Circostada launch ‘Leadership in Times of Crisis’ publication in partnership with XTRAX

XTRAX is pleased to announce the release of a the CSLAB#5 publication co-organised in partnership with Circostrada around the theme Leadership in Times of Crisis.

We’d like to thank Circostrada for producing this brilliantly useful publication which offers a multitude of rich and original ideas for ways forward out of the current crisis and opportunities for the road ahead. The publication brings together a selection of sector-leading voices who respond to some of the pressing issues facing our leaders today; such as diversity, inclusivity and advocacy. They discussed concepts such as the importance of leading with purpose, making allies and strong collaborations across the sector and beyond, the infrastructures needed to give space to more diverse artists and leaders.

“Coming out of this crisis, we have an opportunity to build based on values rather than simply to rebuild what we had before.”
Hilary Carty

Our hope is that this document serves as a useful tool for reflection for professionals and individuals working in the outdoor arts sector today. This resource follows on from the CS LAB#5 webinar, an e-learning and information sharing experience we co-hosted alongside Circostrada, the European Network for Circus and Street Arts last June, which welcomed over 150 creatives from 25 countries.  This work illustrates our continuing commitment to supporting the exchange of cultural values and expertise between the UK and International Outdoor Art sector during these challenging times.

Thank you to the Lab speakers whose contributions invite us to question ourselves, our organisations and our sectors and call on us to listen think and act now.


“If you are truly committed to inclusion in your institution, organisation or your work; it is almost always better to try something than do nothing.” Vicky Amedume

Download the publication in the link below and explore: 

3 feature articles: 

  • What do we need from cultural leaders in times of crisis?  by Hilary Carty (MBA CCMI, Director of the Clore Leadership Programme)
  • What is stopping from being fully representative sectors? by Vicki Amedume (Artistic Director and founder of Upswing)
  • In this aftermath of this crisis, how will we need to advocate in order to sustain our organisations and our sectors? by Michael Hoart (Independent consultant)

2 interviews from UK artists 

  • Lina Johansson, joint Artistic Director of Mimbre
  • Kevin Edward Turner, Co-Artistic Director of Company Chameleon

Sharing their views and experiences of these issues in their artistic practices.

Plus a list of resources and additional contents for those who would like to go even further into these fascinating, complex and crucial topics.

“The plurality of opinion, experience and diversity of option and perspective is what lies at the
centre of greatness. Let’s all work towards being the architects of that greatness.” Kevin Edward Turner

Click here to read now. 


Image: Amaranthine, Company Chameleon at Greenwich + Docklands International Festival 2020

This project is part of Platform 4: UK, a strategic programme designed to support the international promotion and export of UK outdoor artists.

Co-organised by XTRAX, Circostrada, and ARTCENA. XTRAX is a member of the Circostrada Network, a European platform for street arts and circus, dedicated to information, observation and professional exchanges.

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