Erva Daninha

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The Bad Weed Company ‘s (Erva Daninha) mission is to create contemporary circus exploring the dialogue between different expressions of the performing arts .
Our approach shows current thematic and have as a starting point biographical materials , literary , cinematic , social and political . Result of a desire to reflect the present issues affect us and we are part of . We believe in artistic creation as part of society , living it and for it . Do not live in domes observant but protected by glass. We are questioning , subversive and provocative because we believe it is our role . There is no aesthetic reason , reality is our imagination ! All material is original , exclusively developed for each performance ( technique , choreography , set design , music , light ) .
Since 2009 the Company’s work focuses on the investigation of new ways of making and presenting circus, seeking to elevate the virtuosity to a form of communicating ideas and emotions par excellence .
The Weed inhabits the space Factory Rua da Alegria , a space kindly provided by the School of Music and the Performing Arts ( ESMAE / IPP – Porto ) .

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