Example page: Outdoor Dance Collection 2021: UK Dance Showcase

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The ODC21: UK Dance Showcase is a brand new showcase programme taking place online 3-4 June 2021, devised and delivered in partnership with XTRAX as part of the international showcase programme Platform 4:UK; Dance4 as part of Dance from England; and DanceXchange, producers of BIDF.

The programme will present a showcase of current choreographic practice for outdoor and site-responsive work and provide opportunities for artists, programmers and professionals working in outdoor dance to attend panel discussions, training, artist pitching sessions and other networking opportunities, all available via a virtual event platform.

National and international delegates will also have access to the Outdoor Dance Collection 2021 Catalogue, presenting a curated selection of some of the most exciting current outdoor work available for touring by UK dance artists. The showcase event will take place on 3 and 4 June and the content will be recorded and available to view for the duration of BIDF until 13 June.

Find out more and apply to part of the Outdoor Dance Collection 2021 catalogue here (deadline 29 April, 5pm)

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Artist: DAMAEDANCE | Alice Bonazzi and Sara Marques

DamaeDance’s mesmerising outdoor work IRMÃ-sister is an exhilarating, cutting-edge exploration of the beauty and challenges of women’s relationships, looking at how they…

The Shadow

Artist: Company Chameleon

A dark and psychological thriller told through dance and movement. Tomorrow isn’t coming. As this knowledge bites, unpredictability grips the air and…

Witness This

Artist: Company Chameleon

Witness This turns the spotlight on mental health in a moving and emotional portrayal of how loved ones’ cope, when mental health…

Camping Delight

Artist: TinCanCompany

Camping Delight is a fast-paced and absurd circus performance, about how bad it can get if we let the fear of the…


Artist: Far From The Norm

“Far From The Norm expose at the darker side of football in explosive, witty H.O.H” Greenwich + Docklands International Festival

Marvellous Imaginary Menagerie

Artist: Les Enfants Terribles Theatre Company

Roll up; roll up, for the most mysterious, magical and magnificent experience of your life! An enormous exotic caravan has suspiciously arrived…

(Hints to) Lady Travellers

Artist: Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence

Intrepid Victorians abseil, strip and dip Two Victorian lady travellers, Freya Stark (1893 – 1993) and Isabella Bird (1831 – 1904), are…

Alfonso Milanos Mechanical Marvels

Artist: mechanical menagerie

Touring since time forgotten, the remains of Alfonso Milano, now skeletal and all but wasted away, continue to wander the land, driving…

Back 2 Classic

Artist: Planeta Trampolí

Back 2 Classics proposes a fresh, close and intimate trampoline show for all publics. A show where the trampoline takes on a…

BIDAIA (The Journey, Le voyage, El Viaje, Die Reise)


One party, one daylight music session, one DJ, one eccentric character and his two assistants and one photographer welcome to all of…


BLOCK when circus and dance collide BLOCK is the encounter between two companies, NoFit State and Motionhouse and two genres, circus and…

Boom Booms

Artist: Eggpeople

A mischievous trio of voluptuous, curvaceous and vivacious Showgirls! Using clown, dance and improvisation, Boom Booms are always searching for the perfect…


Artist: Dyptik

D-Construction is a very energetic hip-hop dance performance with a powerful beat and an oriental twist. Six dancers experience the liberation of…


Artist: Autin Dance Theatre

Dystopia is an outdoor and in-the-round dance theatre duet that delves into our basic need for human connection and belonging, and uncovers…


Artist: 2Faced Dance Company

The Annual Superhero Games are coming to a town near you. Three of Planet Earth’s greatest superheroes are getting ready to battle…


Artist: Mimbre

Mimbre’s new outdoor production Lifted is a collection of funny, poetic and surprising moments, which explore in different ways what it means…

Pigs Burlesque

Burlesque pigs glide through the streets on roller-skates. They are loved by their elegant guide and strict circus director. They skate through…

Sweet Dreams

Artist: Luigi Ciotta

Sweet dreams is a visual comedy show that takes you beyond Sugarland into a realm of absurd hilarity. Luigi Ciotta takes the…


Artist: Gandini Juggling

Somewhere between Juggling, Clowning, Slapstick and Dance, 8 performers inhabit a vaudevillian illusion, quoting classical painting via cartoon violence. Using the company’s…

Still in the City – Dawn


Pitch and pre-bid stage We are looking for support for development in space in kind and have a target of £5000 to…


Artist: Kazzum

Picture the scene. A sofa pops up in a public space. What follows is a playful, interactive celebration of movement – our…


Artist: Gibbon by Patfield & Triguero

You are cordially invited to a tea party that you will never forget… In Smashed, the manipulation of the forbidden fruit takes…

Smashed 2

Artist: Gandini Juggling

This is Smashed. But not the one you know. In Smashed, the manipulation of the forbidden fruit took a sagacious look at…


Artist: Compañia Sharon Fridman

A performance that takes place as the sun rises… The stage fills with 70 dancers and 10 cellos and this wide green-choregraphy,…


Artist: Square Peg/Cirquit Productions Ltd.

“Rime” is a new circus show devised and collectively made by Square Peg based on Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s epic poem The Rime…

Red Shoes

Artist: Upswing

Commissioned by Without Walls and Watch this Space: Red Shoes draws from the rich imagery provided by fairytales both grim and glorious….

Painting Venice

A comedy dance theatre piece exploring ideas around three characters who live and survive together on the streets. The clown-like characters present…


Artist: 2Faced Dance

The fearless new dance production choreographed by Alleyne Dance explores our relationship with authority and control. With abuses of power and domination…


Artist: Light The Fuse & Scribbled Thought

The playground is a constant presence in our lives: from discovering it as a toddler through to mastering the monkey bars, from…


Artist: Alodeyá Circo Danza

A search of what is lost, a brush with the forgotten. The relationship of a couple and the traces and remains when…

Meeting Mr Boom!

Artist: Artstrust Productions

A Darren Ellis Dance Production, produced by Artstrust Productions. ‘MEETING MR BOOM!’ is a magical music and dance show for all ages…

Miss High Leg Kick’s Audition Project

Artist: Miss High Leg Kick

Join the Chorus Line for your big audition experience! Learn the dance steps of the audition scene from A Chorus Line (the1985…

Life of Tree

Life of Tree is an installation consisting of dresses, inspired by remarkable and historical women. Like Regine Beer or Simone de Beauvoir….

Leaving Normal

Artist: Woest

It’s a story coloured by absurd interactions and intriguing characters. A performance balancing on the edge of theater and dance, humor and…

Laundry XL / WAS XL – by Directie & Co

Artist: Directie & Co

Six laundry ladies roam the city and transform it into a world of white laundry. Laundry is the main ingredient of a…


Artist: Jamaal Burkmar

14 Songs, 3 dancers and a set of performances chosen by YOU the Audience. This interactive work takes popular songs from different…



Jham! is an engaging and entertaining new dance and music work that will be created by Nina Rajarani MBE and Y Yadavan….

It Just Sort of Happens One Day

Artist: Thrive Dance

‘It just sort of happens one day’ explores how one creates a sense of home for themselves – settling and uprooting and…

Gwymon (Seaweed)

Artist: Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence

Down in the deep, sea women sleep… Seaweed (Gwymon in welsh) is usually anchored and sways with the movement of the sea….

Granny’s Game

Artist: Rhubarb Theatre

Exploring while stuck at Gran’s, two children discover a most mysterious game – they’ll get more than they bargained for when they…