Festival Dies De Dansa

Category: Promoter

Dies de Dansa is a festival of dance in urban landscapes, that is celebrated of annual way in Barcelona and the environs, this year Sabadell, Sitges and Matar├│. The fusion between artist, public and architecture is the standard of this festival.

During four days the buildings, parks, streets and squares of Barcelona become alive in this encounter with dance, public and urban space.

We are interested in promoting dance in all its different aspects, generating debate and reflection on our public spaces, personifying our cities, revaluing our cities artistic and architectural heritage, and promoting the interchange between autonomous regions and their cities.

Dance companies follow proposals to make specific choreographies for specific sites.

The festival is an agile show of the different aspects of dance. It consists of going around different spaces and views of the cities┬┤ architectural sites. Short performances which keep the attention of the public.

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