Bright Night & DEELight, Chester (2011)

In 2011, XTRAX programmed Chester's Bright Night and DEELight Weekend
  • Dates: 1-4 December, 2011, Chester

XTRAX was commissioned by Chester Festivals to programme Bright Night (17 November 2011) and DEELight weekend (1-4 December 2011).

Chester Festival’s first ever DEElight Weekend saw 65 street performances in the city over four days. The programme included John Hicks, Thingumajig Theatre with Yeshe the Yak and the Hippo, The Mountain Gorillas and Rimski’s piano

The event was a great success attracting thousands of people.

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It was tremendous. The acts were all international street performers and the feedback on Facebook and Twitter has been great.
Tracy Lynn, Chester Festivals Director