XTRAX / Mintfest 2014

The final Mintfest Showcase, in the heart of Britain's Lake District

Mintfest is one of XTRAX’s long-standing partners and one of the UK’s major celebrations of outdoor street art and circus. It has a reputation for delivering a colourful festival programme that emphasises strolling/walkabout shows,

In 2014 Mintfest ran from Friday 29th to Sunday 31st August. The programme contained performances from both national and international artists (both ticketed and free events).

The Mintfest Showcase was programmed around the festival line-up, and offered arts professionals a weekend of seminars, pitching sessions and networking opportunities. Delegates included a mix of artists and promoters.

As part of this weekend, XTRAX worked alongside Mintfest and Kendal Town Council staff to deliver the following events:

Seminar 1: An introduction to creating and producing outdoor work by those who’ve been there before: 13.00 – 14.30 | Friday 29th August | Town Council Chamber, Kendal Town Hall

Seminar 2: Successful pathways to developing an outdoor performance programme: 15:00 – 17:00 | Friday 29th August | Town Council Chamber, Kendal Town Hal

XTRAX Shorts: Companies pitching about projects to be presented in 2015/2016: 10.30 – 12.00, Saturday 30th & 11.00 – 13.00, Sunday 31st August | Town Council Chamber, Kendal Town Hall


Key findings:

  • 99 registered delegates attended the showcase weekend.
  • 51 (51.51%) of delegates identified as promoters & 48 (48.48%) of delegates identified as artists
  • 71% of delegates indicated that they are involved in event programming.
  • There was a comfortable balance between new (42.9%) and returning delegates (57.1%).
  • The main motivations for delegates to attending the showcase weekend were “Networking Opportunities” (72.7%) and “General festival programme” (78.8%).
  • 100% of delegates rated Mintfest as a positive networking opportunity.
  • 25% of delegates involved in programming intended book shows they saw at Mintfest for their own festivals.
  • All artists rated Mintfest as an excellent showcase for their work.
  • 65% of artists received strong indications of interest in your show from promoters following their performance
  • 81% of performing artists received bookings from delegates as a result of being part of the festival programme.
  • All presenters felt XTRAX Shorts was a success and the majority of them received some sort of feedback from the audience.

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