One of our most ambitious showcase to date which ran in line with a Circostrada General Meeting.

The GDIF/XTRAX Showcase took place from 24th–26th June 2016, and was the sixth showcase to be delivered by XTRAX in the context of the Greenwich+Docklands International Festival (GDIF). The GDIF programme featured 32 shows from UK and international companies, including 10 of the 13 shows commissioned by Without Walls for 2016. XTRAX organised a series of professional events to complement the festival programme, which was designed to support UK artists by creating opportunities for bookers, commissioners and collaborators to come together. Prior to the showcase, XTRAX also hosted the General Meeting of Circostrada; the European Network for Circus and Street Arts, in London, from 22nd-24th June 2016.

Events included the International Marketplace, XTRAX Shorts, and a networking reception.

Key Numbers:

  • 225 registered delegates attended the Showcase weekend
  • 171 delegates were from the UK; 54 were from abroad
  • 15 countries were represented, these were: Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan and the UK
  • 60% of delegates have responsibility for programming shows
  • 85% came for the networking opportunities, and 92% rated the GDIF Showcase as a good or excellent opportunity to network
  • 77% of bookers who had attended GDIF before have booked work that they saw at the festival
  • 96% rated the professional events as excellent or good
  • 51 organisations hosted a stall at the International Marketplace, which was attended by over 150 outdoor arts professionals
  • 96% of stallholders agreed that the Marketplace was a good opportunity to network
  • 96% of stallholders rated the Marketplace as excellent or good overall
  • XTRAX Shorts was very well attended; 116 delegates attended the Saturday session, 47 delegates attended Sunday’s edition. 31 delegates attended both sessions.
  • 100% of companies pitching at XTRAX Shorts found that the experience was useful in creating new contacts with programmers and bookers
  • 62% of presenters reported making 1 to 5 new contacts
  • 75% of artists said that they had received expressions of interest because of presenting at XTRAX Shorts
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Attending Greenwich greatly inspires me in the work that I do… It's easy to feel dejected trying to make things happen within this industry… but I'm being honest when I say the GDIF / XTRAX showcase is one of the reasons I don't give up.
Charlotte Bowen, The Culture House