London’s annual showcase for outdoor arts and a key meeting point for outdoor arts specialists

The GDIF/XTRAX Showcase took place from 23rd–25th June 2017, and was the seventh showcase to be delivered by XTRAX in the context of the Greenwich+Docklands International Festival (GDIF). The GDIF programme featured 42 shows from UK and international companies, including 10 of the 14 shows commissioned by Without Walls for 2017 and 3 shows as part of the Preview Platform.

XTRAX organised a series of professional events to complement the festival programme, which was designed to support UK artists by creating opportunities for bookers, commissioners and collaborators to come together. As part of the UK/Korea 2017-18 ‘Creative Futures’ initiative, GDIF and XTRAX presented a Focus on South Korea within the context of the XTRAX/GDIF showcase. This included a special Spotlight event with presentations and pitches from the Korean delegation, three Korean productions as well as a dance production as part of Dancing City in Canary Wharf. XTRAX invited 7 professionals to attend the showcase and take part in the Spotlight event, including representatives from the British Council in Korea, Seoul Street Arts Festival, Ansan Street Arts Festival, the Korean Street Arts Association, Seoul Street Arts Creation Centre and two Korean companies.

Other events included the Global Exchange, the opening reception, and two mornings of XTRAX Shorts presentations.

Key numbers:

  • 291 registered delegates1 attended the Showcase weekend, an increase of nearly 30% compared to 2016
  • 229 delegates were from the UK; 62 were from abroad
  • 20 countries were represented, these were: Portugal, Poland, Turkey, India, Austria, China, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Iran, the Netherlands, France, Australia, Russia, Latvia, Egypt and the UK
  • 188 of the 291 delegates (65%) had attended the XTRAX / GDIF showcase before
  • 85% of surveyed delegates came for the networking opportunities, and 96% (119) rated the XTRAX/GDIF Showcase as a good or excellent opportunity to network
  • 56% of surveyed delegates with booking responsibilities (promoters) who had attended GDIF before have booked work that they saw at the festival
  • 96% (101 of 113) of surveyed delegates and 91% of surveyed performing artists rated the professional events as excellent or good, adding up to a total positive rating of 95%




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A look back at GDIF 2017
Attending XTRAX and GDIF contributed greatly to my knowledge about the UK outdoor arts as I did not know that much about this sector before. Now I am encouraged to find out more, knowing as well that there are institutions offering support and information exchange.
Dagmara Gumkowska, International Exchange Impresario – The Stanisław Wyspiański Teatr Śląski in Katowice, Poland


Grounds of the Old Royal Naval College
Pepys Walk, Greenwich, London, SE10