A fantastic turnout for our 2019 UK Showcases

XTRAX Showcases are a highlight of the summer and we are thrilled to have made a massive impact with our events in partnership with Stockton International Riverside Festival and Freedom Festival in 2019.

Key highlights:

  • We welcomed over 220 outdoor arts professionals to two ground-breaking festivals, spotlighting the rich variety of outdoor festivals in the UK outside of the capital;
  • We welcomed delegates from 17 countries; Australia, Belgium, China, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and the UK;
  • We conversed with our delegates about UK outdoor work in English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and German;
  • We supported UK and international promoters to see over 50 world-class UK shows;
  • We hosted five professional events, four of which were live-streamed online;
  • We provided a platform for 27 artists to pitch work to UK and international bookers.

What our delegates said:

“Great! Really enjoyed the event – it was well organised and a good mix of quality acts and interesting professional encounters/talks.”

“The variety on offer at SIRF was amazing and more than I was expecting”

“My earlier impression of outdoor arts has been more about temporary entertainment and street spectacle over storytelling and transformational experiences — glad to have had impression changed and challenged by some of the artists and works I’ve encountered. It’s given me a better sense of the diversity within what I’ve previously perceived or understood as “outdoor arts”, and also exposed me to a wider range of artists outside of London.”

“It is a great chance to meet new promoters, artists, to see work, discuss the outdoor arts scene- its strengths, commonalities, differences and challenges. Good to network and practise putting yourself and your work out there.”

“The range of artists and ambition of pitches was good – great to see younger / early career artists pitching with established outdoor arts names.”

Find out more about our UK Showcase work here