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FiraTàrrega is Fair, Festivity and Festival. As a Fira, and thus, a Market, for the Performing Arts, FiraTàrrega presents a selection of the most recent tendencies in the performing arts in Catalonia, Spain and internationally, from among the proposals presented by the companies. As a Festival, the artistic management tries to make FiraTàrrega the territory for non-text dramaturgies. It is a space for theatre which is designed to be performed in singular venues and to cross frontiers. As a Festivity, the town of Tàrrega is transformed from its normal population of 14,000 into a coming-together of 90,000 people for 4 days in September.

The basic objective of FiraTàrrega is to contribute energising the performing arts industry. The organisation works all year round to promote artistic production and facilitate the contracting and the circulation of artists and companies around the national and international circuits.

FiraTàrrega, founded in 1981 by the group Comediants, turns the town of Tàrrega into a magnificent showcase for the contemporary performing arts and an impressive popular festival.

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