Stockton International Riverside Festival Programme

  • Dates: 1st August - 4th August

Thursday, 1st August from 5:30 pm 

Motionhouse – Wild (WW)
Generik Vapeur – Droles d’Oiseux (FR)


Friday 2nd August, Saturday 3rd August, Sunday 4th August

Shows will be presented on Friday, Saturday and Sunday if not otherwise stated.
The main programme starts every day at 1:00 pm 

UK Companies 

Apocalyptic Circus – My House (WW)
Avanti Display – Full Circle (Friday and Saturday)
Axial Dance – Dissolve (Friday and Saturday)
Balloonatic – Bonkers Balloon Show
Desperate Men – Slapstick & Slaughter (Saturday and Sunday)
Dorothy’s Shoes – The Ragroof Tea Dance
Frolicked – Treasure Hunt (Thursday to Sunday)
Fully Booked Theatre – Once Upon a Wall (Friday and Sunday)
Initiative.dkf – Scalped (WW) (Sunday)
Joli Vyann – Lance Moi En L’Air (Sunday)
Joss Arnott Dance – Pulse! (WW) (Saturday and Sunday)
Kapow – Adrift (WW) (Saturday and Sunday)
Lo-Giudice Dance – Arc is Curious (Saturday and Sunday)
Mimbre – Lifted (WW) (Friday and Saturday)
Motionhouse – Wild (WW) (Thursday and Friday)
Newtons Ladder – Hope is a Thing with Feathers (WW) (Sunday)
Plunge Boom – Boing! (WW) (Saturday)
Ramshacklicious – Band at the End of the World (Saturday and Sunday)
Ray Lee – Congregation (WW) (Friday and Saturday)
Safety Catch Theatre – Doctor! Doctor!! (Friday and Saturday)
Spitz & Co – Les Gloriables (WW) (Friday and Saturday)
Stopgap Dance Theatre – Frock (WW) (Saturday and Sunday)
Tangled Feet – That Parking Show (Sunday)
The Fabularium – Reynard the Fox (Saturday and Sunday)
The Other Way Works – A Moment of Madness
Tickertape Parade – Fantabulosa! (WW) (Friday and Saturday)
Upswing – Catch Me (WW) (Friday and Saturday)
Wild N Beets – Buck a Brenda (WW) (Friday and Saturday)

International Companies 

Action D’Espace – Premier Cri (FR) (Saturday and Sunday)
Amer i África – Envà (SP)
Débordante Cie – Loin (FR) (Saturday and Sunday)
Elephants Laugh – Muljil2 (KR) (Friday and Saturday)
Funrinkai – Origami (FR) (Friday and Saturday)
Kamchatka – Kamchatka (SP) (Saturday and Sunday)
Libertivore – Phasmes (FR) (Friday and Saturday)
Presque Siamoises – Au Point du Jour (FR) (Saturday and Sunday)
Sisus Sirkus – Mosh Split (FI) (Friday and Saturday)
The Sporthorses and the Guggenheim Box – Rock the Box (CH) (Friday and Saturday)
Vincent Glowinski – Human Brush (BE) (Friday and Saturday)

(WW) stands for Without Walls 2019 Commission

Sunday, 4th August, 9:30 pm 

Theater Tol – Hotel Watercage (BE) (Closing Show)

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