We are pleased to unveil the XTRAX Outdoor Arts Hot 100!

Last month, The Stage 100 2018 was announced.

This is a brilliant list, however, we noticed that you can count the number of outdoor arts professionals featured on one hand.

The outdoor arts sector is growing. And that’s down to the talented group of people who work year-round to make the sector what it is today. In a response to The Stage’s 100, we challenged ourselves to come up with a list of at least 100 people and partnerships that have impacted outdoor arts here in the UK.

We are pleased to unveil the XTRAX Outdoor Arts Hot 100!

This isn’t a ranking, but an alphabetical list and a celebration of the natural, engaging and dedicated talent in our sector. This list covers the breadth of our sector, from the major players who’ve made outdoor arts what it is today, to those new to the sector who will leave their mark on the sector in the coming years. This list reflects the diversity in outdoor arts; something that, as a sector, we are proud of.

We struggled to contain this list to just 100 people; we could have listed 150 people; there are so many who could – and should – be on this list.

Keep your eyes open during events, conferences, networking meeting and festivals across the year for the names and faces on this list; each one of them has something special to say.

Let us know what you think of our Hot 100 by getting on social media and using the hashtag #XTRAX100 and tell us who you think should be on it.