Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg (2017)

Representing the UK sector at Germany's leading trade fair for performing arts

In 2017 we returned to the IKF and negotiated to bring two UK companies to perform at the fair: Artizani with Bees! The Colony and Plunge Boom with The Vegetable Nannies.

Attending the IKF 2017 the second year in a row was a great opportunity to further develop relationships with known promoters as well as to connect with new contacts, reaching 11 new international markets. Furthermore, we had more content to engage people with, such as our ‘German’ history (IKF’16 & X-site at Rastatt), having two companies perform throughout the duration of IKF 2017 and our future presence in Holzminden 2017.

Bringing companies to the fair was an added bonus; we felt that both shows had maximum exposure over the 3 days and having the shows there made our advocacy more pertinent, as we could proudly refer to two great examples of unusual & charming, but quirky work. Both companies made new contacts with promoters and left the event with at least four pencilled dates for bookings as a result of these conversations.

XTRAX’s presence at the IKF 2017 led to meeting 26 artists and producers, 35 promoters and 6 organisers from local authorities.

XTRAX translated brochures into German as well as supported the performing companies with their marketing materials, which was very well received.

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Attending has certainly opened some doors and provided us with essential contacts as well as a perfect shop window to showcase The Bees to a new audience and work within the festivals of Europe. The meticulous planning and help with the logistics made the whole trip run smoothly and the having the XTRAX stand with accompanying support and promotion was invaluable.”
Marc Parry, Artizani