XTRAX Artist Spotlight: FiraTàrrega

Welcome to the November XTRAX Artist Spotlight. A new platform to showcase brilliant Outdoor Art.

This November we caught up with Anna Giribet – Artistic Director of FiraTàrrega in Catalonia who talked to us about the changing format of this year’s event and highlighted a selection of artists and shows to spotlight for this feature, Anna told us

“FiraTàrrega’s programme combines the various performing arts disciplines, paying special attention to national and international creative trends. We want to create a catalogue of unique experiences, each showing a clear commitment to the quality and depth of formats and writing styles, using outdoor arts and the public space as its main point of reference”

FiraTàrrega is an international performing arts market which has been held annually in Tàrrega in September since 1981. A shop window for creativity, FiraTàrrega is crucial to the development of the outdoor arts sector, serving as a professional meeting point for professional in the sector who form part of the creative value chain (creation, production, distribution, promotion, programming and distribution).

At the heart of FiraTàrrega marketplace is ‘La Llotja’; – a market fair inside a Pavillion, with exhibition stands that enable performing arts agents to present their projects and others to come to meet, debate, exchange cultural values and ideas. Annually, the Fair brings together an average of 800 professionals registered to more than 300 national and international performing arts organizations and is truly the place to be if you want to be seen in the sector.

There are also activities such as seminars or meetings between professionals that complement the artistic offer.
This year, due to the international pandemic, the programme ran a little differently with FiraTàrrega’s transforming their marketplace into ‘La Llotja Online’; A virtual version of the programme for people to meet and showcase their work. You can read more about La Llotja Online here.

Alongside this FiraTàrrega annually boasts an eclectic artistic programme of performing arts with a big focus on outdoor work.

We asked Anna Giribet to select companies and shows that showcase FiraTàrrega’s artistic programming, Anna selected:

  • The Pig by Kaleider: “A unique way of inventing installation and their engagement, dialogue and collaboration with/from the audience. So clever about questioning society.”
  • Witness This by Company Chameleon: “Strong, emotional, real and necessary dance-theater performance. A very brave piece based on mental health.”
  • Tape That by Hands Down Circus: “It’s a young and fresh acrobatic mixed with a prop manipulation. A very nice site response option for all audiences.”
  • Eléctrico 28 (Austrian – Catalan company): “Highlight their mix between fiction and reality. A playful way of enjoying public space.”
  • Kamchatka from Catalonia: “One of the best companies approaching the subject of immigration. Their proposals are immersed in deep problems of integration. We highlight the quality and emotion of their proposals.”
  • Rui Paixao from Portugal: “He’s a fantastic clown with a unique atmosphere able to approach topics like fear, loneliness and society control. Follow him!”

Explore our spotlighted shows in the related content section below to get a closer look at their work.

This forms part of XTRAX’s Platform 4: UK strategic programme of work, an Arts Council England funded project designed to support the international promotion and export of UK outdoor artists.

*Featured image The Pig © Kaleider 

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XTRAX Artist Spotlight: FiraTàrrega

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