COVID-19 Update

It may be too soon to tell if we are seeing light at the end of this COVID shaped tunnel, but after some time spent away dealing with this crisis, we’re pleased to say the XTRAX team are back in full force doing what we do best; championing Outdoor Arts in the UK and internationally. 

We are all trying to come to terms with the immediate and long-term effects of this pandemic. Travel has been restricted, livelihoods and loved ones have been lost and our emotions have spread across the full spectrum of colour faster than we could say the word BREXIT. However, whilst this crisis has exposed our weaknesses, we believe it has also revealed our strength.

Covid-19 did not steal our hope and it didn’t take away our ambition. It made us love harder and dream bigger because we know deep down that the Outdoor Arts has the power to bring people together like no other. In just a few weeks we have seen people from across the world defy quarantine to unite in a mass global demonstration to support Black Lives Matter. We wholeheartedly stand united with the Black community and remain committed to justice in our society and working practices. We know we are privileged to have a platform that can speak truth to power, and we know we can always do better. This point in time is profound for many reasons but mostly because it has held a mirror up to the integrity of our values like never before. This is how we learn.

We believe in the right to use public space to protest and we have an inkling that the outdoor arts could be a powerful tool of communication for what lies ahead. We have seen first-hand how festivals and events of all shapes and sizes can regenerate an area, breathe life into struggling economies and spark the kinds of small conversations between communities that are now more important than ever to ignite.

So, what’s next? In a nutshell, our team are working hard behind the scenes to keep our international relationships alive. Just last week we explored Leadership in Times of Crisis with Circastrada Network and practically we are undergoing some web development to help you connect with us easier and help us better spotlight the work of UK and international artists and promoters. 

Furthermore, are working with colleagues in the sector to gather resources to support artists and outdoor festival organisers to address the challenges of presenting events safely in the context of Covid19 – and applying foresight to the other impending uncertainty that is Brexit.  In the coming months, we will be sharing a series of case studies, resources, and a programme of training events to support our community to build resilience in our sector and beyond. Watch this space.

We know that none of this will be possible unless we stay proactively connected. We invite organisations looking to deliver outdoor shows to contact us so we can exchange knowledge and share some of the expertise we have gathered over the past few decades. 

Get in touch with one of our project managers or email us at