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ZART vzw (former CSZ or Cultuurstichting Zuiderkempen) is organizer of o. a. the International Straatkunstenfestival, kindertheater, Jazz and position-plain fizzy drink comedy.

The International Straatkunstenfestival Kempen finds place on 12 and 13 September 2009.

International Straatkunstenfestival moves Be fed up will take place to Zilvermeer The International Straatkunstenfestival next year on provincial domain Zilvermeer. At the same time the name changes also to International Straatkunstenfestival Kempen.

In 2008, the International Straatkunstenfestival was annulled because of capacities problems. Honored Mangelschots and its team must thus on missing to a new location so that in 2009 the event again can continue. “The Zilvermeer was in fact a logical choice. The domain lies Be fed up nearby, sees lapsed it as a surroundings there on self already very well from and the first contacts immediate in an enthousiastic atmosphere. Moreover a location as the Zilvermeer scores of new chances offers.”

Was the question of Zart for the Zilvermeer, frame the association behind the festival, an occasion round again an event at it in the meantime welgevulde to join closed. Honored Snoeckx, service head Play a sport, animatie and events: “Against a festival with so much radiation you do never say naturally no. Moreover our images hear good with each other. And we want to couple then also gladly the 50-birthday existence of our domain at the International Straatkunstenfestival.”

The festival thus Want To Be fed up so that also the name round a small adaptation asks. From now on the event lives further as the International Straatkunstenfestival Kempen. “At the same time we can now the program, what expand with location theater and visual arts, according to Honored Mangelschots. “Thanks to the enthousiasm of our co-workers én that of the Zilvermeer promises one brilliant weekend to become beginning September.”

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