XTRAX Showcase to continue online – Stockton International Riverside Festival cancelled for 2021

We are very sad to share the news that the Stockton International Riverside Festival, due to take place in Stockton from July 29 to August 1, has been cancelled because of the rising rate of COVID-19 infections in the local area and the current pressures on emergency services.  

See the festival’s full statement here.

Whilst this is very disappointing news for all concerned, we are delighted to confirm that the planned online showcase events will proceed as planned, even though the live events can not take place.

Over the last year the team at XTRAX have worked hard to explore a range of digital platforms that can do a brilliant job of enabling people involved in the outdoor arts and festivals sector to meet, talk and network in a creative and enjoyable way; we know it is not the same as being able to meet in person – but we hope that you will join us on the fantastic online platform we have created using Swapcard.

We had a great programme already planned, and in light of the cancellation we are exploring whether we can offer more opportunities to meet some of the brilliant artists who sadly can no longer perform their work live. Look out for more details coming soon.

Registrations are open to join us online, and we are currently reviewing how we best support artists and promoters after the cancellation of SIRF 2021, stay tuned for further updates from us.


Online events include:

XTRAX Shorts

Our signature brand of artists pitching sessions. We will present the projects via video, followed by a conversation and Q&A with the artists.

Artists pitching:
Vanessa Grasse (UK)
Avant Garde (UK)
Francesca Baglione / Miss High Leg Kick (UK)
Whispered Tales (UK)
Crying Out Loud (UK)
The Gramophones Theatre Company (UK)
Air Giants (UK)
Nikki Charlesworth (UK)
Rui Paixao (PT)
Rita Carmo Martins (PT)
Rinkoo Barpaga (UK)
National Dance Company Wales (UK)
Bash Street Theatre (UK)
Company Oliveira & Bachtler (UK)
Etta Ermini Dance Theatre (UK)
Autin Dance Theatre (UK)
Eric MacLennan (UK)
Movema (UK)
Theater Fragile (DE)
Theater Titanick (DE)


Panel Discussion: Sustainable touring – Who pays for it? – should we say something more now about this and the other panel?

Who pays for what when it comes to making touring more sustainable? Where do the financial responsibilities sit when looking at becoming greener? What choices do we have? And what are the implications? This panel discussion will bring together presenters and artists to discuss these questions and share examples, practices and potential ways forward.


Facilitated networking sessions 

Our opening networking session will include welcome words by the Artistic Director of Stockton International Riverside Festival (SIRF), Jeremy Shine


Panel Discussion: Keeping our programmes international – why and how?

With the challenges of presenting international programmes becoming apparent, now is a time to reflect on the reasons for continuing to do so, as well as to look at strategies for the near future. This panel discussion will bring together experienced speakers to discuss the value that internationalisation brings to the outdoor arts sector, as well as to find tools for navigating the current challenges.

Registrations for this event are now closed. For those already registered, the platform will remain open until Friday 6 August.

Explore the full programme here