Companhia Erva Daninha

Category: Artist

We are in an industrial environment haunted by the strong noise of machines, the air wrapped in a dull haze of dust. Lost in this pile of bricks three jugglers are carried away by the poetry of the building. The rigidity of a hard work comes the ultimate expression of the malleability of the body with the space and the objects that surround them.?

This excerpt is based on a combination of different moments of contemporary circus show "Fio Prumo". It is a shorter presentation adapted to alternative spaces. Although with less subjects, keep the experimental tone cross between choreography, music, juggling and manipulation of bricks.

The Erva Daninha Company comes in 2006 and settled in the Cluster Fábrica da Rua da Alegria (Porto), space provided by the University Escola Superior de Música e das Artes do Espectáculo (ESMAE). Its mission is to explore the dialogue between different expressions of the performing arts following an experimental aesthetics. It develops mainly crosses between disciplines of the circus, theater, music, lighting and art. His works deal with current issues and have as a starting point biographical materials, literary, cinematic, social and political.

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