Articulture Wales

Category: Promoter

Articulture’s vision is to create an environment which enables the creation of innovative, high quality outdoor arts and diverse, engaged audiences in Wales

We have three distinct yet interconnected strands to our work –

We work alongside artists at varying stages of their career to create new work for audiences in Wales and beyond. Our focus is to diversify the work being created, the pool of artists making this work and the audiences experiencing it.

We engage with national and international networks to provide platforms for Welsh artists. Our priority is to serve Welsh audiences however we also recognise the importance of raising profile beyond Wales in order to achieve sustainable careers for artists living and working here.

Fostering a community of collaborators from a wide-range of sectors makes the creation and showcasing of outdoor arts possible. Our current focus is developing a diverse offer for a broad network with multiple opportunities for engagement including an ongoing commitment to training and development.

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