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Linn Brodén and Tom Richmond created the family run company Apocalyptic Circus in 2012. The aim is to create circus theatre shows using stories from our own lives and people around us. We value circus highly and always aim to create work with high skill levels at its core.

Linn studied at the circus university in Stockholm and met Tom soon after her graduation in 2010. Their passion for detail and similar idea of what’s important in a production made them not only start a family but also Apocalyptic Circus.

Our New production “My House” is a circus theatre experience for little people and their families. This exciting, magical, quirky structure, which can be put up almost anywhere, invites people to come close and become part of the performance. The audience find a place for themselves at one of the many windows and openings from where they watch the show unfold within.

The show opens up questions about collaboration and what we value and expect from our home and the people we share it with. It combines slackrope, hand balance, acrobatics and physical theatre into a playful fun piece of circus theatre.

Previous production:

“Push Me, Pull You!” – A mid-scale contemporary circus show looking at the communication and trust between performer and technician. Supported by ACE, Circomedia, Circus Space and Bristol Ferment among others.

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Our Videos

"My House" -new production
"Push Me Pull you " production from 2013