Wheeze / Matt Marks and Parrabbola

  • Artist
Meet Wheeze, the organic organ, the vital organ, an awkward orchestra. Wheeze is an organ made from found materials.

Wheeze is a both a beautiful sculpture and a fantastic music making machine - powered entirely by air. Participants are welcome to come and make your own music under the expert eye of the Engineer. Play a solo, have a jam with friends and strangers, operate the devices to provide the puff for the many sounds that will emerge from its virtual lungs and vocal cords. During the day Wheeze will go into live mode, featuring the Barker and one of his many friends, who will bring the fantastical machine to life in a series of short performances designed to show off this magnificent machine. Whether it’s an aerialist a dancer, or an actor or even another musician Wheeze takes centre stage in its very own concerto.