XTRAX projects are strategic, long-term, use the expertise of the entire team, and make a real impact on the outdoor arts sector. The team works with partners to help shape a sector in which artists can flourish and sell their work; festivals can extend their reach to new audiences; information can be shared between professionals, and help elevate UK outdoor arts to be amongst the finest in the world.

2021: Outdoor Dance Catalogue

A curated selection of new and existing outdoor dance shows, as part of ODC21: UK Dance Showcase

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Artist Spotlight

Building on the success of our XTRAX Directory, Artist Spotlight is born out of a desire to maintain our networks with international…

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Bright Night & DEELight, Chester (2011)

XTRAX was commissioned by Chester Festivals to programme Bright Night (17 November 2011) and DEELight weekend (1-4 December 2011). Chester Festival’s first…

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Circostrada General Meeting in London (2016)

XTRAX hosted a Circostrada Network meeting in London attended by 50 international delegates in the context of the XTRAX/GDIF 2016 showcase. XTRAX…

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Creative Barking and Dagenham Summer Festivals (2015)

Creative Barking and Dagenham (CBD) is a three-year Creative People and Places project (2014 – 2016) for people living, working and socialising…

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CS LAB #5: Leadership in Times of Crisis

XTRAX invites you to an e-learning and information sharing experience co-hosted by Circostrada, the European Network for Circus and Street Arts.

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