XTRAX Global Conversations

A series of online webinars for Outdoor Arts professionals looking to keep their international relationships alive

XTRAX Global Conversations is here to try and remedy some of the lost face-to-face communications between international collaborators, facilitate information-sharing between nations and continents and spark a debate about the future of our sector.

It’s no surprise that the global pandemic has had a tremendous effect on the Outdoor Arts; from the impact on mobility and touring for outdoor artists and professionals; to our ability to continue engaging with international colleagues and the urgency to explore alternative formats of presentation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with international colleagues, and be part of the conversation on the future of our sector.

We will provide opportunities to explore a variety of topics, including Outdoor Arts in East Asia, Touring Beyond Brexit, and the role of International Marketplace Events and their role in maintaining international relationships.

Keep an eye on this page as well as our social media platforms for more information on future events, including speaker announcements, times and dates, and extra content from our collaborators.

This activity is supported by Platform 4:UK, XTRAX’s Arts Council of England funded project for international collaboration in outdoor arts.


*Main image: Strong Lady by Strong Lady Productions, at Spoffin 2019 © XTRAX



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To find out more about the XTRAX Global Conversations series contact Maggie Clarke at maggie@xtrax.org.uk