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MATTATOIO SOSPESO is a theatre and street theatre flying company founded by Marco Mannucci in 2006, working each time thanks to the encounter of other artists. Visual and poetic show fro theatre and stunt clown aerial show for street

Climbing, acrobatics, street theatre, theatre, out of the ordinary Poetics and circus are some of its principal ingredients. Remembering the suspended views of Chagall, Mattatoio becomes airborne to fly on the façade of towers, palaces, castles. Every time it invents new performances dedicated to the architecture that “houses” it and turns this alternative space in a theatre. The suspended, the suspension is the non-place where the law of gravity breaks. This takes the public and the architecture, the object of performance, into another dimension. A dream-like dimension where everything can happen, there are no rules: you fly, you daydream.

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