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Dudendance Theatre create work that defies a singular interpretation having pioneered an original voice by layering film, soundtrack, narrative and movement. Each new piece exists within an ever evolving narrative whereby characters re-emerge in later work. Very often live performance is transposed into film- shifting from the rehearsal studio onto location and then re-absorbed into live work. The starting point remains physical and devised from rigorous research with international collaborators as well as non-professionals. Some work exists purely on film and has been screened in galleries and cinemas. Dudendance also create site-specific pieces, most recently as durational work in public spaces.

Current work – The Lady Vanishes
Offsite and outdoor performance installation inspired by Victorian spirit photography and belief in the afterlife. Set in a unique location in the Scottish Borders, Dudendance’s new production is a ghostlike vision with white dressed figures emerging through the landscape around Haining House and grounds. The slow meditative pace and sculptural quality of the performance unfolds like a dream around the audience who discover different views of the performers through and into the landscape.
Currently at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016.



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