XTRAX Global Conversations: International Marketplaces (Webinar)

Watch now our XTRAX Global Conversations webinar, focused International Marketplaces.

Available to watch on YouTube – See below

Filmed at our webinar event on Friday 13th November on Zoom.

International marketplaces are crucial to the development of the outdoor arts sector. These events are like a big shop window of what is going on and who is who. It’s where you’ll find the key players and influencers from across the industry as they come together to view presentations new work, network with colleagues and get involved in current debates. Marketplaces are also gateways for artists and companies to get their work seen and booked in new territories outside their home country.

With the ongoing disruption of COVID-19 and uncertainties around the future of UK/EU relations, what does the future look like for international marketplaces?

For this event, we invited marketplaces events representatives from across the globe to discuss how we can continue to support international collaborations and offer opportunities for arts professionals to connect outside their home countries as we think about the future.

Mike Ribalta – Head of Professionals Department – FiraTàrrega (Catalonia)
Ruth Wikler – Deputy Director of Programming, Circus Arts, TOHU (Canada)
Catherine Jones -Director at APAM, Australian Performing Arts Market (Australia)
Kyu Choi – Creative Director of Performing Arts Market Seoul 2020 / Producer of AsiaNow (Korea)

Who is it for:
This recorded webinar is for artists, festivals and events organisers from who are interested in building and maintaining international connections.

The discussion is captioned in English, available to watch on YouTube.

XTRAX Global Conversations is our new series of online webinars for Outdoor Arts professionals looking to keep their international relationships alive

This activity is supported by Platform 4:UK, XTRAX’s Arts Council of England funded project for international collaboration in outdoor arts.




To find out more about the XTRAX Global Conversations series contact Elena Cavallero at elena@xtrax.org.uk.

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