Compagnia dei Folli

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The \”Compagnia dei Folli\” is a 32 years old street-theatre company that have been working not just around Italy: we brought our shows in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and in the world: Algery – for the Festival Culturel Europèen – , South Africa – at The arts Festival in Grahamstown – , Emirates – at the Festival Al Qasba in Dubay – , Russia, and in 2011 in Japan as guest star for the XX edition of the Daidongei Festival in Shizuoka.
The company moved his first step in the street-theatre art as stilts walkers – finding an own better and more comfortable way to build and wear them – but the imaginations of the members would fly higher and make their dreams more real; that is the reason why now, we include and involve in our shows circus aerialists, vestical dancers, fire, fireworks and pyrotechnics effects, video mapping technology and even the use of a cane to make it more fantastic for the audience!
\”Compagnia dei Folli\” boast of innovation and beauty in every circumstance: we product our shows from the begging to the staging by ourselfes; from the costumes to the masks, from the coreography to the structures, from the imaginary to the reality.
This is not just our job, this is our life.
We are exited to bring our works in so many country and we love the exchange that we can have with the other street theatre reality in the world, because we think that it is mostly thanks to this connections that theatre still surprise not just children but all the people attendings our shows.

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