Clown Spirit

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Clown Spirit brings together clowning, circus, live music, puppetry and physical theatre to create intimate, relevant and absorbing theatrical events.

Their most recent show, Ship of Fools, is a highly visual, playful and comedic show about 3 lost souls who must go on a journey together, without really knowing where they are going or how to get there. Despite many conflicts and setbacks they finally concoct an eccentric but exquisite boat structure and sail off into the sunset.

Artistic Director Barnaby King has over twenty years experience of clowning, as performer, director, and teacher. His acclaimed solo clown show Flawed Genius toured globally to over 150 venues; he founded an international clown festival in South America called Clownencuentro; he has published a book about clowning in Colombia; and previous to founding Clown Spirit was a university lecturer teaching physical theatre, clown, and circus.

Ship of Fools was devised by the ensemble:
Erika Webe, Joel Heiras, Alison Duddle, Barnaby King.

Set Designed by: Alison Duddle.

Set constructed by Dave Young.

Direction by Barnaby King and Alison Duddle

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