Zircus Plus 2010

Barrow’s unique International Circus Festival, Zircus Plus, returns. Building on the inaugural festival in 2009, Zircus Plus 2010 runs for an extra day and spreads its wings beyond the beautiful Barrow Park into the Town Centre. Featuring some of the best and most exciting contemporary circus acts from Britain and overseas, this promises to keep the whole family entertained throughout the weekend.


Acrojou Circus Theatre The Wheel House
Groundbreaking visual art and acrobatics company Acrojou defy gravity and conventions with The Wheel House: an entire home captured in a fish eye lens; a cylindrical journey into the surreal world within; a kaleidoscopic piece of rolling theatre!


Astral Circus

Astral Circus will be enthralling audiences with a unique blend of circus and silliness, your involvement is essential for this one man, this gentleman, this medley of madness!



Aurelie Bernard Clementine

Clementine wants to believe she’s beautiful and can be loved but when you look at her, you all laugh, without even realising that you may hurt her…An aerial tragi-comedy straight from the Parisian variety scene.



Betty Brawn - The Strongest Lady AliveBetty Brawn The Strongest Lady Alive

Born with the grace of her mother and the strength of her father, Betty Brawn is the Strongest Lady Alive! Witness these astounding feats of strength yourself or be forever curious…


BotProject Collage

Acrobatics, balances, jumps, challenging gravity, all sort of objects manipulations and a high dose of humour and wits integrate ‘Collage’ A trampoline show plenty of fun for all ages and public presented by the Catalan company BotProject. www.botproject.comli.com

Camille Francisci The One Where Camille Wears Goggles

Camille is walking on a rope…with goggles. She’s just pleased to be here and to show you what she can do – slapstick on the slack rope.



Dan the Hat

Dan the Hat

A fantastic juggler and clown with a show crammed full of ball spinning, crazy juggling, slick diablo skills and supreme hat manipulation (not forgetting the awesome cups and spoons).



Dizzie O'Dare Presents... The Tiny Travelling Tightwire Show

Dizzie O’Dare Presents… The Tiny Travelling Tightwire Show

But Poppet is shy and needs your help to encourage her to show off her skills! This is a fun and entertaining roaming tightwire show for all ages incorporating Poppet the puppet and Alana Jones, one of the leading tightwire artists in the UK.


Fidget Feet

Fidget Feet and Cie Drap’s Aeriens Lady Silk

Lady Silk is centered around three fantastic aerialists who perform using aerial fabric to create an atmosphere that is both sensual and visually beautiful. This piece uses circus, movement and film to express the unique relationship that women have with life and with each other.


Gandini - Jugglers Big Balls

Gandini Jugglers Big Balls

Beautifully choreographed juggling with the biggest balls you’ve ever seen! Gandini Juggling is a company set up to celebrate the art of juggling in all its facets, fuelled by a belief that juggling is an exciting living art form. The word Gandini has become synonymous with virtuoso juggling the world over.


George Orange - 88

George Orange 88

George has a unique style; his street show ’88′ includes music, contortion, slack-rope, hand balancing and dancing with a bottle on his head.



Gisele Edwards Art of the Rope

‘A laughing rope, running while lying still, falling but not landing’. Art of Rope reveals physical spaces that arise on, around and below the rope, exploring a sensual and emotional world where these spaces collide.


Gravity and Levity with the Dream Engine - Re-flex

Gravity and Levity with the Dream Engine Re-flex

A highly original and inventive aerial dance show. Inspired by images of bamboo forests, fishermen on poles, a lagoon, the company has created a three-dimensional aerial arena, around which the audience can freely move, viewing the performance in 360 degrees, as the performers swoop, soar and slice though the space.


Jose Ángel Triguero Delgado A What? A Dinamo

Jose explores what happens when a man finds himself at the bottom of a well with only his juggling clubs for company.



Kawa Circus

Kawa Circus

This special creation celebrates the street performers of Rajasthan, featuring singers, percussionists, acrobats, pole vaulters and funambulists in a fusion of live music, dance, comedy, puppetry, theatre and of course extreme circus skills.


Le Tennis

Le Tennis

The champions of circus tennis confront each other during a friendly match organized by the International Circus Tennis Federation. On an improvised court, juggling clubs shootings and backhand drives follow one another along a frantic rythm.


Los2Play - Come Back

Los2Play Come Back

After decades, they return with a new image, renewed strength and vigour. It doesn`t matter what problems arise, we assure you that they will remain together until the end. Rescued from the past, four gymnasts of exceptional quality, well, three really…Present humour, energy and impecable technique. You will have seen incredible jumps. You will have seen impressive acrobatics. You will have seen delirious balances. But you will never have seen such professional falls. Shameless and without pretension.


Peter White - Trevor Organ?s Cracking Crockery

Peter White Trevor Organ’s Cracking Crockery

Trevor Organ’s Cracking Crockery. Spectacular Comedy Plate Spinning – Royal Doulton, Churchill Stoneware, Ming China… nothing is safe from spin doctor Trevor Organ and his spintastic show. Audience participation, skilful dexterity and an edge-of-the-seat finale. Simply Smashing Fun.


Pif-Paf Arts - Trunk

Pif-Paf Trunk

Join Pif-Paf on a surreal journey into a lonely young woman’s wandering imagination. kamikaze chickens, a strong-man lion and a stage shy elephant come together with wild puppetry, live music and a flying dance duet. Get the family, pack your trunk and come along for the ride, oh and be prepared to get wet!


Sammy Dineen Equilibreathe

Equilibreathe is a dynamic and daring solo that mixes handbalancing, dance and acrobatics to create an exciting and original performance with an 80′s rock twist.



Samantha Cater

Samantha Cater Magaskawee

Magaskwee follows a young Native American girl on a personal journey . Guided by ancestral spirits she must travel on mystical paths to find her self belief.



Skylight will be running a series of circus workshops for the local community.


Strange Bird Zirkus All Or Nothing Spokes

Take yourself to a timeless place in this contemporary circus theatre adventure. With only a Chinese pole and aerial fabrics two women embark on a playful yet poignant journey.



Studios de Cirque de Marseille

Studios de Cirque de Marseille The Wheel of Death – Time’s Trilogy

A mythical and rare circus performance in which gags and pretence to fall conrasts with a frenetic ride. We laugh, we are frightened, it’s life and death. The extreme danger of this performance provides an emotion with an unforgettable suspense and finally a deep relief.


The Black Eagles

The Black Eagles

Hailing from Tanzania this trio provide acrobatics and balances that are effortlessly out of this world, all linked by dance to an uplifting soundtrack.



Upfront Arts - Stanelli?s Super Circus

Upfront Arts Stanelli’s Super Circus

The show is a complete marionette circus in miniature, with a tightrope walker, trapeze artist, acrobats, clowns and wild animal acts. Performed before your very eyes in our own small- scale circus tent..


Wired Aerial Theatre

Wired Aerial Theatre Double Bill: Rosa’s Bar and Henry’s Oquike’s choreographed piece

Welcome to Rosa’s Bar! On the menu today we have two tasty courses to send your taste buds soaring! Both dishes are filled with quirky, flighty, characters and incredible illusions by the Master of Mystery ‘Zac Zen’. Prepare yourselves for fireworks as these ingredients send the show high into the air, to a sensational climax!

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