XTRAX / Out There Festival International Showcase 2016

Our first showcase in the seaside town of Great Yarmouth

This was the first showcase delivered by XTRAX in collaboration with the Out There Festival. The festival programme featured over 30 shows from 27 UK and international companies, including 5 of the 13 shows commissioned by Without Walls for 2016.

To complement the festival programme, XTRAX organised a pitching session and opportunities for formal and informal networking. These were designed to support UK artists by creating opportunities for bookers, commissioners and collaborators to come together and see lots of outdoor shows in a short space of time. XTRAX promoted the festival to its extensive network of significant promoters, and supported several international festivals to come to Great Yarmouth.

Prior to the Showcase, SeaChange Arts (the independent arts development charity that organises the Out There Festival) held the 2016 edition of its annual street arts and circus symposium. This was incorporated into the Showcase programme and offered an additional opportunity for delegates to meet and network.

Key Numbers:

  • 64 Showcase delegates attended the XTRAX / Out There Festival Showcase; 10 were from abroad
  • 6 International delegates were bookers, representing festivals and events in, Belgium, Germany, Hungary and the Netherlands
  • 108 professionals attended the Showcase, this includes XTRAX Shorts presenters (invited by XTRAX), and representatives from companies performing at the Showcase
  • All respondents rated the Showcase as either a good or excellent opportunity for networking
  • All respondents reported making new contacts at the Out There showcase
  • 50% reported making between 6 to 10 new contacts

XTRAX Shorts:

  • 40 delegates attended XTRAX Shorts, 25% of which are international delegates
  • 90% of presenters reported making new contacts
  • 100% of presenters said they re-connected with existing contacts
  • 60% of artists said that they had received expressions of interest because of presenting at XTRAX Shorts
  • 90% of artists felt like there was a potential for future bookings

Performing Artists:

  • All artists reported making new contacts at the Out There Showcase
  • 90% made contact with bookers during the showcase, and 60% reported making contact with bookers afterwards
  • 92% thought that the showcase was a good or excellent opportunity to showcase their work. The same proportion (92%) felt that it was a good or excellent opportunity to meet with existing contacts.
  • 64% of artists reported that they had received interest or bookings as a result of the contacts they made over the Showcase weekend
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It provides me with the opportunity to communicate and present our new show to festivals, programmers and producers, who I may have never met, spoken to, or have previously only emailed. It gave me the time to speak to and network after the presentation…. The communication between myself and the XTRAX team was brilliant. I knew what was required of myself…and how to maximise my potential. I met new festival representatives and re-connected with festivals we have previously toured to.
Adam Towndrow, C-12 Dance Theatre Company


The Drill Hall,
York Rd,
Great Yarmouth,
NR30 2LZ