FiraTarrega “Teatre al carrer”

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FiraTàrrega is the international market for performing arts that takes place every year in Tàrrega during the second weekend in September. Founded in 1981, it is a great shop window of what is going on in performing arts, with special emphasis on street arts, visual and unconventional shows. As a meeting place and an international point of reference for debate, the main objective of FiraTàrrega is to boost the performing arts market, opening the door to the internationalisation of the companies. Other more specific objectives are the accompaniment and promotion of creations by emergent artists, encouraging training, focused on artistic creation and culture management and on generating strategic alliances to develop transnational street art circuits or productions. La Llotja is the professional place where FiraTàrrega materializes as a place to meet, debate, exchange and transact; in short, as a true international performing arts market. The fair pavillion, with exhibition stands, enable performing arts agents to present their projects. Annually, the Fair certifies an average of 800 professionals registered to more than 300 national and international performing arts organizations. There are also activities such as seminars or meetings between professionals that complement the artistic offer.

The FiraTàrrega programme is a catalogue of unique theatrical experiences, with a firm commitment for excellence and a wealth of formats and styles, and where the street arts and non-conventional venues are the main reference point. The Official Programme is a selection compiled from proposals aimed at seducing the audience and stimulating the professionals who attend; an eclectic and very selective offer that combines different stage disciplines and pays special attention to presenting up-and-coming talents and the national and international creative avant-gardes.

FiraTàrrega is a permanent dynamic structure that works all the year to support the arts and artists contributing to the creation of new markets for street arts. Through the Suport a la Creació Programme, the fair provides an annual artistic residency plan that includes two lines of action: Creation Laboratories and Creative Residences. Whether in one case or another, the whole structure and all the services of FiraTàrrega are put at the service of the artists that stay in Tàrrega to create their performances. Thus, the fair maintains an active network of international alliances in order to promote and finance transnational creation projects that materialize with the co-production of transborder street arts shows.

FiraTàrrega promotes specific and continuing training for artists and management companies so they can update their practical skills, improve their competitiveness and achieve their internationalization. Together with the University of Lleida, FiraTàrrega has organized a Master’s Degree in Street Arts Creation and University courses equipped with ECTS credits, targeted at artists and professionals in the performing arts. This degree is connected to the Suport a la Creació programme, organized throughout the year with various workshops and courses that are open to the public.

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Event Details

  • Date Created: 1981
  • Location: Tarrega
  • Length: Four days
  • Frequency: Annual
  • Months: September
  • Companies: More than 50
  • Audience: Over 100,000
  • Country: Spain
  • Region:

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