Sziget Festival

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Sziget has actually many festivals in one: each venue proposes a series of programs, “individual festivals” are offered to the audience, to the lovers of the mainstream, hard rock, world music, electric dance music, alternative styles, blues and jazz. Visitors can enjoy a number of prosaic, dance and motion theatre performances during the week long festival at the theatre venue. The location also serves as a site of art exhibitions, literary events and classical music concerts. For the young, children’s programs are continuously offered and the older generations can also find favorable productions.

Naturally, Sziget Festival has a wide range of other cultural activities beside the music programs. In the Theatre and Dance Tent contemporary dance, opera, motion-and dance theatre, circus entertain the audience by companies from all over the world.

Among the others: CandoCo (UK), Divadlo Continuo (CZ), The Forman Brothers (CZ), The Tiger Lillies (UK), Feria Musica (B), Georges Momboye Company (F), Random Dance (UK), Ballet Preljocaj (F), Cie Pál Frenák (F-H), Colin Poole Dance Group (UK), Sheketak (ISR), Circus Baobab (GUINEA), Thesele Company (ZA), Dynamogéne (F), State Opera of South Australia (AUS), Accrorap (F), fabric Company (D), Yann Tiersen (F), Danza Combinatoria (CUB), Circo Arcipelago (I), Chamber Made Opera (AUS), Ballet National de Marseille (F), Angika Dance Company (GB-IND), Eitetsu Fu-un no Kai (J), DanzAbierta (CUB), Mísia (P), Circa (AUS), Ivo Dimchev (BG) performed at this venue in the last years.

Beside the theatre and dance programs we organize different open-air giant street theatre performances among others just a few of our performers were: Sarruga Produccions (E), Pan.Optikum (D), Bängditos (D), Snuff Puppets (AUS), Strange Fruits (AUS), Theater Titanick (D), Teatr Ósmego Dnia (PL), Transe Express (F) and Kitonb.

Numerous exhibitions, performances, an out-door museum, a puppet theatre and a cabaret can be enjoyed at other locations. In the evenings movies are shown outdoors. Kids are welcome at the children programs but if the adults decide not to take the children along to a program they can be left at the day-care under the attention of qualified personnel.

On top of all the above, further music programs, thematic music tents – from folk through blues and jazz to classical music – guarantee versatile entertainment to the visitor for a week, every day 24 hours a day. Nearly two-dozen “party” venues with different styles are available for late night fun.

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Event Details

  • Date Created: 1993
  • Location: Budapest
  • Frequency: Annual
  • Months: August
  • Companies: More than 50
  • Audience: Over 100,000
  • Country: Hungary
  • Region: