicity with the absurd. They support…

Tamzen Moulding

Tamzen Moulding is a circus choreographer and director, she directs work for her own company ‘Inverted’ as well as working as an…


we are available in the next shows : LA CALLE ES NUESTRA (the street is ours): 8 musicians and a clown: pure…

Kate McStraw – Producer

Kate McStraw is an independent Creative Producer working across the arts and cultural sector with individual artists, independent companies and national organisations….


“Embrulho”arises from the search to create a show which serves as a driver for the public to look more around, leaving aside…

FLIP Fabrique

FLIP Fabrique is a circus company based in Québec, Canada. Born out of the dreams and the friendship of circus performers in…

A Bird in the Hand Theatre

A Puppet and mask theatre company based in West Yorkshire creating beautiful work for family audiences. 1. the Bewonderment Machine – an…

Mr. Image Theatre

When Iva & Petar, after 15 years of making their theatre plays for the stage and performing it on the stage, decided…


GOZART is a non for profit art organisation which aims to nurture the creativity of individuals and groups in our community and…

Gemma Wood being-now here

The Happiness Sum. Interactive installation with Neon and UV acrylic. Participants playing a game where they score activities that bring them happiness…

Candoco Dance Company

Candoco Dance Company is the contemporary dance company of disabled and non-disabled dancers. Founded in 1991, Candoco has been creating acclaimed work…


Four upper class executives from the international political-economic arena reach an existential collapse, a point of no-return in their lives. From then…

Blockbuster Factory

Our new show Blockbuster Factory has just been signed by Continental Drifts. I play Martin Beilsperg, the famous American movie maker who…


Michael Blackledge (Mimbo!) has over 30 years performance experience. His work has taken him to over 10 countries entertaining everyone from royalty…

The Scream

The Scream is a mix of floor acrobatics, duo acrobatics and theatre, in which a story is told about how an escalating…


METRO-BOULOT-DODO is one of the brightest of the new crop of theatre companies disregarding theatrical convention – The Guardian METRO-BOULOT-DODO (MBD) creates…

Red Wine Entertainment

We are Red Wine Entertainment, a young circus-cabaret duo based in Berlin and active since 2017 with our main show “Cabaret Sauvignon”….

The Unicycling Unicorn

The Unicycling Unicorn…think of a bright white vintage onesie ski suit, 80’s music and a unicorn riding a 12-foot unicorn unicycle talking…

Travelling Light Circus

We wow audiences of all ages right across the UK with our fire shows, street theatre, art installations, and LED light and…

Compañía de Circo eia – Espera

After their studies at Carampa, circus school of Madrid and Doch, Stockholm University of dance and circus, Celso and Francesca focused on…

Michael Crouch

Growing up I was consistently intrigued by puppetry, as an adult I have worked to create the kind of puppet theatre that…

Ray Lee

Ray Lee is a multi-award-winning composer and artist. He won a BASCA Composer of the Year award for the highly inventive music…

Rhiannon Faith Company

Rhiannon Faith is a socially conscious artist whose work is an agent for discourse and change; she makes form-defying autobiographical shows that…

Hand to Mouth Theatre

Hand to Mouth Theatre are Martin Bridle and Su Eaton who have been intriguing and entertaining children and adults in schools, theatres,…


Lempen Puppet Theatre is a touring company specialising in Theatre performances for more than 20 years. Since 2005 we have branched out…

Agro The Clown

Luca Della Gatta started to study circus in “Carampa” School in Madrid for one year. In this time he got close to…

Tit for Tat

Tit for Tat is an unusual juggling company that believes in celebrating the ordinary. We take ordinary objects, objectives and scenes, and…

Ryan Murphy

Artistic Director & Co-Founder ¦ Juggler, Acrobat, Clown ¦ Like many of us Ryan began life as a baby. He later grew…

Louis Lamprell

Company Manager & Co-Founder ¦ Juggler, Inventor, Spreadsheet-Connoisseur ¦ Louis trained at Circomedia and initiated the co-founding of Tit for Tat with…

Maia Ayling

Project Manager ¦ Actor, Acrobat, Aerialist ¦ Maia first studied circus and physical performance at Circomedia before going on to train as…

Truan Jay Mathias

Juggler, Comedian, Mover ¦ Whilst growing up in the wilds of Wales Truan’s childhood involved keeping himself entertained whilst attempting to master…

Max Gabarre-Grindrod

Actor, Physical Performer ¦ Max is a new addition to the Tit for Tat team. Specialising in physical theatre, acting and writing….

Rabo de Foguete

Rabo de Foguete is an outdoor arts company based in Norwich, UK, with a focus on carnival, music and street theatre. Rabo…

La Fausse Compagnie

La Fausse Compagnie, founded in 2007 by the two French musicians Claire-Noël Le Saulnier and Thomas Le Saulnier, is dedicated to the…

Rode Boom

Rode Boom was established as a foundation in 2006 with the purpose of bringing artistic performances into public spaces. Previous creations are…

Tall Tales Company

Tall Tales Company creates visual circus performances in which object manipulation and acrobatics are used to tell stories. With a fascination for…


At the origin of the company’s work is the observation of human behaviours in public areas, a high curiosity for common little…


Kadavresky is a French company created in 2012 by five young circus and multifaced artists. Their way of working, motivated by improvisation…

Les Commandos Percu

Energy in motion. Music that speaks to the guts. For more than 20 years, Les Commandos Percu have been creating a new…


‘For over 30 years, and with immense pleasure, we have been telling our ephemeral stories to people from near and far, convinced…

Gijs van Bon

Time specific art installations. Slowly moving and choregraphed objects and performed events. Installation artist Gijs van Bon attended the Design Academy in…

Cie Pernette

Compagnie Pernette is a French contemporary dance company created by dancer and choreographer Nathalie Pernette in 2001, and based in La Friche…

Knot on Hands

Britt, Mario and Tijs are three young circus artists from The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Having come from separate youth circuses and…


An international collection of 12 artists from performance, sound and visuals, bringing intimacy, grace and freedom into society through dance performance and…

Actors of Dionysus

Actors of Dionysus (aod) is a Brighton based registered charity and theatre company with 25 years of experience of producing highly visual,…


Pierrick St-Pierre a.k.a Mr Banana is a French-Canadian resident in Germany living in India. Learning from Chinese and Vietnamese circuses, he has…

Fully Booked Theatre

Founded by choreographer and performer Jennifer Essex and poet Harry Man, Fully Booked Theatre joyfully blends the worlds of dance and poetry…


Periplum create interactive and immersive outdoor theatre performance, from large-scale spectacle to intimate digital-led journeys using innovative technologies. We place the audience…


Circus Theatre Company. Taking stories into the air, into theatres and into the outdoors. Founded by Bryony Livesey and Edd Casey in…

Gandini Juggling

“AT THE FOREFRONT OF BRITISH CIRCUS’ QUIET REVOLUTION” Gandini Juggling celebrates juggling in all its facets, exploring not just what juggling is,…

Béton by Wes Peden

Béton is juggling virtuosity taken to the streets. The show is a classic example of what happens when you take an energetic…

Gibbon by Patfield & Triguero

Gandini Juggling have teamed up with emerging artists Patfield & Triguero to co-produce Gibbon. A surreal and charming feast of juggling choreography,…

Luke Jerram

Luke Jerram’s multidisciplinary practice involves the creation of sculptures, installations and live arts projects. Living in the UK but working internationally since…


Visual Physical Theatre often Comedy. No outdoor work currently available but work is in process for next year. Watch this space!

Aurelie Bernard

Aurélie Bernard Stylish and extravagant aerial performer Aurélie discovered her talent at the early age of 15 and since then has been…

Circo e Dintorni – Black Blues Brothers

Black and Blue, two colors, two moods. Brothers, not only a simple word but a deep-rooted way of being. Five African acrobats…

Daniel Seabra

Born in Porto, Daniel Seabra begins his artistic career in 2010, specializing in aerial acrobatics at Chapitô – Professional School of Performing…

Holiday on Delay

After the success of Jay Toor a.k.a Fire Fingers with her world touring solo fire show “Ms. Flames” she is coming back…

Thrive Dance

Thrive experiments with the boundaries of how audiences experience dance and movement; making work that encourages the audience to have an active…

Jordi L. Vidal

The Jordi L. Vidal company propose you performances that combine: • theatre and its journey through time • circus and its journey…

Thingumajig Theatre

Thingumajig Theatre offers giant walkabout creatures whose highly crafted forms and articulate movements encourage audience interaction and a sense of magic to…

The Chipolatas



IOU is an organisation with 43 years’ experience making original work across art-forms including: sound, video and sculptural installations, site specific performance,…

Cusan Theatre

Created by Tanya Cusan-Espinosa, a multifaceted artist with a variety of skills that range from theatre and dance, to puppeteer, singer and…

ADHOK Immortals – The Nest + Flying Birds

The NEST : What happens when the chick leaves the nest ? Theatre-dance show for all audiences showing the passage from childhood…

ADHOK The Beautiful Escape – Emergency Exit

What does it mean to grow old ? In the space of a century, life expectancy has been extended by 30 years….


GREGARIOUS is a wonderful anti-heroic study of the human side of sports. Building on their own friendship and partnership, the two artists…

FURINKAÏ / Satchie Noro

In 2002, Satchie Noro creates Furinkaï, space of research, meeting, creation of choregraphic works, performances, installations at the crossroads of different art…

Amer i Àfrica circ

After 6 years of training and creating 3 short circus pieces, Amer and Àfrica present the result of the newest and biggest…

Nii Kwartey Owoo

Originally from Accra, Ghana, I am a traditionally trained choreographer in contemporary West African dance and music and currently an African Dance…

Action d’Espace

Action d’Espace is a french dance/theatre company, created by François Rascalou in 2007. Now choregrapher and author of the shows, he used…

Creatures Collective

Creatures Collective bring curious imaginary creatures to life, with our enchanting walk-about performances. Our spectacular costumed creatures playfully interact with all-age audiences,…

El Carromato

Established in 2000 by the director Pascual Varo, El Carromato is based in Cadiz, in the region of Andalusia. Its director has…

The Other Way Works

The Other Way Works reinvent the way people engage with theatre, using real world spaces and emerging technologies. Based in Birmingham UK,…

Talawa Theatre Company

Talawa is the UK’s primary Black led touring theatre company. Our work is informed by the wealth and diversity of the Black…

The Sporthorses and the Guggenheim Box

Clip-clop, here come the Sporthorses! They play a thrilling concert-show with their DIY electronic installation. The main instrument is the Guggenheim Box,…

Bootworks Theatre

Bootworks Theatre regularly perform at outdoor events from large scale greenfields festivals to city centre high streets to village fetes. For outdoor…

Walk the Plank

Walk the Plank are outdoor arts experts who create powerful artistic events with mass appeal. From international stage to village square, our…

Festive Road

Based in Milton Keynes, we produce large-scale puppetry, commissioned art pieces, and sculptures, for clients both nationally & internationally. We and our…


Earth-bound is a Midlands based company lead by performer and creator Sioda Adams. We work with highly skilled artists from a range…

Avanti Display

Avanti has been evolving for almost 30 years, it has developed into a company, producing and presenting a highly individual brand of…


The Egg People were hatched from half a dozen performers finding joy in each others egg-centricities. So they took to the streets…

MBD Limited

MBD creates and delivers bespoke experiences that share untold stories to inform, entertain and inspire people from all walks of life. MBD…

Lauren Moore

Lauren is a Freelance Carnival and Outdoor Artist based in Manchester where she makes puppets, lanterns, costumes and headdresses. She grew up…

Giddy Kipper Arts

Giddy Kipper Arts is the creative collaboration of Tom Steer and Bella Murray-Nag. Having initially met aged nine at school, they trained…

Matias Zanotti

Matias Zanotti began his training as an actor in 1995 in Córdoba – Argentina. There he discovers his passion: the language of…

Bell & Bullock Circus Theatre

Bell and Bullock are Karen Bell and Dafe Bullock (see what we did there?). This street theatre duo bring you gentle comedy…

Pablo Rotemberg

Pablo Rotemberg is director, choreographer, musician, and writer. He studied at the Argentine Conservatory of Music (Conservatorio Nacional de Música) and the…

Daredevil Chicken

Daredevil Chicken is a theater company that creates street theatre, clown and cabaret acts, surprises and engages all audiences that they perform…

The Fabularium Ltd.

The Fabularium is a Coventry-based theatre company that specialises in outdoor performances for family audiences of all ages, developing a variety of…

Axial Dance

Axial Dance, headed up by artistic director, Ruth Jones, has been producing outdoor dance work for over 25 years. Axial Dance outdoor…

Seb Mayer

Seb Mayer is a London based puppet maker and puppeteer specialising in giant puppetry. Seb’s background is in product design, in 2014…


Jan Manske is DJuggledy, a virtuoso diabolo juggler with a unique style and berliner tongue to boot! With the experience from various…

Lucas Escobedo

He began in the world of performing arts in Alicante, his hometown, getting involved in various circus activities where he woke up…

Planeta Trampolí

Planeta Trampolí is a contemporany circus company created by Àngel of Miguel in 2017. Its vocation is to build an artistic language…

Amer i Àfrica Circ cia

After 5 years of training and creating 3 short circus pieces, Amer and Àfrica present the result of the newest and biggest…

Hotel iocandi

Hotel iocandi was born at the beginning of 2012, when Tomeu Amer and Griselda Juncà met after having finished their training period…

Peus de porc

Peus de porc The company Ne Me Titere Pas was founded in 2006. The first show, “The farce of Mr. Governing” officially…

Ocho the Giant Octopus

Ocho the Octopus is a ground breaking, inflatable octopus, with 8 independently articulated legs able to curl and sway in a lifelike…

Hanna Moisala

Having trained at the National Centre for Circus Arts London, Hanna performs a dance on the tightwire which explores elegance and fluidity…

Rolling Bag

Rolling Bag is an acrobatic and comic show. Risky performance and absurd situations make the audience have fun and participate of the…

NoFit State Circus

We celebrate the contradictions within ourselves and our work Creating beautifulcarnage And organisedanarchy We embrace the human condition in all its dirtiness….

Manuela Maria Gaona

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the 4th of February 1987, she begins her training as a dancer at the age of…

Wanagi valnei

Born in Nuoro, Italy, on the 11th of Octobre 1986, he develops an early interest in juggling and acrobacy, working and training…


Delinus creates moving objects. He is fascinated by everything that moves mechanically. In 2002 Delinus graduated from the Utrecht Art Academy presenting…


Nonchalant and uninterested in consensus, the Dyptik company dances its identity and revolt with force and authenticity. We are committed in our…


Cie Condordance is a dance and live music company whose main core is composed of Maud Payen and Adil Kaced. Maud Payen,…

Fullstop Acrobatic Theatre presents Booksoup

Have you ever tasted Book Soup? Do you know someone who can fly? Does a frog turn into a Prince if you…

Circle of Two

Circle of Two is an international circus/physical theatre company formed in 1999 by Celia Mendizabal and Ralph Taylor. Celia and Ralph graduated…

Fraser Hooper

Award winning clown and festival favourite Fraser Hooper has been delighting audiences with his unique brand of visual comedy for the last…

Jessica Wilson

Jessica is an Australian artist with a strong practice in image-based theatre and participative art. She has conceived and realised a myriad…


Puntmoc company was born in 2001 and founded by the Boada brothers who act and write their own scripts. PuntMoc was conceived…


Markmark are a theatre company based in the UK who specialise in creating unusual comic shows. They are theatre co in residence…

The Lord Chamberlain’s Men


Xirriquiteula Teatre

Xirriquiteula Theatre was founded in Badalona (Barcelona) in 1985. During all these years of existence we have created and produced street theatre…

Red Button

Redbutton is a new company formed by Marc Costa, an actor with over 20 years’ experience in the world of theatre for…

Cia Kimani

Eagerness to create fusing movement, expression and play with a manikin has brought to life a new company: Kimani, with Helena Canas,…

Duo Looky

we are Gal Baz and Ya-Ya, professional circus artists. the reason we chose this profession is because we believe that with the…


The street theatre company EL SIDRAL was created in Lleida in 1986. The main aim of the company is to create interactive…

Tilted Productions

Tilted Productions’ work combines contemporary dance and circus, physical theatre, object manipulation and performance art. Artistic Director Maresa von Stockert creates illusionary…

Cirque Exalté Company

The Cirque Exalté Company was created by Sara Desprez and Angelos Matsakis in 2009. In 2013 Emiliano Ferri joins them for the…

Fire Fingers

The Show – „Ms. FLAMES“ From small to big flames, Ms. Flames, a solo female act, takes a journey in a world…

Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater

Creating beauty and story with a body at risk.

Agnese Lanza

Co-Choreographer and Performer

Strong Lady Productions

With a playful combination of astounding strength, surprising elegance & skilful comedy Strong Lady Productions creates work that brings people together to…

Sorcha Ra

Sorcha Rogers trained at the LIPSA physical theatre school where she studied theatre, mask, clown, movement analysis and mime. Subsequently, she gained…

Compañía de Circo “eia”

Compañía de Circo “eia” sees the light in 2009 as a fusion between several artists: Armando Rabanera, Fabrizio Giannini and Cristiano Della…

Delreves vertical dance

Delreves is a vertical dance company from Barcelona, who always try to discover new ways to put the vertical dance on the…

Stefano Di Renzo

Stefano Di Renzo is a circus theatre artist working towards a dynamic fusion between circus and physical language, examining potential meanings and…

Etta Ermini Dance Theatre

Trained in dance theatre in Belgium and in contemporary dance and choreography at Laban, London, Etta Ermini founded Etta Ermini Dance Theatre…

Melanie Wilson

Melanie Wilson is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary performance maker. Her work is founded on the contemporary interplay between sound art, experimental forms of…

Three of a Kind

Three middle-aged men appear. They are dressed in suits. They have something to deliver…. but cannot seem to remember what? nor where?…

On Board Arts

On Board Arts specialise in creating fluid interventionist theatre for the street. They are driven by a passion for creating art that…

Whalley Range All Stars

“Sly, funny and surreal performances … the ever-excellent Whalley Range All Stars.” The Guardian WRAS is recognised nationally and internationally as one…

Jordi L. Vidal company

The Jordi L. Vidal company propose you performances that combine: • theatre and its journey through time • circus and its journey…


« Off Road » is a multidisciplinary performing arts company that was founded in Brussels 2010.

Rosie Kay Dance Company

Rosie Kay Dance Company creates brave new dance in Birmingham that tours to audiences at home and abroad. RKDC has a reputation…

Katastrofa clown

Andrea Fedi, aka Katastrofa Clown was born on a cold December of 1980 in Livorno. After spending the first years of his…

Les Commandos Percu

Energy in motion. Music that speaks to the guts. For more than 20 years, Les Commandos Percu have been creating a new…

Ashley Peevor

Ashley Peevor has been creating his living costumes for the last 7 years and have been commissioned by numerous arts festivals and…


Our company combines performing arts with technology with the intention of creating shows to allow all audiences to reach their personal dreams….

Tmesis Theatre

Tmesis is an award-winning company who create, share and develop extraordinary physical theatre through touring, participation and an International festival, Physical Fest….

Rosie Kohl

Rosie has been working professionally in theatre since 2005, starting as a lowly fringe intern. Since then she has directed, assistant directed…

The Body Snatchers Theatre / Teatr Porywacze Ciał

Teatr Porywacze Cial / The Body Snatchers Theatre was founded in 1992 by Katarzyna Pawłowska and Maciej Adamczyk – professional actors who…

Kiddy Ride Police Patrol

Police notice: The police would like to bring your attention to the following: Are they the mounted police, the motorcycle department or…

Actic – Urban Safari

Approaching the animal called ‘human’ in its’ own habitat Join us on Urban Safari! Together with two wildrangers, you’ll explore the flora…

The Strange Train Company

Sophie Tyrrell is the artist driving the Strange Train. It’s a vehicle she created for the development of her outdoor performance work,…

Middle Child

Middle Child are a Hull-based company creating gig theatre that brings people together for a good night out with big ideas. We…

Glass House Dance

Visionary, Challenging, Passionate & Poignant… Glass House Dance was set up by Sarah Lewis and Laura McGill to take the high art…

Apus Productions

Apus has two main areas of activity; street theatre performance, and participatory outdoor live arts. We create and tours high quality roving…

Jessica Rost & co.

Maker, producer and director of site specific and walkabout structures, street theatre and large spectacles.


CirkVOST is an aerial circus.

Helen Eastman Productions

Creator of Bicycle Boy, a bicycle powered eco-musical for children and their families.


New circus theatre company focused on producing high impact theatrical shows with a comedic edge.

Nearly There Yet

We create small to mid scale physical and visual outdoor work. Highly circus tinged.

Becoming Storybook

Nikky is a little bit strange…She wants to become a Storybook.
Follow her down the garden path into the secret garden…

A Bird in the Hand Theatre

Swing Circus

Uplifting and thought provoking, diverse circus and dance shows.

Noisy Toys

Noisy Toys- experimenting with sound: Nose Test, Bass in your Face (show), Acousatron (interactive installation), Audio Assault Buggy (walkabout).

Teater Fusentast

Touring small theatre troupe since 1989. Highly visual shows, indoor- and outdoor-, usually involving puppets, charm and social relevance.

Los Excentricos

Gestural expression, musical virtuosity with extravagant instruments, authentic and unmistakable , welcome to Los Excentricos extravagant and absurd world

Claudio Mutazzi

clown – street comedy

Margaux Dub

puppetshow in a poetic atmospher


Trashbeatz is the most ecofriendly street act in the world by making music out of garbage.

Fausto Giori

Demenzio is an eccentric and demented character, his first objective is to love his audience giving her joyful presence. But every little movement is a disaster, and this is the secret of his success.


In a damp and rainy night, under the big tent of a traditional chapiteau mounted in Cantù (Como) Roberto is born. It was 1979 when his parents, acrobats of the circus, decided to teach him the art of using the body as tool of expression.

Alex Piras / Legni a galla

Strings puppets show

Maison Foo

Maison Foo exist to create mischievous new theatre that challenges audiences and tickles their imagination. We devise visual theatre that collides the everyday with the surreal drawing on influences from puppetry, clowning and physical theatre.

TENT circustheater producties

circus theater from the Netherlands

Rob & Miss Jane

Rob & Miss Jane’s ALLEZ-OOPS! combines classic vaudeville routines with comic slapstick dexterity

Luigi Ciotta

Luigi Ciotta is an Italian professional theatre actor, clown, buffoon, street performer and variety show presenter.

Trotamundos circus company

“Trotamundos” circus company was formed in January 2015 in Buenos Aires by Mailén Mansilla and Luciano Mezzotero, both natives of the Argentine…

Jonas & Friends

Jonas & Friends play for more than 25 years with all kind of shows and strolling/walkabout acts on festivals and other public events. Amazing Wood & Wood is one of these acts.

Starbrite Studios

We are Yorkshire’s premier performing arts studio, providing fun and inspiring tuition and training in the performing arts industries.


“I dont know what he gave me, but it was wrong.
So then I just had to take a wild shot, and I said the word, Kameloso.”
– Uti Vår Hage. Danish Language
Kameloso is a circus collective from Germany, France, Sweden and Denmark working at integrating circus skills into a context where they become a purpose and necessity.

Curious Creations

Welcome to Curious Creations, home of visually stunning and magical street theatre.

Mighty Mike

Step Right Up! Witness Mighty Mike throwing around bowling balls and sledgehammers as if light as a feather… while wearing a 1920s style bathing suit. You’ll be amazed as he drives nails through boards with his hand, bends horseshoes, and tears packs of cards, but try not to laugh at his dance routines

Amy Amelia Arts

Professional contact juggler: corporate, international, outdoor arts, and circus style entertainment.

Jessica Arpin / Company Tita8lou

Company Tita8lou develops circus, theatre and clown shows since 2007, with performances for big tops, street festivals, cabarets and theatre stages.

Cia Anna Roca

Nanna and her partner are two imaginauts (pilots who explore the imagination)
who travel the world in a lorry to explain a secret. They park on all the town
squares they find to be able to share what they’re carrying in the cargo space of the
Anyone who wishes can come in and discover the world’s biggest pop-up
storybook ever.

Abigail Collins

Hula-hooping clown, acrobatic social provocateur and comedy envelope pusher who smashes the barrier between artist and public.


DULCE DUCA is a way of living.
Beginning with the person and creates a relationship between body – mind – object – emotions

Voyages Extraordinaires

Voyages-Extraordinaires are actors, clowns, stilts-walkers, mimes, acrobats, tightrope-walkers, circus performers, musicians. Everyone with his own journey, everyone various and extraordinary.

Compagnie 2.1

Four artists, united for fun. Four fools launched for a 50 minutes, generating lively show!

Menzo Menjunjes

Clown, street performer, writer, cultural agent was borned in the mid- 80 at the age of 0 years in Buenos Aires. Creative,…


Gravity is a mistake …
Omnivolant – the art of circus on flying trapeze.

Full House Theatre

Children’s theatre champions Full House have an enviable reputation for creating playful and innovative work for children and their families.


Gozart uses puppetry to bring people together, build community and make change.
We specialise in giant puppetry, mask, and street art to create highly participatory, issue-oriented, outdoor theater that is accessible to all.
Gozart uses art as a vehicle for community building and education, to promote cultural diversity.

Teatro dei Venti

The theatre company “Teatro dei Venti” was born in 2005 in Modena (Italy) as a theatre research group.

Theater Pikante

Theater Pikante offers humorous walkabouts à la carte.

Les Foutoukours

Les Foutoukours work on original and creative scenic performances since 1997.

Batch Gueye Band

Batch Gueye Band brings the traditional, energetic Baye Fall music and dance from Senegal, West Africa to Europe – a guaranteed energetic live performance!

Louxor Spectacle

Founded in 1996, based in Lyon, FRANCE – Cie Louxor works today to create performances in public space which now extends also to the water.

Stalker Teatro

performance art group

London Gay Big Band

The UK’s top LGBT Jazz Orchestra, bringing modern Big Band sound back to life.

Ockham’s Razor

Award winning Ockham’s Razor specialise in creating physical theatre on new pieces of circus equipment, drawing upon the relationships, conflicts and emotions naturally inherent in circus to create visually striking and moving theatre.


An acrobatic-dance company, based in Leeds (UK), creating performances for unconventional spaces and outdoors.

Bread & Goose

Bread & Goose make site responsive theatre that is socially engaged and also fun. We invite our audiences to participate, to play, and to respond.

La Trócola Circ

Circus company whose productions are based on the investigation with objects. From a clear commitment to innovation, they explore and stage various languages.

Taking Flight Theatre Company

A theatre company with access and inclusion at its’ creative heart, making work that surprises whilst challenging perceptions of disability

The Loo Lady

Professional eccentric, talking shit that matters!

Cie Yann Lheureux

The Yann Lheureux Company is a contemporary dance company performing indoor and outdoor.

Mr and Mrs Clark

Mr and Mrs Clark make performances that entertain, challenge your senses and make you think.


The theater Company Xip Xap we offer all kinds of shows and for all audiences: animation shows for children, foam shows, puppet shows, parades, special events and text shows for children and grown-ups.

Snuff Puppets

Come play with Everybody’s giant body parts.

Sur Mesure

A collective consisting of musicians, instrument manufacturers, woodworkers and circus artists
come together to inspire and support new and innovative creations.

Companyia LA TAL

Company of street theater and clown founded in 1986. His shows have been represented throughout the European territory, some countries of South America, Turkey, Israel, Japan, Australia, Taiwan …

de Roovers

de Roovers is an Antwerp-based theatre group of four performers/creators. They never work with a director, each creative process is a collective…

The egg

The egg is the centre for innovation, creativity and young people at the heart of Theatre Royal Bath

Creative Group SUM BI

Creative Group SUM BI’ is a group of professional performance artists.


‘CCOT’ is the Korean performing troupe, exploring the depths of life through integrating visual arts and performance.

Flossy and Boo

In 2014, Flossy and Boo was formed with an ambition and vision to create innovative work that looked at the world from an unconventional point of view.

Post uit Hessdalen

The Belgian music-theatre company Post uit Hessdalen creates performances that balance on the edge of (circus)performance, theatre and visual arts.

Compagnie des Quidams

Creation and touring of street shows, animations, events…
Several shows on tour, adaptable to every event.

People in Backpack

‘People in Backpack’ uses social issues and events that affect people’s lives and the environment as the content of
its performances. Its preferred performing tools include body movement, objects, mime and images, to tell stories in
a metaphorical way.

Wild N Beets

Wild N Beets is the creation of artists Daryl Beeton and Nicola Miles-Wildin


The sculptural quality of hairdressing becomes theatre in the barbers chairs of OSADIA. Audience members become the central performer, transformed on stage as styling becomes a showpiece,

The Primitives

Physical theatre based on humour, humanity, spontaneity, and interaction reaching out to all kinds audiences in all kinds of locations.


Africa Entsha deliver a Cappella with attitude. Hailing from South Africa they offer songs in English and their native Zulu (‘entsha’ means new in Zulu) with an energy and optimism that is entertaining and infectious.

Hope Street Limited

Hope Street Ltd is an award-winning arts organisation with nearly 30 years’ experience of producing innovative, dynamic outdoor performance.

cie Mystica Salvaje (Mystique Sauvage)

Mystica Salvaje. Street show compagny.
Proposes Fire shows, Events, and musical meditative performances.

Cirque Rouages

Cirque Rouages Company is a French collective, created in 2007 and codirected by 9 artists, technicians, musicians and constructors. It defends a collective creation approach with mechanic scenography, circus movements, dance, mime or clown, and with the common desire of live music.

Wheel Sensation

Our spectacular acrobatic performance include artistic show acts in:
German Wheel, Cyr Wheel, Aerial Silks and Ring.


infuseDANCE is a UK based dance company creating family friendly static and roaming performances and inspiring participatory projects.

Ahuma Productions

Where does power comes from?
Embracing our common humanity, Mr Banana is in a constant search for the abode of power.


Wendy Niklewicz and Juan Pablo Cozzani, two implacable artists who in 2013 joined their expertise in order to play with the tension,…

Ey Pacha!

Ey Pacha! is second-generation clown and magician, firstborn son of Romina y Pachín. From an early age, he began studying piano with several teachers. He continued his musical studies at the National Higher Conservatory of Music Carlos Lopez Buchardo and at the Conservatory of Music Manuel de Falla. He promotes self-education, with which he learned to play lots of musical instruments, both traditional and alternative: guitar, accordion, banjo, trumpet, musical saw, beatbox, percussion spoons, instruments made out of garbage, circuit bending (hacking sound toys), and others.

Matthew Harrison

Matthew’s new work, The Actual Reality Arcade uses visual art to create a participatory installation; a life-sized interactive games zone based on…

Beatriz Churruca

We are a team of three women artists: Hrvoslava Brkušić, Croatian multimedia & sound artist; Deirdre Cartmill, N. Irish poet, and Beatriz Churruca, Basque visual artist & Performer.

Eddy Eighty

“We just have to go back and listen to what they told us in the 80’s.”

Compagnia dei Folli

If you are looking for something new and spectacular, \”Compagnia dei Folli\” is the right answer!

Il Teatro Viaggiante

Company of comic theater and street theater, varieté and cabaret, juggling, unicycling and mime

Lucio Baglivo

Lucio Baglivo is a dancer, actor, dance and acrobatic teacher and

Indaco Circus

“Rechazos y caidas” is a show of contemporary circus where love, play and rejection are mixed and expressed through acrobatics and juggling. It’s an high impact show, suitable for all kind of audience.

Jean and Morag Tea Ladies

Two dear old ladies and their tricycle ride around stop and make tea and chat.

The Inflateabelles

A balloon force to be reckoned with. The inflate-a-belles will decorate your world with fabulous balloon creations.


Everyone has something to hide! But what lies behind the veil of our appearance? Another “I”? Naughty and disobedient? Or rather charming…

Circus Twist

Entertainment with a Circus Twist. Professional eyecatching stilt walkers and fire shows

Silence Teatro

The SILENCE Teatro performs research through expressive forms which combine the Theatre and the Environment encouraging a creative dialogue between urban spaces and artistic work.


“In-Controlado” tells about this part in our self that we feverishly try to hide until we can no longer hold it…

With a chinese pole, a mysterious closet and two capricious characters, this circus performance, both acrobatic and theatrical, funny and touching, will draw you in a quirky universe, on the edge of the magical and slightly absurd.

Cadute dalle nuvole

Theatre combined with dance and astonishing aerial acrobatics (double trapeze, multiropes, aerial hoop) is what offers the company CADUTE DALLE NUVOLE in their piece IMPASSE. The show tells the story of a sick and stalled relationship; of a mutual dependence and the yearning for freedom. Can consciousness gained save the relationship?

La Banshee

Theatre company dedicated to revealing and exploring hidden aspects of the world with a strong emphasis on the feminine.


Nanirossi was created in 2003 and is composed of two young artists: Matteo Mazzei and Elena Fresch, who both love circus and theater.


The story of circoPitanga is, like every story, a unique story. But what characterizes it perhaps the most is its multicultural background and various influences that give it both a diversified yet universal composition.

Compagnie En Plein Vol

We offer a unique style of trio acrobatics, combining spectacular acrobatics, comedy and elegance.

North – Art – Collective

North-Art-Collective is a new company, created by Baengditos theater, Hamburg, Tom Lanzki. Freecracy, our new and first show, have a look.

Tony Clifton Circus

The Tony Clifton Circus would like to be a neon sign with colored bulbs flashing the signal of an unusual presence.
Created in Italy in 2001, the Tony Clifton Circus is now all around Europe with crazies, stranges, funnies or whatever kind of performances…

Wheeze / Matt Marks and Parrabbola

Meet Wheeze, the organic organ, the vital organ, an
awkward orchestra.
Wheeze is an organ made from found materials.

Mr Wilson’s Second Liners

New Orleans meets 90s club classics…a rave funeral without the body.
In New Orleans, funerals are celebrated in style, with noisy brass bands processing through the streets. The main section of the parade is known as First Line, but the real fun starts with the Second Line, those who follow the band to enjoy the music, marching with the musicians and twirling parasols or waving handkerchiefs.

Welcome to Second Lining!

MéliMélo & Compagnie

MéliMélo & Compagnie works in a Project based on the object manipulation trough the senses.


Itinerània is a Company that creates and builds up Interactive Installations of Free Participation.

Unstable King


Oriol Escursell Domènech

NAQBA is a circus and dance show.

Headstrung Puppets

Puppet based mayhem for adults and children alike

Clap Clap Circo

Much more than hula hoops, humour and juggling


Light-Painting artist

Travelling Light Project

The Travelling Light Project is an experiment to see, if using modern technological advances, it is possible to connect with the whole world in the name of art.

Collectif Malunés

Collectif Malunés is a Franco-Belgian contemporary circus company — founded in 2009, in Belgium.

Bikes & Rabbits

Bikes&Rabbits is a contemporary circus company, based between France and England. We present works for indoors, outdoors or alternative venues.


They are on the alert!
They ensure the law is upheld!
Susana and Vanesa: police officers
Their mission: to protect the people and maintain the order
Their motto: everything is under control
The only question: who is controlling them?

Gorilla Circus

Gorilla Circus produces large scale outdoor flying trapeze and circus shows.

Emma Brierley / Swallow The Sea

Theatre Artist (designer/devisor/fabricator/performer) making absurdist shows and installations exploring the notion of home

FoolSize Theatre

Inspired by the Fool’s journey to unfix the world and everything in it, stepping into the unknown without any fear.

Playing With Space / Lawrence Bradby & Matthew Robinson

Playing With Space presents artist interventions and pedal-powered cinema with an environmental message.

Mr Silky Skills

Positive role model, Professional football freestyler, World class entertainer with 28 years youth engagement experience and a specialist in workshop delivery

Alodeyá Circo Danza

Alodeyá is a company searching for new ways of expression through the synergy among circus, dance and live music blurring the borders that isolate those disciplines.

National Circus School of Cambodia

National Circus School of Cambodia

Bordello Theatre

Bordello Theatre are specialists at creating work that responds to space, place and people producing a range of exciting and engaging theatre for a range of spaces and places.

Rare Species

Rare Species humour breaks traditional boundaries. Bringing delightful moments to people who wouldn’t dream of going to the theatre.

Tiger Power Shows

My name is Karukenya Conrad Edward Njeru H.S.C. (Head of State’s Commendation) a.k.a. Mr. Tiger Power – Africa’s Strongest Man, Global Superhuman Showdown Champion; my shows and performances of strength, power and brawn baffle many and leave all agape in wonder and in utter disbelief as they watch and behold my shows. My performances have been around for the last 50 years. This makes my stunt acts the oldest in Kenya and Africa Continent history of performing arts and the most awesome and loved by all.

Joshua Monten

all-terrain choreography and performance

Swing Zazou

Electro Swing dance band

Milly Jackdaw

Performance artist/storyteller. I present simple story tellings and more elaborate theatrical works.


DrZigs Extraordinary Bubbles

Rhubarb Theatre

Rhubarb Theatre delivers creative, original and theatrical experiences to entertain and stimulate imaginations of every age!


ULIK – artist, creative engineer, mastermind and producer from Germany.

DUNDU – The Gentle Giants of Light

DUNDU is an illuminated large-scale puppet that has enthralled spectators worldwide.Though large in size, he is a gentle creature that glides between audience members with ease and grace, tickling fancies and chins along the way.


I live with music and commedy, with lights and gestures… and above all I collect smiles and laughter.

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap is England’s largest learning disability theatre company that creates work for UK and international audiences.


Creative Sound & Light Art

Fanzini Productions

Fanzini Productions are an Irish-based circus company creating and touring contemporary circus street and theatre shows. The company also founded and produces the annual National Circus Festival of Ireland.


We makes shows and contraptions. Then we take them around the world.


aboutNOWish create sensory led, low capacity, interactive performance experiences for for young children and their families.

Teatr KTO

Established in 1977, Jerzy Zon and the KTO Theatre have created a theatrical phenomenon extraordinary in nature…

TXO titelles

Evaristo, our friendly and daring character, is doing the rounds of the streets in your
town, riding his recycled motorbike, full of gadgets and
unexpected devices.

How It Ended

How It Ended is a visually inventive theatre company based in the South East, jointly run by co-artistic directors Eva Sampson and Teresa Burns.

Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence

Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence (VDKL) creates bespoke and self-generated vertical dance performances in non-theatre and theatre locations with a wide range of participants.

Ida Barr

Ida Barr is the world first grandma gansta rapper – inventor of Artificial Hip Hop.

Karla Kracht & Andrés Beladiez

After several small collaborations, Karla and Andrés joined forces to create the interdisciplinary Live-Cinema-Show zoomwooz, a stage performance mixing various artistic disciplines, which has been presented at Festival du Nouveaux Cinema, Montreal / Dfesta, Seoul / Incheon Art Platform, South Korea / dferia, San Sebastian / Alhondiga Bilbao / Festival Alt, Vigo / Festival A PART, Katowice / Animac, Lleida / Figurentheater Festival Erlangen / Festival des Marionnettes Charleville amongst many others.
They develop their innovative work in creation residencies in Korea, Bolivia, Portugal, Germany and Spain, where they also participate in community activities, artists talks and give workshops and courses.
They are now working on their interactive installation 2062, a continuation of their homonymous theatre performance. They also work separately on theatre projects and video installations.

Chloe Loftus Dance

Chloe Loftus Dance creates vibrant choreographic work that engages the public eye through daring contact work, athleticism, evocativeness and humour.

Kitsch & Sync

Kitsch & Sync are a curiously quirky dance theatre collective making performances inspired by all things vintage and retro.

Citrus Arts

Circus-dance-theatre Indoors and outdoors, based in Wales.

Cie Les Enjoliveurs

Musicians, singers, tap-dancing and acrobatic wading birds!

yello brick

yello brick create exciting and imaginative interactive experiences in unexpected places.


La Fura dels Baus is eccentricity, innovation, adaptation, rhythm, evolution and transgression.


Internationally acclaimed company founded in 1987. Medium and large scale, non verbal shows for all audiences.


Circus-flamenco, multi-disciplined show

Kat Collett: Scintillating Circus Entertainment

Family Friendly Entertainment
Specialities: Hula Hoop, Staff Spinning and Whip Cracking.
Balloon Modelling and Physical Theatre

Funky Fi

I am a street performer with a main focus on Chinese pole, aerial silks and clowning.

Janine Harrington

Colourful and playful interactive dance works that place the audience in the position of player or gamer.

Circus Geeks

Circus Geeks make performances with juggling, humour and science.

CQP Produccions

A international catalan company of street theater.
Humorous street theater shows, fun and dynamics, without words.

Dawn Dreams Circus

Dawn Dreams Circus is a street theater company that includes juggling, human statue, stilt walking, and clowning. There is also a psychology base to the philosophy of DDC which she includes in her writing for the Flow Arts Institute.


HORTZMUGA TEATROA is a professional theatre company producing gut-wrenching shows that criticizes and analyzes current social context.

The Flying Dutchmen

Veterans of the street performing circuit, The Flying Dutchmen have performed at hundreds of festivals around the world. In 2018 they will celebrate their 30 year anniversary!

Circus Fergus

Top-notch circus street theatre delivered by a charming and funny Irishman with incredible skills

Malas Compañías

Malas Compañías is a circus . street theater group settled in Bilbao. Their main challenge is the balance between theatre and circus techniques, paying a special attention to the stage directions.

Companyia Ignífuga

We want that the audience experience be emotional, not just intelectual. The theatre that the company suggest goes beyond the pure narrativity.

En Diciembre

This physical, comical, absurd and unreal circus we build exists in a poetical world that tells us about human stupidity, that one that keeps us moving forward and helps us building ourselves.

oriol escursell domènech

Oriol Escursell is a trapezist who works with movement and balance.

Carla Rovira Pitarch

BFA in Acting by the Institut del Teatre and Degree in Social Working by Universitat de Girona.

Musical Ruth

Musical Ruth the singing nun and the amazing magical mobile piano is one of the top street acts in the country. Bless You!


DuoSu are an acrobatic pair who create unique performances, integrating theatre and rope in to their acrobatics.

Marga Socias

The Hole & Corner Travel Agency is an interactive experience for people who want to approach a city, town or neighbourhood from a different perspective: collective, sensory or fantastic with a hint of irony. Marga Socies, who guides the group of travellers (the audience), plays with the idea of truth/reality: telling stories from the actual history of the place which step by step merge into a new, more fantastic and poetic reality, a parallel world, where the obvious and the extraordinary coexist with the impossible.

Trophic Cascade

Creating dynamic performance, installation events relating to landscape, ecology in wild and unexpected spaces.


Compañía de Teatro y Música dedicada al reciclaje artístico sonoro

La La La Productions

Wales’ only bilingual Street Theatre Company to date. La La La are constantly creating new and wonderful worlds with fun characters.


TinCanCompany have a unique aesthetic and razor-sharp timing. They climb the Chinese pole, walk the slack rope and breathe life into everyday objects with a daredevil, heart-warming humour. They tell stories without words; wryly imaginative with some surprising points to make. TinCanCompany were formed by Rune Vadstrøm Andersen and Gry Lambertsen in 2006.

Duo Peruna

Hand to Hand


Using live performance and filmmaking as their primary mediums, TrashDollys combines breath-taking and expressive physicality with imaginative story-telling.

Instant Dissidence

Instant Dissidence is a Bradford-based company directed by Rita Marcalo: her way of bringing different artists to realise different ideas.

Southpaw Dance Company

Southpaw Dance Company, under the artistic direction of choreographer Robby Graham, create work within hip hop dance theatre that has been called, “… witty, hard‐edged, sure in focus, and sizzling in energy” (Clement Crisp, Financial Times).

CREW_Eric Joris

CREW is a Brussels-based performance group, initiated by Eric Joris.

Compagnie Oposito

At a time when society cultivates the notion of « every man for himself » and is constantly searching for a hero…


Barolosolo Company – aquatic and musical circus shows

DavidMoreno & cie

Pianist and composer, an eclectic artist searching for inspiration beyond music in theatre, dance, cinema and the plastic arts,


15ft6 is a Belgian based circus collective specialised in russian bar, tweeter board and Chinese pole.

The Shenanigans

Bringing mayhem and madness wherever they wander, the Shenanigans are a crazy troop of fools hell bent on entertaining YOU!!!


PasParTouT wants to divert, raise to laugh and to surprise, as well as to change the perspective and to touch. They have been invited to more than 30 different countries.


Tutatis Producciones Teatrales S.L is a Catalan enterprise with a large experience, 26 years old, into the ambit of scenic arts, specialized in production and distribution of events, theatrical plays, street shows and concerts.

Steelasophical Steel Band

We bring the Caribbean to you – Steelasophical is a UK based leading provider of Live Caribbean musical entertainment

The Dream Performance

Specialists in aerial performance, stilt-walking and bespoke productions and creators of the most beautiful freestanding aerial hoop act, ‘La Luna’.


A new restaurant is about to open. A highly qualified team is there to make it happen. The list of reservations is infinite!
A seemingly unending series of surprising events, accidents and catastrophes will prevent your table for 2 be ready.
“Mesa para 2“ offers you an international and incomparable experience.
Let yourself be surprised by its charm.

Scott & Muriel – The Accidental illusionists

World Champions of Magic!! Together they present amazing illusions of their own design combined with clever, visual comedy.  

The Way We Heal

The Way We Heal is a play about a process of self realization which can be painful as it demands change, acceptance and growth from within. African spiritualism has always had a negative impact. Throughout history the diviners have always been portrayed as being head shrinkers, negative beings that are primitive.

Hoopla Clique

Three clowns take you through a journey of ideas and concepts. Curiosity, naivety, childishness and nastiness are just some of the ways they provoke each other into creating this piece.

Burn the Curtain

Outdoor Participatory Theatre with the audience at its centre.

The Big Bounce

‘The Big Bounce’ is a fabulously playful outdoor performance for children 5 years and under, told with acrobatics and lots of big colourful balls.

Salitre Teatro

Clown. Street Theater

Them Two Dance

Katherine and Connor (aka Them Two) like to dance, especially together and especially outdoors.


Krash Cia. roughly 15 years performing arround the world.
was founded in Colombia, currently performing tour in China.
Headquartered in Barcelona (Spain) & Bogota (Colombia)

The South Devon Players Theatre Company

A theatre company from Devon, specialising in historical drama, and able to offer re-enactment, outdoor historical combat shows, sword dancing and much more.


It is a pleasure to announce that ELEGANTS will present, for the first time in UK, the great show CABARET ELEGANCE!!!
This will happen on 13th and 14th June, at the FUSE MEDWAY FESTIVAL

You will find all the information at:

Saturday, 13th June- Chatham, Kent
Sunday, 14th June Rochester Castle Gardens, Kent

You will be very welcome!

Teatre Nu

We are a theatre company that work hard for reinvent ourselves in every new project feeding us with images, sounds and words.

Abbozzo Arts

Abbozzo arts is an emerging north-west Street theatre and circus company. Working in the small to medium scale range.

The Consciousness Collective

We are a group of musicians and artists that provide positive immersive experiences to audience members.

Esther de Monteflores

slack-rope theatre

The Floating Cinema

The Floating Cinema is a unique purpose built 60 ft wide beam canal boat with a 16 seater cinema auditorium space built on board and central viewing deck. Built to travel the canals and inland waterways of London this unique contemporary boat delights and inspires passerby as it lights up and moors up to welcome guests on board to enjoy a boat trip or screening inside with our state of the art screening facilities and surround sound or transform the space into a stunning workshop or party space.


BeautifulMess instigate playful performance projects, creating interactive, socially-relevant, celebratory shows in public places, connecting communities, unearthing magic, exploding possibilities!

Mufti Games

We create theatrical installations that rediscover the simple enjoyment of classic kids’ games as a collective experience for all ages, bringing passers by together in the spirit of healthy competition and happenstance.

La Bella Tour

Once the circus was at full bloom and the audiences cheered the skilful acrobats and the courageous lion tamers night after night….


Cardboardia – how to build your ideal world

Imagine you could step out of your normal life and become a character in your own story. How would you make it?
Whether you would like to be an artist or an entrepreneur (performer), fully immersed or to visit for a while, Cardboardia gives you the tools to build a community or participate in a totally unique creative experiment.

Outdoor performances, parades and processions, workshops and festivals even real size towns from cardboard.

Larbre a Nomades

L’Arbre à Nomades is a Company of street theatre and theater for youth.

Luca Art

Street performance with improvisation using marionettes.


Transe Express – Inventors of Imagination –
Pioneers of Celestial Art

Mhairi Muir

i am an artist…still learning…making stop motion animations and videos…creating installations…taking photographs…

Knuckle and Joint

Knuckle and Joint Theatre Company are a Kent based duo specialising in intricate puppetry design and dynamic outdoor performance.

Ian Marchant

Street shows and walkabout blending juggling, clowning, comedy and audience participation with a classic vaudevillian twist

Tinderbox Creations

The idea here is to enthuse people about science via a unique and entertaining theatrical experience. Yes, its educational, but it certainly isnt boring and If you like fire, explosions, loads of mess and mind bending magic, youll love Pumpernickel.
Old classics and new inventions are performed and shared with much enthusiasm and humour. Often requiring the help of audience volunteers (especially the really messy bits!).

BLAST Furness

A stomping street band – 20 strong- of brass, percussion and vocals. Its raw, exhilarating tunes always get the crowd dancing.

Dan Fox – Sound Intervention

Installations, sound art, film, soundtracks, performance and music. Bespoke creative ideas realised. Aural and visual.

Les Krilati

Circus Cabaret

Peut-etre Theatre/Dante or Die

Dante or Die create ambitious and infectious theatre that moves audiences through surprising spaces.

Marta Mackova Animation Projections for Theatre

Bespoke animation and video art for theatre projections

Andréanne Thiboutot

Street and stage hula hoop and comedy performer

Katja Heitmann

Katja Heitmann is a young choreographer (Germany, 1987), graduated in 2012 with a BA Choreography at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg,…

Artstrust Productions

Artstrust works with partners to bring international and culturally diverse work from overseas to UK audiences

The Knotted Project

The Knotted Project is a diverse, imaginative physical theatre company dedicated to creating visually captivating work.


A duo of acrobats rests six meters high, fed by the most suffering tension, ready to break anything that may seem to be standing still. The manoAmano Company exhibits how acrobatics takes a new shape when it is transferred from the floor that everybody steps on, to the air that everybody dreams of. The manoAmano Circus Company does not fly, they know they never will, but they keep trying anyhow.

Chris Lynam

wild inventive musical Clown in a class of my own

Ola Szostak & Willemijn Schellekens

A banquet for both eyes and ears

Orchestre Ruffanti

With influences such as Sergio Mendes, Pink Martini , Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Nouvelle Vague, the fabulous 12–piece World Music Cabaret Ensemble Orchestre Ruffanti are an ever-so-slightly kitsch treasure-trove of retro glamour and charity shop audio-exotica.


Oldham Theatre Workshop is a creative, inclusive and quality drama resource contributing to the personal and social development of young people and the community in Oldham.

Boom Booms

All female street theatre trio, from Liverpool. Making, fun, playful interactive acts.

Urban Angels

Urban Angels is an innovative cross art form specialising in creative aerial theatre productions that pioneers original work by both astoundingly talented professional artists and aspiring community performers.


La Tal is a Street Theatre Company founded in 1986.
We create funny stories without words and visually powerful.


Mobile musical instruments made from recycled and found objects. Includes a xylophone made from spanners, singing bowls, gongs, thumb pianos and multifarious wonders.

On wheels, with battery powered amplification and illuminations. Perfect for outdoor venues; street festivals, woodlands, or playgrounds.

Pepa Plana AND Toti Toronell

‘Despistats’ are two parallel lives that never coincide, yet are so alike that their shadows merge with one another. He is often reflected in a nickel spoon, and she likes to paint her lips a deep red. They are just any old two people, anywhere in the world, who carry on with their routines. They only meet when they need something from each other. That’s when something changes in their lives: the loss of what they most loved. Toti Toronell & Pepa Plana, recently awarded Catalonia’s Prize for Culture [Premi Nacional de la Cultura de Cataluña], are two clowns with very different ways of working, yet they share a very similar understanding of the poetry of their art.


ART is not only to entertain.
Art is to provoke, to move, to make people reACT.
Art can act.

Blauwe Uur

Blauwe Uur is a collective that creates visual, theatrical installations and performances.

The Libyan National Theatre

Education: Diploma of drama at Jamal eddin Al Melady Institute
Higher Diploma in the field of film making from the International Institute for cinema: London Film School.


A catalan by adoption, but really a mixture of various nationalities who formation took place all over Europe. Schvarzstein spends his life avidly accumulating experiences.

Joan Catala i Carrasco

Pelat is body poetry. Pelat is ritual, movement and collective action. Pelat eliminates the boundaries between dance, circus, theatre and performance; between audience and spectator.

Flipping the Bird

Collaborative theatre company, making work that is political, subversive and entertaining. Site specific / interactive / inventive.

Page One Theatre

Page One Theatre believes that children should be offered inspirational theatrical experiences.

Light The Fuse & Scribbled Thought

Light The Fuse charge everyday spaces with explosive visual and physical elements to surprise and captivate audiences of all ages. Our shows are character driven, with a strong narrative and aim to make audiences reconsider our usual environments and see the fun in the mundane.

Tombs Creatius

For 13 years now Tombs Creatius company (created by Toni Tomas) thinks up, designs and builds artisan games our of wood, for people of all ages.


VOALA Company is a scenic experimentation group, in which the main characteristics are aerial choreographic sequences mixed with live music on stage.


GANSO&Cía is a small theatre company based in Durango (Basque Country).


A professional theatre company from Bilbao since 1989 which has embraced a form of handcrafted theatre.

Shakti Olaizola

Shakti Olaizola created in 2012 her own company with works that mixes contortion, acrobatics, dance an theatre.

Directie & Co

Laundry XL is a street theatre performance by six women and a large pile of sheets.


An established and innovative Company, Nutkhut is an ideas-led performing arts organisation drawing inspiration from its British Asian Artistic Directors.

Fanfare Le S.N.O.B

Since 1994 the Company The SNOB seeks to develop in the field of street arts and public space in its greatest diversity.

Moxie Brawl

Moxie Brawl produces work that creates worlds for audiences to experience through dance theatre. A fresh, all-female company; and winner of the Gone In 20 Minutes 2013 Jury Prize.

Circus Ronaldo

Circus Ronaldo is a small family concern, very much in keeping with the romantic circus tradition. They have performed generation upon generation, and the arts have been passed on from generation to generation. Danny and David are the sixth generation, and it looks as if the seventh, even though still very small, will follow suit.

Shaun Parker & Company

Shaun Parker & Company is an exhilarating and bold new Australian dance company that has exploded onto the international dance scene

Nuno Silva

With a varied career in contemporary dance, fado singing, classical opera and West End musicals, Nuno Silva is launched on the outdoor performance circuit with Soul of Fado.

Cie Pied en Sol

Dance and music, street art

Producciones Imperdibles

Theatre and dance company that uses a multimedia language

Madame Zucchini’s Vegetable Entertainment

Vegetable entertainment shows specialising in vegetable theatre, vegetable creature making sessions and courgette-costumed walkabout

Tiata Fahodzi

Tiata Fahodzi is a British-African theatre company led by Lucian Msamati.

DDF Crew

DDF Crew is specialized in jump rope and double dutch shows.
They became world famous with the music video Rise Up (Yves Larock) and their shows at the F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi and Bahrain, but maybe most of all with their victory in the 2012 edition of Holland’s Got Talent.

NotOnly4Boys Theatre Co.

We are NotOnly4Boys Theatre Company and we are proud to be one of the UK’s youngest professional street theatre companies.


LIVSMEDLET is a visual theatreduo. Combining skills in object theatre, puppetry and dance they explore a theatrical world that questions and plays with our perception of reality and everyday life.


This is MiMi Berlin based Japanese Performing artist.
My Show is suitable for Event, Festival, Gala, Convention, Party and Circus

Guixot de 8

Street performance with games made with reused materials

La Bella Tour

30 years ago they were the kings of the ring. The principal clowns in one of the best circus’s of the time. They were the main number of the show. Now they are the show.
30 years later all that remains are these two clowns. They play all the parts, acrobats, assistants, equilibrists, ushers… Two old friends who (once again) do what they know how to do best. Entertain and surprise the audience.”

ACTUA Produccions

Our Street Theater Company ACTUA Produccions was established in 2003 in Barcelona (Catalonia). Our shows and walk acts are addressed to all kind of public and events.


Pestiferous creates work which is funny, interactive, playful and gently subversive. They bring dance, comedy and physical theatre to everyday spaces for truly uplifting, curious and joyful experiences.

Black Country Touring

Black Country Touring brings some of the best professional touring theatre and dance from the UK and beyond to the local communities of the Black Country. We also produce high quality site-specific theatre shows, borne our of stories from the Black Country.

La Reial

Site specific theater company from Barcelona.

Stuff and Things

Highly original interactive, comedy walkabouts and soundscape installations, that blur the boundary between theatre and reality.

Vortex Creates

VORTEX Creates are Producers of

BK Compagnie

BK Compagnie defends a unique vision of street performing arts, by researching, developing and creating projects that are mainly based on body and urban space…


Improvising..playing.. searching for laughter, complicity, emotion…
Leandre is one of our best international contemporany clowns.

Fabio Zaganelli

Fabius one-man show is a juggler, equilibrist, comedian, and fireshow. Very intense and funny performer for a unique act

OTTER Produces

OTTER Produces is the new production company, specialising but not limited to, the creation of unique, interactive, puzzle-style street theatre shows. Hosted by the black and white striped OTTER, the crowd pleasing Coin-Operated Artist has delighted the public young and old all over the UK this Summer 2013 and is set to continue in 2014.

World Walker

Huge stilt walking characters that create sound light and atmosphere as a story based arena show or an interactive walkabout.

Lucid Incident

Lucid Incident is a company that makes high quality outdoor performance with an integral participatory aspect.


Macnas is an internationally acclaimed performance and spectacle company based in an old pram factory in Galway city, Ireland.


Contemporary dance creators… sharing experiences of human nature, triggering questions of what we are and the world we live in.

Eric MacLennan

Scottish theatre maker – makes bold, cutting-edge work with a clear focus on its audience, challenging, provocative but always entertaining.

Draw & Code

Hi, we are Draw & Code, a team of talented artists, illustrators, animators and programmers based in Liverpool. Our multi-discipline creative studio has worked on everything from multi-media theatre to augmented reality apps. We are specialists in both projected video and animation for live performance.


Insectotròpics is an artistic collective experimenting by fusing and interacting between video, painting, music and theatre to create multidisciplinary performances.

Titan the Robot

8ft of Steaming Robotic Loveliness!

Seven Dials Rapscallions

Historical interpretation and Street Theatre – The Victorian world on the streets of today. Victorian entertainers for all manner of events.

Proyecto Otradnoie

The main point in our work is to seek and develop a stage language wich will bring together : circus, objects, construction of sound devices, movements and sound creation ; These components become incorporated into feeding show and dramaturgy.

Same Difference Arts

Dynamic, street performer trained in circus, clown and physical theatre. I revel in bringing characters to life, embodying puppets, and engaging with families and communities in interactive street and outdoor performance.

Kate Flatt Projects

Contemporary folk-inspired dance and music performance in urban outdoor contexts with strong narrative and ritual themes

Japo & Luludi – Circus Follies

Swinging in the world between charm and fantasy, playing with gravity and involving the viewer in a dream with the nose pointing up.

Clown Noir

Clown Noir provides Circus/spectacle stage and street shows.
Walkabout characters, Circus skills and Clown workshops.

Emergency Poet

Emergency Poet… the world’s first and only mobile poetic first aid service.


Chileans MURMUYO Y METRAYETA research movement and gesture in the urban space. Home made virtuosity of exuberant imagination, taking the audience to frenetic shows.

Les Enfants Terribles Theatre Company

\\\’Razor sharp theatre group Les Enfants Terribles\\\’ (THE TELEGRAPH) is one of the most innovative and exciting theatre companies working today creating original touring theatre, interactive events and outdoor experiences that inspire and entertain.


Bob &Bob Jobbins combine bold comic characterisation with animation and quirky installations and structures.

Glenn Sharp

Glenn Sharp is a flamenco guitarist based in the UK. Available as a soloist or flamenco performance group.

Il Cataldo

Il Cataldo creates original indoor/outdoor performances that explore the boundary between circus and theatre through slackrope, improvisation, comedy and clown.


An Inventive Street and Outdoor Theatre Company.
Initially funded by Arts Council England. Circadian works with a variety of different artists, pyrotechnicians, musicians and performers to create exciting original outdoor theatre


Ramshacklicious Theatre Company makes collaboratively devised theatre with the audiences’ experience at the centre.

Tandava Kalari

Tandava Kalari offers performance and worrkshops of fire and shadow inspired by kalaripayattu, the oldest martial art in India


Oddlings develops and performs theatrical acrobatic acts.


Cocoloco excels in everything from Glimpse Theatre’ to Vaudeville on the Street to Cabaret and Hardcore Experimental Theatre. We direct large outdoor and indoor shows and site specific work.

Les Commandos Percu

Energy in motion.

For more than 20 years the team has travelled the world with its innovative percussion work and specific knowledge about fireworks.

Stilt Batteristas

Drumming group who perform on stilts.

Heels Over Head Dance Theatre

Versatile performer, Agathe trained in Contemporary Dance.
She is also a talented actress and singer.

Kate & Pasi

Kate and Pasi are circus artists from Finland. In their newest street show they are combining hand to hand acrobatic, foot juggling and juggling.

Garlic Theatre

Garlic Theatre is an international award winning puppet Company which tours extensively in the UK and has played in 15 countries around the world.

What’s Coming out of the Box

What’s Coming out of the Box? is a production company creating innovative and exciting performances & engaging with audiences in playful and unusual ways.

Impermanence Dance Theatre

Impermanence Dance Theatre aims to make work of the highest quality that is rooted in socially engaged practice. We are committed to using art as a vehicle to support people in their daily lives, and to producing inspirational theatre.

Greenbanks Productions

Greenbanks Productions is a creative cooperative production group that makes street theatre.

Emergency Exit Arts

Emergency Exit Arts (EEA) creates unforgettable events and participatory experiences using visual
performance, processions, puppetry, music and pyrotechnics.


Circus poetry

Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band

We are a Good-Time band who specialise in early blues and jazz forms, ragtime, old-timey idioms and Vaudeville and Music Hall traditions.


Samba – Bhangra fusion band, percussion based. Available for street (drums only) or stage (with bass, keys, soloists, etc). Dancers optional.


World class street art with public participation that will get your event noticed!

Natural Theatre Company

Natural Theatre Company is based in the City of Bath and is one of the most well established street theatre companies in…

Hotch Potch Performance

Performance company specialised in Outdoor Arts, fusing arts practices together to create new work.

Stan Ratchet

An interactive contemporary clown show. The show combines contemporary and classic clowning with a high level of circus skills.

The Bone Ensemble

The Bone Ensemble are a Birmingham based company founded in 2002 by Jill Dowse and Adam Ledger. Over the last 10 years we have created a wide variety of performances, from national touring projects to site-specific pieces in car parks and participatory storytelling projects for children. The Caravan Show! has grown out of our long-term interest in devising and theatre for young audiences.

Argot Teatre

Argot Theatre, theater company for children and youth, find a theater able to connect with viewers curious, able to generate experiences and reflections.


A company based in Brighton producing high quality street entertainment for early years audiences (aged 0-5 years) and their adult carers. Currently touring a static show the ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ which can be supported by a walkabout program.

everyBODY dance

everyBODY dance, based in north-east Herefordshire, works in collaboration with artists to provide creative opportunities that aim to bring disabled and non-disabled…

La Belle Image

We are a unique fanfare band performing choreographed acoustic music, originating from South America. Our aim is to introduce people to these addictive entrancing rhythms. Live music and dance…

Banjo Circus

Comedy Cowboy Lasso Banjo Show.
FrankTastico, one man in love with two things: banjo and circus.

He will capture you imagination with his amazing lasso tricks.
Scintillate your ears with his virtuosic banjo playing
and impress you with his circus abilities.
20 years of music, comedy and circus culminate in this banjo-circus solo show.

Granny Turismo

A UK based company producing walkabout street entertainment based on Segways.


SDNA is a creative studio based in London producing distinctive digital artwork.

Our objective is to explore techniques of interaction within public spaces, using emerging technologies and unusual presentation media. Our interdisciplinary approach, integrating site-responsive installation and live performance, aims to widen the scope of digital art.

The Honk Project

The Honk Project is a theatre company based in Whitstable, specialising in musical clowning shows, both indoor and outdoor, for children and families.

Lost Boys Productions

A company based in Derby producing street theatre walkabouts that lead to full scale theatre and film productions.

A Fettle of Kitsch

With playful interaction and cheeky humour, we aim to deliver quality street theatre with skill, passion and joie de vivre.

Au Fil du Vent

Au Fil du Vent Company has been in existence for ten years. It kept growing and produced about a hundred performances per…


Antonella D’Ascenzi is theatre-dance performer. The contamination between Latin American and European style, which marked her formation, has led to street work that seeks to transform the urban space, to break its daily use and create a language that is not “”a show””, but that would establish a living dialogue with the urban space.

La Malette


Companhia Erva Daninha

We are in an industrial environment haunted by the strong noise of machines, the air wrapped in a dull haze of dust….

Teatro Metamorfoso

Right before your eyes the incredibly beautiful Ludmilla transforms in an alarmingly frightful gorilla. The best ancient fairground amusement you can get!

Talking birds

In 19 years of operation, Talking Birds has produced over 100 projects in venues. Talking Birds have been heralded as pioneers of site-specific theatre by the Guardian and the companys work has been likened to & taking part in a David Lynch movie by the Independent on Sunday.


A company based in london producing a mix of hiphop/breakdance/contortion/circus arts theatre

Générik Vapeur

A musical street theatre company created in 1984 by Caty Avram and Pierre Berthelot, Générik Vapeur uses public space as a source of inspiration and a support for play.

Marco Neri & Luca Regina

A magic comedy show into a vintage van for ten people at time.


Bombastic specialises is dance theatre and new media productions for young people. We are based in Cardiff with an office in London. We create high tec productions combining animation and dance theatre which we tour to theatres. We are now developing a NEW strand of work: family friendly highly visual dance theatre productions for street festivals and summer festivals.

Actfunny – William Wilding

Comedy Acts and Caricaturist…

Small scale Comedy Shows and Street Arts

Gromic – Visual Comedy


-Touching Hearts, Spreading Smiles! –

Artemis Productions

Artemis are a Liverpool based company specialising in interactive Stilt walkabout characters.


Company based in Italy developping new way on vertical dance so called NouveauCirque vertical. Working in two direction: oniric-video installation vertical dancers and also street theater involving vertical dance.
Without forgetting poetry, circus, dreams….

KUD Ljud (Artistic collective Ljud)

A company based in Ljubljana, SLOVENIA, producing non-verbal interactive street theater.

Small World Theatre

Based in our purpose built centre in Cardigan, West Wales our company produces a wide variety of work including. Company produced spectacular…


Muneka and Tragaleguas join to create Emigrants in 2009. Both come from the theatrical studies and their starting point is the action. Tragaleguas reinforces it with physical expression and word, which has lead them to develop their own interpretation work; Muneka reinforces it with physical expression and plastic arts, which has lead them to create their own workshop. After more than ten years walking their own ways in several different cities of Spain and other places abroad, they join to create street theatre, one of their favourite places to play.

Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Company

Fidget Feet is Ireland’s foremost Aerial Dance Theatre Company creating spectacular indoor and outdoor work.

Gisele Edwards

Physical spaces on, around and below the rope.

Sammy Dineen

Acrobatics and handstands.

Strange Bird Zirkus & All Or Nothing

Contemporary Circus Theatre.

Upfront Arts

A complete marionette circus in miniature, with a tightrope walker, trapeze artist, acrobats, clowns and wild animal acts.


Lords of Strut are a two man company offering circle street shows/ stage shows and walkabout characters. From their base in Cork, Ireland they tour the world.


Street theatre orchestra and circus act

The Ramos Acrobats

International acrobatics act, suitable for indoor and outdoor

Noisy Oyster

Parnership of a puppeteer and circus performer producing and performing puppetry based shows and walkabout.

Compagnie animotion

A non-verbal French theatre company creating exciting multidisciplinary street theatre

Ponten Pie

Ponten Pie projects explore a new theatrical language and new ways to involve the spectator, using strong images and very few words.

Kuljit Bhamra

Kuljit Bhamra is one of the most inspiring and influential musicians, composers and record producers on the British Asian music scene.

Other Half Productions

An established street theatre company based in London producing small scale visual street theatre

Songsmith Solar

Eco-PAs, stages, covers, acts, workshops and entertainment..

Dudendance Theatre

Dudendance Theatre create work that defies a singular interpretation having pioneered an original voice by layering film, soundtrack, narrative and movement. Each…

Arizona Jones

American artist based in Australia, Tim performs a compelling and successful static street show, Arizona Jones.

In Toto Theatre

We create outdoor theatrical participatory arts events as well as producing small and middle-scale street arts performances.

Hi-Tech steel band

Hi Tech Steel Band have a broad musical repertoire which includes a selection of Joy Division songs ‘Transmission’ and ‘Love Will Tear us Apart’ plus ‘Ever Fallen In Love’ by the Buzzcocks


Cirqulation Locale presents ?crossover? circus shows which tour all over Europe throughout the year.

All Play

All Play (Nikki O’Hara and Vanessa Cook) are a dance theatre company who perform in any setting, teach workshops to a large range of participants and choreograph original work on any group. They are a complimentary female duo who make physical, raw and witty work. Most refreshingly, All Play have the ability to laugh at themselves and the human condition.

punch drunk

Punchdrunk creates a unique performance style that is innovative and intensely physical.

Cie les Decatalogues

The Décatalogues was born in 1995. Differents shows and interventions are translated into Italian, into Russian and into English. With the manipulation…

Cie Carabosse

The fire installation is a magical and sensory experience awaits you as spaces are transformed into a glowing fairytale environment.

Daphna Sadeh and the Voyagers

A music company based in London performing in the UK and internationaly. The company performs in outdoor festivals.

La Salamandra

A beautiful and atmospheric nighttime spectacle combining live music, dance and photography. An audio visual treat!

Compagnie Antipodes

Beautiful dance duet between to lovers

A dance which challenges physical and metaphorical boundaries

Marcelo De Ramos

Awesome Brazilian acrobat and stuntman

Ric Taylor

A funny, quirky, family-friendly show combining impressive juggling feats and audience participation.

Tango Siempre

Tango Siempre take you on a breathtaking journey into the heart of Tango Argentino.

The Cautley Carollers

The Cautley Carollers sing three and four part harmony arrangements of songs from countries where many people sing as naturally as they talk.

Wright Stuff Puppet Company

Ruff Daddy and Bad Mutha – brilliant comedy animation from the Wright Stuff Puppet Company. 

Peter Tells Lies

Peter Tells Lies create pieces which focus on characterisation, humanity, imagery and the bizarre, taking on elaborate research processes to find different outcomes for our ideas.


Strandlooper, has been a sole trader since 2001.

White Rabbit

White Rabbit is a new company whose emphasis is on storytelling, encouraging new writers, and exploring the stories of the communities in which we work.

The Sonic Manipulator

I call myself The Sonic Manipulator and I dress up in a space suit and helmet (with lots of cool lights) and make very interesting music from a selection of musical instruments I have invented

Chol Theatre

Chol Theatre is a contemporary theatre company based at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield.

Chol creates dynamic participatory theatre and performance projects. Our work covers history, memory, politics, community and meanings of home.


A circus and physical clown show.A large cube opens. An eccentric and a Dj on scene, laughs and gags will not stop. We will travel from a rock concert to a boxing match or a love disappointment… Humor, balloons, hands stand, hula hops, explosions, music, sound and much more. Sensitive, emotional, original, and very funny!
A circus and modern clown show. Street or inside.

Perfect Pitch Productions

Lee Hayes is an outdoor performer extraordinaire, with 25 years international experience in interactive comedy, and event organization


a company that makes humour performance / theatre in a caravan for street festivals.

Marc Brew Company

Founded in 2008, Marc Brew Company fuses a fierce physicality with tender expression to explore an emotional narrative in dance. Grounded in both contemporary technique and classical ballet, the work draws on the unique physicality of each performer.

LoJo – SASA Music

Based in a farm house in Angers, France, Lo’Jo combine theatre, circus, lighting and music from around the world.


Balloonatic are a unique walkabout act of 10 lovely performers, fabulously dressed, hilariously interactive, and creating balloon art at a level you never dreamed possible!

Adam Riley

A creator and designer of outdoor events and entertainment from large scale installations to smaller street props.


Based in France, I’m in charge of international artists which are classified as world Music. Some of them present gigs on stage and also street presentations.


Epicentro produces visual comedy and sketch pieces

Mundo Jazz

The World’s only comedy/world music band


ArtYarn work with knitting, crochet, weaving and embroidery to create projects and workshops for galleries, museums and creative organisations.

Circo Ripopolo

?This mini-circus was brilliant in its simplicity? De Twentsche Courant

Fittings Multimedia Arts

A young woman seeks to live away from the earth. With a watchmaker/mechanic she creates a structure that fuses her body and spirit with a machine…

Maynard Flip Flap and Bathtime Theatre

A company based in Sheffield producing small scale visual street theatre actually.

Claire Mooney

Singer-songwriter Claire Mooney is celebrating the 20 anniversary of the release of her first album in 1989. She performs across the UK at a variety of venues and events

Edinburgh Performers

High calibre circus artists and entertainers. Edinburgh Performers provides stunning acts to clients across the UK and abroad.


Markmark is one of Britain’s leading festival and street theatre companies. We develop new, cutting edge and creative performances for many different audiences.

EXPLOSIVE | Entertainments & Events |

Explosive Entertainments provides a comprehensive range of musical entertainment and services. Our services include Dhol players, Dancers, DJs, Live bands and more….


Tanante, managed by Drumroots (a Manchester based worker’s co-operative), offer performances of traditional West African drumming, dance and song.

Provisional Danza

Provisional Danza prove there is poetry and magic to be found on every street corner.


Circii (pronounced sirk eye) – Specialising in the middle-bit where circus skills, choreography, and comedic physical theatre collide.


A passionate show about love, tango and fire.

Juggling Inferno

Bringing together the skills some of the finest fire performers – a smile on their face and fire in their bellies.

Boom Dang

Boom Dang is an internationally acclaimed, unique and innovative side-ways drumming band. Performing with choreography, vocals, tuned percussion and costume, Boom Dang perform an original mix of Drum & Bass, Bhangra, Hip-Hop, Latin, Afro-Beat, Merengue and Moroccan Trance. They WOW audiences where-ever they go with their heady mix of live beats, high energy moves and big sound.

Kingsize Five

Critically acclaimed, genre straddling outfit with big ego’s and big stage presence.

Wendy Meadley

Beautiful, colourful dramatic flags dress the whole festival or be a piece in their own right.

Circle of Trust

The Circle of Trust is a collective of street hip-hop artists who have been developing original and dynamic work for four years.


The Eklektika dancers make their way across the city using pedestrian crossings to mark their route, waiting in stillness for the green man to light up and give the signal to perform.

Hofesh Shechter Company

Young and urban and very much in Shechter’s own world of fluid movement and complex dance sequences this highly charged work, set to a throbbing percussive score composed by Shechter himself, leaves audiences buzzing.

Liz Lea

Liz Lea specialises in the field of contemporary South Asian dance and is based between London and Sydney.


Playful Theatre in Unusual Places

Lingua Franca World Music Agency

Various Artistes perform a variety of musical disciplines and styles from different cultures.

Larkin’ About

Larkin about create original and well-crafted interactive comic characters.

Paprika Balkanicus

an electrifying show of fantastic musicianship and irresistible tunes makes every one sing, dance and call for more!


A spontaneous masterpiece of comic participation.

Kinetic Theatre Company

Living statues, physical theatre, roaming characters, interactive installations; the Kinetic performs a diverse range of theatre stretching from the beautifully surreal to the absurdly comic.

Kompany Malakhi

Kompany Malakhi ‘creating experiences that change perspectives’ Established in 1994, Kompany Malakhi is one of the most innovative, progressive and exciting physical…

Claire Ducreux

Claire Ducreux is a dancer who enchants with uncomplicated moments of shared emotion.

Tavaziva Dance Company

Tavaziva Dance are a company know for their unique combination of contemporary and African styles.


We perform classic pop songs and original material in a gentle Brazilian style, with guitar, percussion and vocals.

Boredbrands Digital Funfair

A Travelling Collection of Interactive Games, Installations and Curiosities

Dans La Poche

Specialists in Theatre d Intimite Creators of intimate shows blending magic & illusion with comic detail and a highly participatory approach. Drawing inspiration from dark fairytales and iconic female figures from Mary Poppins to Match Girls.

Disciplines: Magic & illusion, contemporary clowning, object theatre.

Le Tennis

Le Tennis create work that is both wonderfully funny and beautifully executed. They take the art of juggling into a new league.

Wet Picnic

Wet Picnic is a devised theatre ensemble that creates high-impact visual and physical theatre for everyone.

Tongues of Fire

Tongues of Fire are a riot of reeds, brass and rhythm section making a ?joyful noise? for dreaming, dancing and celebration

The Top Bananas

Band of musicians in costume on stilts!

Science in a Suitcase

Surreal pseudo Science Walkabout and Static Show suitable for family audiences.

Mancunian Steam & Pressure Navigation Company

The Mancunian Steam & Pressure Navigation Company are a rogue congregation of Ingeniuers and Fabricators with a special interest in the aquisition and performance of Anomalous Acoustic Devices…

Volcano Theatre Company

Volcano makes fearless and inspiring theatre – our style is high energy, bold, exuberant and visual.

La Sonámbula

LA MUERTE ES MENTIRA talks about life without words.It is a rítmic-visual trip that speaks about construcción and destrucción ,our eternal condicion.LA SONAMBULA loves to work with the minimum material to return a l´essence of the realy theater.

Flaming Fun

Providing professional entertainment for any event – Stilt Walkers, Fire Performers, Walkabout Acts, fire shows, living statues, caricatures, etc.

Creative Kids


Dominic Kelly, The Storyteller

Multicultural storytelling that draws audiences into other worlds and enlists their help in the telling.

Sleepy Ed Hicks

Walk abouts or static stage shows which get people laughing and dancing

The Half Human Video Theatre

Sparky is a self contained radio-controlled robot his persona is a friendly and cheeky.

nirmal singh dhiman

Nirmal Dhiman is an emerging visual artist, illustrator and designer, who creates interactive instalations.


Graeae is a force for change in world-class theatre – breaking down barriers, challenging preconceptions and boldly placing Deaf and disabled artists centre stage.


Prepare to enter the entertaining and weirdly wonderful world of the Strangelings…

Ragroof Theatre

A Brighton-based theatre company, specialising in site-sensitive work, engaging and collaborating with the community in which its productions are realised.


Based in Edinburgh, AVIATRICKS perform comic and serene acrobalance acts, aerial theatre, and provide face-painting, entertainers and circus skills workshops for children and adults.

The Curious Eyebrows

Winston and Stuart – The Curious Eyebrows – are a couple of Britain’s top circus performers


Pete Moser has developed many one man bands…Each one is a unique performance as a walkabout or a static show.

Djambass Music

Djambass Music brings Africa to the streets of Britain!

The Wandering Arms

The Wandering Arms is a bar on wheels self propelled walkabout show that comes provided with all the props, a gang of unruly bar types and a whole host of merry bar quips

Plunge Boom

We specialise in imaginative & interactive street theatre for family audiences. In addition, we provide workshops, outreach & event production.

The Krape Twins

The Krape Twins are a musical comedy walkabout act

Jago JA

Jago JA is an innovative modern-circus company specialising in high-skill artistic juggling.

Bread and Butter Theatre Company

The Bread and Butter Theatre Company presents weird and wonderful selection of shows and walkabouts.

The David Cassel Project

David Cassell is an independant producer who specializes in the creation and production of new performance ideas from solo to ensembles.

The Zen Hussies

Zen Hussies are a highly visual and energetic street music band who play original & traditional material in the dixieland jazz, tango, klezmer, ska and rhythm and blues genres.