Platform 4: UK (2019 -2021)

A strategic programme designed to support the international promotion and export of UK outdoor artists.

As a result of the extension to our immensely successful international showcase programme, Platform 4: UK is continuing to promote UK outdoor arts work internationally.

In 2019 – 2021 we are supporting international promoters to see the work of British artists as part of showcase events and visitor programmes online and at selected festivals in the UK, as well as encouraging international festivals to present UK artists overseas.

These activities will be accompanied by a range of professional events, pitch sessions, panel discussions and networking opportunities to facilitate information exchange between UK and international artists, promoters and sector professionals. We will also be exploring exchange and residency programmes between UK and international partners, and offering briefings and seminars for artists and producers about touring internationally, and how to address the challenges posed by Brexit.

The first stage of Platform 4: UK ran between 2015-2018, and supported 100+ UK artists and companies, led to 360+ bookings in 31 countries and generated over £961,000 in income for artists. Find out what we did here. 

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To find out more about Platform 4: UK please contact: Irene Segura at

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Hear the artists talk about Platform 4: UK
I just had to pinch myself, I thought, I am standing in the centre of Seoul, looking at this international street arts work and I am one of the artists that is participating in this! That was extraordinary! That was an amazing moment and that was a big deal for me.
Lorna Rees, Artistic Director of Gobbledegook Theatre (2017)