XTRAX look back at 2020

Thanks for being part of our community this year

Empathy and collaboration are essential tools to help us find solutions to some of the big problems we are facing as a sector and society. We’ve seen first hand how the Outdoor Arts have the power to bring people together like no other, and we will continue to support our artists and collaborators to continue doing what they do best as we learn to navigate the ever-shifting ‘new normal’.

World-wide problems need international solutions and we are humbled by all of you from across the world who joined in our Global Conversations webinar series this year – tackling everything from Brexit to the future of international marketplaces.

We’re proud of our hardworking team who creatively adapted many of our in-person activities to digital events and those of you who joined us on our virtual journey as we delivered our first-ever online showcase with Stockton International Riverside Festival.

Whatsmore, celebrating the great work of artists across the sector through our Artist Spotlight series and exchanging thoughts and ideas at our webinars has really kept us going and hopeful for the future.

We are grateful for your support and encourage you to stay connected with us and your peers.

As we look forward to 2021 we wanted to share with you our year in numbers below.

Artist Support. This year we have supported over 31 artists across: Artists in the Spotlight, Global Conversations Webinars, Brexit Guide case studies, Online showcase events.

Our Reach. 2020 saw us take many of our flagship outdoor art events and training online with huge success. 400 unique delegates attended our webinars from 33 countries. Out of 400 delegates, 62 percent from UK and 38 percent were international. The XTRAX team promoted the UK Outdoor Arts at live international marketplace events January to March) in Germany, Japan and Australia. And delivered talks at key online events in South Korea, Indonesia, France, Italy and Spain.

Knowledge Sharing: Our 2020 digital resources have combined download and view count of 1254 plus, including: 242 views on the Brexit Guide, 282 views on the Artist Spotlight series and 671 views on the Youtube webinars. Quote from Sarah Trist, an independent producer: Many thanks for organising this excellent webinar. Full of authoritative information and interesting thoughts.

Explore these projects in more detail below.

Platform 4: UK is a strategic programme designed to support the international promotion and export of UK outdoor artists, find out more here.

Featured Image: Witness This by Company Chameleon © Company Chameleon – find out more in Company Chameleon’s Artist in the Spotlight piece here.