XTRAX Showcase 2003

Jonzi D Aeroplane Man
The story of a black man’s journey on a global quest to find his spiritual homeland. With a unique fusion of rap poetry, lyrically motivated movement, classical and modern black dance forms, plus live breakbeats, the universal theme of displacement is delivered with Jonzi’s trademark ironic wit.

Jonzi D has been at the forefront of British underground hip-hop since its inception in the early 1980s.

“He is an issues-driven performer but has the technique, the skill and the charisma to pull off thrilling entertainment pieces that give voice to the alienated. Prepare to be amazed.” The Metro

Nitro – SLAMDUNK STOMP with a story – BOUNCE with balls
Basketball is the most popular game on the planet. SLAMDUNK is a fast-moving, all action game. The object – get the ball into the opposing net; but you’ve got to have STYLE…Beats are the rhythm of the game, the music, the speech, basketball, hip-hop & rap.

Brotherhood is the team, the bond that unites these young black men against the opposition, against the outside world, against traitors. SLAMDUNK – an exciting new dance musical about Basketball, Beats & Brotherhood.

Co-directed and created by Felix Cross and Benji Reid with music by Jason Yarde and Soweto Kinch. The performance for the showcase will be shown as a 30 minute preview of the full show, which will open at the Edinburgh Festival in August 2003 and then tour middle scale venues.

Kazuko Hohki My Husband is a Spaceman
theatre/live art/music
The leader of pop performance group Frank Chickens makes another multi-media solo show telling the story of a Japanese office girl who marries an English University lecturer. Based on an old Japanese love story Kazuko uses storytelling, music, songs, videos and computer animations in this tale of loneliness and how to survive it.

“Polite, naïve, insecure yet ironic, spiky and occasionally smutty, she commands the intimate studio space with an understated, wide-eyed authority…her performance is a very quiet tour de force.” Mark Skinner, What’s On in London

Segun Lee-FrenchBro 9
theatre/live art
Agent Scally is a CIA agent based in Moss Side with a licence to destabilize British society by any means necessary. One night he has a close encounter with 10 foot tall Black aliens who reprogram his cerebral cortex leading him into a web of dark intrigue. Bro 9 is a one man show performed in the form of lyrical ballads using live video projections, simultaneous webcast and live CCTV footage.

Theatre of Darkness In Session by Tyrone Huggins
Set in a grubby basement recording studio four characters gather to record one track that will change their lives. Written as a 12 track album…In Session uses state-of-the-art music technology to achieve stunning theatrical effects, weaving a multi-layered drama where sexual, artistic and racial tensions merge in musical contusion.

Theatre Of Darkness was founded in 1987 with the aim of producing adventurous New Theatre that explores contemporary British life, informed by an African-Caribbean world view and modern culture. Their next series of productions will be The Inheritance Quartet by Tyrone Huggins.

Vayu Naidu Company South
A mesmerising mix of storytelling with music by Orphy Robinson, bharata natyam and contemporary dance, evocatively drawn together into compelling drama. South weaves a cross-cultural carpet transporting the characters and audience to different time zones across the globe where east meets west and all points south.

Yellow Earth Theatre Rashomon
physical theatre
Exploring the deceptive nature of truth and inspired by Kurosawa’s Oscar winning film of the same name Rashomon is a dynamic modern version of the classic Japanese ‘whodunnit’ combining Yellow Earth’s unique brand of martial arts and physical theatre with Kazuko Hohki’s songs.

“Fizzes with energy and physical invention…visually sparkling, morally robust and imaginatively adventurous.” – The Times

Creative Origins & UK Arts International Ragamuffin
Welcome to the Supreme Court of African Justice.

Ragamuffin,the ultimate bad boy with irresistible charm and gangster attitude, is standing trial for crimes against the African community. Against the backdrop of the Haitian revolution, the struggle for the establishment of the first black republic in 1804 and the British inner city uprisings of 1985, the audience (the jury) is about to decide his fate. Incorporating drama, African ritual, comedy, music, dance and film Ragamuffin offers powerful insight into the Black experience within Britain today, played out against the rhythms of dance hall, raga, hip hop, drumming and Haitian Vodou sounds.

Written by Amani Naphtali “With a smattering of Caribbean dialogue, slapstick humour and a healthy disregard for right-on politics, Amani manages to get into the situation of Britain’s Ragamuffin generation.” The Guardian

Tamasha Theatre Company and Lyric Theatre Hammersmith
present: Strictly Dandia
A dance theatre comedy set in North London, Strictly Dandia is a jubilant and fascinating look at Navrati, the Hindu festival of dance. It takes us into the competitive and brutal world of the ‘garba’ dance competitions, where regional and caste rivalries abound in a desperate bid to impress the judges with smart moves and step variations. West Side Story meets Saturday Night Fever, Asian style.

Formed in 1989, the company has produced eleven new plays, five of which have been adapted for Radio Four. The 1996 production East is East, was nominated for an Oliver award, won a Writers’ Guild award and was made into the hugely popular British film.

H. Patten Dance Theatre and Koromanti Arts presents Ina De Wildanis
Ina De Wildanis traces the journey of the African spirit from its source, through slavery and migration to its present destination: Europe. With dance, drama, carnival, puppetry and live music, H Patten’s Ina De Wildanis gives one man’s account of displacement and confusion within his search for belonging and the ultimate quest to own his culture.

“An epic solo performance” The Guardian

Benji Reid 13 Mics
dance/physical theatre/music
The rising star of the UK performance scene astral travels from bebop to hip-hop and all stops in between. Using the hi-energy of freestyle body popping, text and rap, Benji creates a montage of the 20th century working as a human sampler to create 21st century hip-hop.

Benji Reid has performed with breakdance champions The Broken Glass Street Crew, won the European Body Popping Championship, toured worldwide with Soul II Soul, and worked with numerous companies including David Glass Ensemble, Trestle Theatre and Black Mime Theatre .

Performed by – Benji Reid
DJ – Master Wong
Bass Player – Steve Ojay
Drums – Myke Wilson

Colin Poole Bad Faith
Two dancers embark on a prolonged mating game, driven by a collage of sound from Bossa Nova to Britney Spears. Distinctive contemporary dance that is challenging, thought provoking and humourous.

The quality of Poole’s work has become the single predictable thing about him. His subversiveness goes beyond easy parody, he is a challenger and dance could use more of those.” The Independent on Sunday

Union Dance Permanent Revolution (V2R)
Take a physical and spiritual journey with Union Dance as they explore the circular nature of migration, cultural transition and rhythms of life. International choreographers Doug Elkins (USA) Vincent Mantsoe (South Africa) and Bawren Tavaziva (Zimbabwe) collaborate with multimedia artists Thomas Gray and Derek Richards to create a rich and sensory world where identity is explored through a multitude of real and virtual migrations.

Formed in 1985, the company has created 17 new shows and has toured throughout the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Malta, Northern Ireland, Germany and with the British Council to Bosnia and Turkey.

Kompany Malakhi Hip Hopstory
A history of hip hop as you’ve never seen before. Kwesi Johnson’s Kompany Malakhi featuring Clyde Evans’ ILL Children present a gritty, fast paced story of one mc’s mind blowing quest to find The Perfect Beat, to ultimately save the life of his dj. Using the four elements of hip hop, he dives into dj turntablism, grapples with graffiti , battles with b-boys and mixes it with mc’s. His dilemma then pulls him back in time to a place where the elements of hip hop were unfused, fuelling his knowledge to propel him back to the future. Interactive film, the streets, illusion, the unexpected and an all star cast ….. make this fuzion of hip hop and theatre a true milestone.

Milap Festival Trust Nritya – Anand: The Joy of South Asian Dance
The UK’s premier South Asian Arts Festival presents seven of the best British South Asian dance companies with excerpts from their current work. A colourful, captivating and visually stunning programme, a simply unmissable visual and musical feast.

Featuring Gauri Sharma Company, Nina Rajarani and Pali Chandra, Sonia Sabri Company, Sujata Banerjee Company, Anurekha Ghosh and Company, Angika with Mayuri Boonham, and Saraswati Academy of Indian Dance.
Gauri Sharma – ANKH
presents Kanya – Daughters of Lakshm

The language of kathak dance is used to depict the eight aspects of Lakshmi, Goddess of Abundance and good fortune, accompanied by live music.

Nina Rajarani and Pali Chandra present Khamoshi ki Awaaz – the Sound of Silence (20 minutes)
Internationally acclaimed Nina Rajarani and Pali Chandra have toured extensively as soloists and with their own companies. Here they present an abstract work in which the dancers express their interpretation of silence, where each sound can be deciphered by an individual based on their own personal experiences. Accompanied by A Sivamani,
“The best pair of hands in the world of percussion”

Sujata Banerjee Company Dance Fiction
A new work which truly integrates tradition with technology, movement with music and excellence with energy. Six dancers and five musicians plus amazing camera and light technology tell the story of two rivers with the same source taking two very different journeys. Sujata Banerjee Company is know for its superb work in bringing the best in Indian and Spanish artists together in an integrated way . The percussive foot bears of Kathak and Flamenco, the tabla and guitar, the melodious Indian singing with the passionate Flamenco songs creates an unforgettable and spell binding experience.

Anurekha Ghosh and Company
‘Moments of Give’ is a contemporary dance piece fusing east and west that explores psychological landscapes. Birmingham-based Anurekha Ghosh and Company was formed in 2001. Anurekha began training in classical Kathak dance in India at the age of five and has been teaching it in the UK since 1994. ‘Ghosh is a graceful and stylish Kathak dancer…a powerful personality…that marks her out as one to watch’ – Evening Standard

Angika Pulse of Tala
Angika is one of the most exciting and successful British-Asian companies of the current generation. They will present a short extract from their critically acclaimed production Pulse of Tala – a breathtaking mix of ancient and contemporary Bharata Natyam dance featuring specially composed music by Mercury Music Prize-Winner Talvin Singh. This awe-inspiring performance radiates with interactive lighting, digital projections and custom-made ankle bells. Pulse of Tala was filmed and broadcast by Channel 4 in 2002.

Angika is the creative partnership between Bharata Natyam dancers and choreographers Mayuri Boonham and Subathra Subramaniam. Bold, beautiful, elegant and energetic, Angika are committed to regenerating classical Bharata Natyam dance imaginatively for the modern stage.

Saraswati Academy of Indian Dance
Presents a fast-moving, dynamic and colourful performance combining Indian folk, classical and Bollywood dance.

RJC Dance Productions J to R & B
A dynamic performance illustrating the influence of Jazz Dance on today’s club dance scene with reference to Latin, Hip Hop, Soul and R & B. An explosive showcase of jazz dance expression accompanied by the vibrancy of a live saxophonist.

Now approaching its 10th year, RJC is one of Britain’s most popular and successful black dance companies. The name ‘RJC’ stands for ‘Reggae, Jazz and Contemporary’, three of the dance styles that form the backbone of the company’s distinctive work.

“powerful & empowering” – The Guardian “phenomenal dancers” – The Independent

The British Chinese Artists’ Association Aayaa Circus Project – The Juggling Tea Party
A combination of circus acts, music, dance and poetry portraying the Chinese legend Whitebone Monster and her aspirations to become a human being. The multi talented troupe includes a contortionist, an aerial dancer, an acrobat and trapeze artist, and a singer and dancer.

State of Emergency The Mission
State of Emergency brings you The Mission 2003, a fusion of dance from five leading young Black choreographers.

It’s a slow burning, fast moving evening of sophisticated contemporary grooves…hip-hop and street dance…jazz…spoken word…satire and humour…that captures the freshness and daring of Black dance.

Choreographers Bawren Tavaziva, Irven Lewis, Maria Ryan, Michael Joseph and Robert Hylton take you on a journey of enlightenment. From the subtle moods of an island to the complexities of human relationships, The Mission 2003 exudes all the style, inventiveness, urban edginess and excitement of dance that will lift your spirit and stir all your senses.

Give yourself permission to join The Mission. Move and be moved.

Live Art

Qasim Riza Shaheen (as Anokha Laadla) Conversing with Angels
live art/theatre
Looking at complex issues around identity and the afterlife Qasim uses Kathak, movement and visual and poetic references to explore the holy war that takes place between the internal and the external self.

“I seek refuge
in the love of my creator
in the arms of my father
in the conviction of the man I love
in the innocence of the unborn one”

Juliet Ellis Under My Skin
live art
A live art performance installation exploring mother/daughter relationships. A critical examination of the emotional and physical boundaries of an ambiguous bond, so often fraught with resentment, contradictions and conflicting expectations.

Suki Chan and Dinu Li Shadow Songs
live art/installation
A performance within an installation of photographic and video images, evocative fabrics, objects, sounds and scents. Using classical imagery and cultural cliché, traditional folk and modern digitalisation the piece investigates the notion of dualities and explores the boundaries between the real and the imaginary.

Originally from Hong Kong, Suki now lives and works in Manchester. Her primary medium is installation but increasingly she is exploring moving imagery, sound and live performance. This piece is a collaboration with photographer Dinu Li.

Spoken word

Apples & Snakes
performance poetry
A mixed bill conveying the diversity and energy of the British Poetry scene.

Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze,
Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze is a poet, actress, dancer, choreographer and director. Her work has been anthologised throughout the world and she has performed extensively, including tours of North America, Europe, South East Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

Lemn Sissay
Lemn Sissay is a prolific poet and recording artist and one of the UK’s foremost poets. “Sissay writes of love, hate, politics and everyday trivia with an accessible, compelling and rather unusual honesty” – The Big Issue

Daljit Nagra
Daljit Nagra currently lives in London. His poetry deals with issues related to Asians living in England and has appeared in over 20 magazines.

Renaissance One Modern Love
Spoken word, music, visual art and movement, featuring culturally diverse writers, musicians and DJ’s. The show embraces cutting edge artists talking candidly about their perspectives on contemporary love and relationships.

Francesca Beard, Charlie Dark, Malika Booker and Skorpio the Nemisis.

Shamshad Khan Hard Cut
spoken word
When does one thing start and another end? Is it a gradual change or hard cut? Presenting poetic text and imagery with cinematic speed this one woman show is beautiful and unsettling with deeply moving glimpses of dying and lightly comic peeks at personal change.

Shamshad can command a stage with a quiet confidence that is a joy to behold. Conceived in Pakistan, born in England and resident in Manchester, she reflects both cultures with a keen eye and a well-honed pen.

A mix of poets, rappers and vocalists flippin their lyrics to the sounds of live soul and jazz. An ensemble of musicians, singers, DJs and performers establishing a new trend in creative communication to audiences. Featuring Sonia Hughes, Weird MC, Chanje Kunda, Kevin Davey, Segun Lee-French, Chris Jam and Michelle Udogu.


Errollyn Wallen Company Jordan Town
music/multi media
This stunning show features the acclaimed Errollyn Wallen (piano/voicals), dancer Tom Sapsford, visuals from film duo Honey Brothers and Ensemble X string quartet. Mesmerising and beautiful, this music-led, multi-media work explores the landscape of song and the far reaches of the imagination, fusing sublime music with powerful film imagery and dance.

The power of the performance intrigued, entranced and blissfully blew me away…quite, quite brilliant’ The Scotsman

Jade Fox Foot Fooler
Rising star David Okumu leads an exceptional line up of musicians as they assume the role of Miles Davis and his collaborators in the 1970s. A celebration of Miles’ spirit and enduring influence. Vibrant… Challenging… Electrifying… A 12 piece band including David Okumu (Guitar), Byron Wallen (trumpet), Nick Ramm (piano/keys), Tom Herbert (bass), Tom Skinner (drums), Volker Strater (percussion)

“Dave Okumu ranks amongst the most exciting, original guitarists to hit London in years” Jazzwise Magazine.

Dele Sosimi’s Afrobeat Orchestra
The ex Fela Kuti keyboard player leads a thundering Afrobeat ensemble. Driven by intensely danceable Yoruba rhythms underpinned by a heady mix of virtuoso jazz solos.

“Dele…has moved up, elevating Afro-jazz unto a new realm, the realm of cosmopolitanism – a confounding hybrid of Euro-classical and Afro-ritual.”

Nzi Dada
Nzi Dada is a collaboration between bass player Jim Parris (CARMEL) and Cameroonian multi-instrumentalist Xumo Nounjio. The music is the fruits of a creative collision between Bantu rituals and African rhythms with contemporary jazz and electronic techniques. Their richly layered performance defies categorisation but with its improvisational feel, ceremonial influences, video and sculptural features and fiercely percussive style, a performance by Nzi Dada is very much more than just a gig.

Featuring Jim Parris (Double Bass) Xumo Nounjio (voice/perciussion) and Christophe V (percussion)

Arun Ghosh
Arun’s music uses the spirit and language of jazz and all sorts of sounds and styles: hip-hop, Indian classical and folk, western classical, rock, pop and avant-garde: lyrical melodies and searching harmonies, down to earth directness and psychedelic, ambient introspection. Arun regularly performs with his own bands and others’, and has recently started singing and rapping. He has also composed works for the theatre, notably Contact Theatre’s production of Storm by Lemn Sissay. His decibel performance will signal a new departure for Arun, a continuous, original, one-man show using clarinet, vocals, keyboards, sequencers, samplers, freaky drones and electro tones.

Shiva Nova Flying High
Performing a heady mix of new pieces created by renowned composer, Priti Paintal, it combines jazz and dance music with classical and traditional world music sounds, in a show that is nothing short of phenomenal!

“Anyone looking for a subtle eastern groove with sophisticated technique will find it here.” BBC Music Magazine

Chinese & West Cultural Exchange Zi Lan Liao and Elinor Bennett
East meets West with two performances that combine the Chinese Harp, the Ku-cheng, and the Concert Harp. A contemporary, atonal piece by Malaysian composer Valerie Ross follows a classical, ambient, dub work by Jah Wobble.

Zi Lan Liao has been playing the Ku-Cheng since the age of three. She recorded music for the Oscar-winning film The Last Emperor and has collaborated with other musicians including Peter Gabriel and Nigel Kennedy.

A classically trained vocal/cello duo, exploring and expanding the socially preconceived notions of their respective instruments. The performance is powerful, unsettling, cinematic, occasionally sublime, often intimidating yet purposefully unconventional.

China People Promotions
c Traditional Chinese Arts with a contemporary twist. A mixed art form showcase that will include dance, as well as digital music combined with traditional instruments, featuring the Yangqin (Chinese Delcima), Quzheng (Chinese harp), Sheng (mouth organ) and Dizi (Chinese flute)

Noir Femmes
Gail Thompson premieres her all black women’s touring big band, playing a dazzling selection of new compositions. Featuring some of Britain’s best black women musicians Noir Femmes looks set to become a stunning new musical force on the international circuit. Born in Britain of Trinidadian parentage, Gail has made an indelible impression on the British jazz scene. As well as founding the Jazz Warriors with Courtney Pine she also played baritone sax with Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers – making her the only female Messenger ever – before setting up Jazz Africa, an ensemble comprising the cream of South African expatriates and British jazz players.

Street and Circus

Born in 1989 Achanak is 6 piece band who have reached the upper echelons of the Bhangra industry, the fastest growing music form in the world music market. A fusion of Asian and Western rhythms , Bhangra was brought to the UK from India by the first generation of immigrants. Now transformed by 3rd generation South Asians into the most explosive Indian – British music phenomena. Put your dancing shoes on!

Shiva Nova
An opportunity to see Shiva Nova, performing a heady mix of new pieces created by renowned composer Priti Paintal, it combines jazz and dance music with classical and traditional music sounds, in a show that is nothing short of phenomenal.

Yaa Asantewaa Arts present Yaaafrican Movement of the People
Yaaafrican tells the story of the journeys of African people to the Diaspora and how their presence through dance has influenced the emergence of new cultures. The production integrates dance, narrative, costumes, music and drama all rooted in the interactive carnival spirit. Winner of the 2001 Notting Hill Carnival Best Band On The Road Presentation this dynamic show features 16 musicians and 25 dancers and masqueraders. A new concept in Carnival Theatre.

Maharajahs Banquet
A new Asian Circus project featuring stilt walking costumed characters, Dhol drummers and Bollywood style dancers.

Black Eagles
A group of totally stunning acrobats from Tanzania now resident in the UK, that will have the audience gasping in amazement.

Spearfish presents OPEN SPACE graffiti arts
A live performance of the numerous disciplines of graffiti art from some of the leading exponents of the art form in the UK. 8 artists paint live on ‘canvas cubes’ around the site. Abstract letter forms, characters, stencils and doodles fill the 12ft by 8ft canvas panels, transforming white backgrounds into explosions of colour and energy.

Artists include:
Seize, Astec, Juice, Mac1, Dreph, Tak, Sunil Pawar, Prime / Artful Dodger

designs are captivating mosaics originating in India – we have two very different Rangoli artists to demonstrate some of the versatility of this intriguing art form.

Ranbir Kaur
has presented her work in many settings, permanent and temporary, outside in street festivals all over the world, as well as in galleries. She works mostly with natural materials – flowers, fruit, grains, rice can often be found in her beautiful designs. Each is unique and specially made for the occasion.

Ashok Mistry
combines tradition with contemporary techniques and influences. Using beautifully coloured crushed glass and light boxes he will create a multi sensory installation.

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