What We Do

We are an arts-led development organisation that makes extraordinary events happen. The team’s energy, knowledge, skills and languages combined with over 15 years experience of programming, managing, delivering and evaluating festivals and events help people make the exciting leap into outdoor arts.

Showcasing and Sector Networking

We showcase the UK outdoor arts sector to the world and help artists build important relationships with festival programmers at home and overseas.

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Festival and Event Programming

We have over 15 year’s experience of delivering festivals that are suitableĀ for all audiences, diverse, impactful, and offer good value for money.

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Consortium Management

We excel at managing complex partnerships to deliver national and international development projects that reshape the outdoor arts sector for the better.

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Producer and Tour Management

We work with exciting, ambitious artists to produce inspirational outdoor shows that can sustainably tour the world and reach, huge, diverse audiences.

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Consultancy and Training

We share our knowledge with professionals and organiseĀ training to help people develop their practice and get excited about outdoor arts.

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International Relations

Working internationally is at the core of our work. We share information about the UK sector and broker valuable relationships with our peers from across the world.

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