Freedom Festival Programme

  • Dates: 29th August - 1st September

Outdoor Arts Programme 

Adhok – The Beautiful Escape (FR)
Apocalyptic Circus – My House
Back to Ours – High Horse
Beats Bus
Cie SOON – Gregarious (SP/SE)
Earth Arcade by University of Hull
Generik Vapeur – Bivouac (FR)
The Grief Series – Journey with Absent Friends
Justice in Motion – On Edge
Laurence Payot – Angels
Liquid Loft – Foreign Tongues (AT)
Luke Wright – Poet Laureate
Mammalian Diving Reflex – Teentalitarianism
Motionhouse – Wild
Plunge Boom – Boing
Ramshacklicious – The Band at the End of the World
Ray Lee – Congregation
Still House, Empire Sounds and Steppaz – SESSION
Superhallo – Remix, Hurray! (NL)
Swoolish – K-Wagen Terrace/Footbaths XL/DJ and Vespaqua (NL)
The Broken Orchestra – Fair Winds and Following Seas
Upswing – Catch Me
Visionbombing Game Show

Ticketed shows 

Circa – Humans (AU)
Circus Ronaldo – Fidelis Fortibus (BE)
Los Galindos – UduL (SP)
Martin & Eliza Carthy – East
Poyo Rojo – Un Poyo Rojo (AR)

Music Programme 

Fabio Allman & Carnival Transatlantico
Freedom Chorus
Freetown Uncut
Natty Bo & The Top Cats
The Broken Orchestra – Fair Winds and Following Seas
The Turbans


Is it my fault? – Exhibition

Freedom Talks

This year’s talks programme focus topics will be;

  • For the Greater Good? – Artificial Intelligence (AI) the rise of the algorithm and who really makes the big decisions on our behalf
  • Modern Day Slavery – with a focus on the building and agricultural industries
  • Ages of Isolation – A spotlight on loneliness, mental health and increasing isolation prevalent in modern-day society
  • Ask for the Moons – A panel discussion where the tables are turned and the teenagers rule the roost, executive team of Freedom Festival and other city representatives will go head to head with the cohort of young people who have been working with Canadian artists/sociologists Mammalian Diving Reflex (Haircuts by children 2017) to make a deal with the city about the future, not small things the big things… watch the future unfold before your very eyes.
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