Intl. Festival Theatre European Regions

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International festival Theatre of European Regions is a ten day remarkable finale of every theatre season – always held from June 21st through June 30th. The celebration of theatre in all of his images is the main theme of the festival. Thus, two Hradec theatres, Klicpera Theatre and Puppet Theatre Drak are uniting their strenghts. The Free Association of Eastern Bohemian Theatricologists has been also invited to join in the wide presentation of street theatre and independent productions to help in creating the amazing atmosphere in the old town streets as a part of the Open Air program. All of this annually attracts more then fifty thousands spectators into six official scenes, circus stages and many improvized presentations. Other associated events, such as concerts, exhibits, workshops, discussions, spontanious as well as specialized debates, and meetings with professional theatrical groups, dramaturgists, critics, and theatrical experts are also part of this. Thus, for ten days, the old town Hradec Kralove doesn’t become just a European center of theatrical arts but also a special place for all those longing to satisfy their need for fellowship and togetherness.

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