XTRAX / Mintfest 2010

More world-class outdoor arts in Kendal
  • Dates: 2 - 5 September, 2010, Kendal

XTRAX once again delivered showcase services and supported the promotion of the event to programmers and arrange the delegate services at one of the UK’s best-loved festivals

In 2010, 45 companies presented work with 35 UK artists and 10 internationals. XTRAX welcomed 90 delegates including 12 international delegates from Spain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Key figures

  • Only 26.3% of delegates had attended the Mintfest showcase previously, meaning two thirds, a high proportion were new attendees.
  • 28.6% of attendees were programmers for a festival or local authority
  • 14.3% were venue programmers
  • 48.6% artists or producers
  • 8.6% were funders
  • All delegates rated their overall experience of the showcase positively
  • 73.3% of delegates saw shows that they would book in the future.
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The XTRAX team and the Mintfest volunteers are really tight. There isn't anyone from delegates to members of the public that doesn't know what's going on at any given time over the course of the weekend. Mintfest is getting to be a very slick operation - Congratulations.
Sonya Moorhead


Kendal town centre